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Method and system for identifying, matching and transacting information among portable devices within radio frequency proximity

In today's increasingly populated, yet very busy world, there is a growing need to create community and enable an efficient flow of information through shared interactions; such as matching, alerting, gaming, and commerce. Interactions can be facilitated by advancing technology and the proliferation of wireless devices. Wireless devices and applications can facilitate the matching of people based on similar characteristics, token and data exchanges for gaming situations, or the sending of alerts to warn those entering hazardous areas. With the advent of inexpensive radio frequency (RF) chips and wireless communication standards of many forms, microprocessors (and computing ASICs), and flash memory embedded in many common devices, it is possible to increase the amount of automatic person to person interaction as people pass within RF range of the devices they carry with them or which may reside in fixed locations. The utility of the present invention will describe an application and system whereby current and future portable devices; such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants, pagers, AM/FM radios, music players, key fobs, watches, video playback devices, etc. will seamlessly interact to share information. The utility to the user is derived from systems' ability to match, alert, transact commerce and gaming within a system requiring little to no user intervention beyond the initial configuration. It is anticipated that with the technology described within the current invention: two people will be able to meet in a public setting as they pass each other because they have shared commonalities; individuals will be alerted to hazardous circumstances, perhaps a convicted sex offender in the area, construction zone, or approaching accident scene; groups of people will enjoy gaming opportunities by playing virtual tag with electronic tokens, until the winner is finally tagged; and users will be able to purchase digital content, such as songs, videos, or other streamed or broadcast media, by merely pressing a button on the receiving device. The utility of the current invention will further describe the application and systems which can be made available in a highly portable device or embedded into a host of commercially available devices.
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