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Apparatus and method for steam reprocessing flexible endoscopes

A system for reprocessing flexible endoscopes having lumen therein. The reprocessing system deploys steam to disinfect and / or sterilize the endoscopes, and designs, components, and methods for reducing or balancing the reprocessing cycle time and the effects of thermal expansion and contraction on the endoscopes.

Replaceable staple cartridge

A stapling device including a replaceable loading unit is provided. The loading unit includes an elongated body and a stapling assembly having a first jaw and a second jaw. The first jaw of the stapling assembly includes an anvil assembly. The second jaw of the stapling assembly includes a releasably mounted cartridge assembly having a detent connection with the stapling assembly. Also provided is a tool for removing facilitating the separation of a replaceable cartridge assembly from a loading unit.

Automatic injection device

The invention provides an automatic injection device for providing a subcutaneous injection of a substance into a user, comprising: a housing having an open first end and a second end; a syringe movably disposed in the housing, the syringe including a barrel portion for holding the substance, a hollow needle in fluid communication with the barrel portion for ejecting the substance from the syringe, and a bung for sealing the barrel portion and selectively applying pressure to the substance to force the substance through the hollow needle; a plunger for first moving the syringe towards the first end such that the needle projects from the first end and subsequently applying pressure to the bung, the plunger including a rod connected at a first end to the bung, a compressible expanded central portion and a flange between a second end of the rod and the compressible expanded central portion; and a biasing mechanism for biasing the plunger towards the first open end of the housing, the biasing mechanism disposed about the second end of the rod between the flange and the second end of the housing. The present invention also provides methods and kits for using an automatic injection device, and methods and kits for promoting an automatic injection device comprising a medication based on advantageous properties of the device as compared to a pre-filled syringe. The invention also provides methods and kits for training a recipient on use of the automatic injection device.

Protective enclosure and watertight adapter for an interactive flat-panel controlled device

A protective enclosure is disclosed for an interactive flat-panel control device. The protective enclosure is watertight, crush-resistant, and impact-resistant. An electrical adapter may disposed within the protective enclosure and covered with an elastomeric covering that permits a connector of the adapter to flex with respect to the lower shell of the enclosure so that the connector may easily be inserted into an interface jack of the electronic device. The elastomeric covering also provides a watertight seal that enables the protective enclosure to be submersibly watertight. While providing protection, the protective enclosure simultaneously allows smooth and accurate interaction with the interactive flat-panel controlled device. The protective enclosure has a protective membrane that permits RF and touch screen stylus inputs, as well as capacitance, such as from a finger, to be transmitted accurately to the flat-panel control. The hardness and texture of the protective membrane allows a stylus or finger to glide smoothly along the surface of the membrane without catching or sticking. The protective enclosure is further adapted to allow infrared and other communication signals while the device is secured inside the case. Further, electrical connections can be made through the case without affecting the protection afforded the electronic device inside. The protective enclosure may have a removable cable management belt clip that has a flange that retains and prevents entangling of an accessory cable for the interactive flat-panel control device.

Protective enclosure for touch screen device

A protective enclosure for a personal electronic device having a shell that is capable of enclosing and substantially surrounding the electronic device disposed to make the shell substantially watertight, substantially rigid and substantially crush-resistant. The enclosure has a transparent protective membrane that is attached to the shell so that the protective membrane is positioned over the touch screen of the electronic device when the electronic device is enclosed in the shell.

Medical device packaging

A packaging system providing for sterile enclosure of devices including medical devices and systems such as delivery systems is described. The packaging system is comprised of a primary chamber and includes at least one vent or opening covered by a barrier.
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