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System and method for synchronizing presentation of media stream playlists with real time

A multimedia server system includes a disk array subsystem including a plurality of multimedia files, e.g., movies, a media file system manager for managing the storage of the plurality of multimedia files within the disk array subsystem, and a playlist which includes a list of titles of specific multimedia files to be played at designated times. The multimedia server system advantageously includes synchronization parameters associated with each of titles specified by the playlist. The synchronization parameters are programmed to specify the manner in which particular files should be truncated in order to compensate for admission delays. An admission delay synchronization unit receives the synchronization parameters and truncates the multimedia files as specified by the synchronization parameters. In one implementation, a first synchronization parameter is used to specify that the current file should be truncated at the time for the play of the next file. A second synchronization parameter specifies that up to a given amount of time should be sacrificed at the beginning of the next file to account for the admission delay of the current file. In this manner, the beginning of the next file is truncated. Still a third synchronization parameter is provided to specify an amount of time up to which the current file will be truncated at it's end to account for it's admission delay. As a result, the truncated file can be played in a shorter amount of time than the scheduled duration, and the "excess time" created is available to absorb any admission delay.

Video acquisition and compilation system and method of assembling and distributing a composite video

FIG. 7 shows a camera system (700) that operates to time-stamp video content captured from multiple cameras (740) relative to a recorded and time-synchronized location of a portable tracking unit (722). The position of the cameras (740) is known to the system. Based on the time and position data for each uniquely identifiable tracking unit, an editing suite (770) automatically compiles a composite video made up from time-spliced video segments from the various cameras. Video or still images captured by the cameras (740)are cross-referenced against the client address stored in database (760) and related to the assigned, uniquely identifiable tracking unit (722). A server (750) is arranged to use the client address to send reminder messages, which reminder messages may include selected images taken by the composite video. Alternatively, a client (720) can use the client address to access the database and view the composite video. In the event that the client (720) wants to receive a fair copy of the composite video, the server (750) is arranged to process the request and send the composite video to the client. Streaming of multiple video feeds from different cameras that each encode synchronized time allows cross-referencing of stored client-specific data and, ultimately, the assembly of the resultant composite video that reflects a timely succession of events having direct relevant to the client (720).
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