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Context-aware semantic virtual community for communication, information and knowledge management

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A method for creation of a semantic information management environment, said method comprised of steps of: providing said semantic information environment consisting of an architecture partitioned according to the classification of the use of natural language by information scale, dynamical properties, or semantic classifications; detection, classification, and storage of semantic and contextual information detected and stored by recording of observed contextual parameters associated with events in said semantic information management environment; said interactions including the use of information management or electronic communication applications embedded or linked to said architecture, or separate from said architecture; said observations including the use of natural language as parameters that have specific semantic properties; detection, classification and storage of use of natural language in said semantic information environment; representation of semantic processes containing said detected, classified, and stored contextual information and natural language use in said semantic information environment; said representations of semantic processes used to link and associate natural language use with objects, entities, facts, communication, information, and digital files in said semantic information environment; providing said users of said semantic information environment with information and knowledge management tools, reports, representations, and interfaces that utilize said semantic process representations.
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