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Apparatus and method for accepting return of unused medical items

An apparatus for accepting return of unused medical items is part of a system (10) used for automated dispensing and tracking of medical items within a medical facility. The apparatus includes a return drawer (52, 156) and a retrieve drawer (54, 158) which are opened responsive to signals received from a display terminal (26) which is networked with a computer (12) which includes a database (14). The return drawer includes a pocket (74, 160) therein. The pocket is accessible from outside of a housing (56) when the return drawer is moved to an open position. The pocket includes an opening (76, 156). The pocket is closed by a trap door (78, 170) when the return drawer is in the open position. Medical items to be returned (132, 184, 186) are placed in the pocket and the return drawer is closed. Upon the closing of the return drawer the trap door is moved to an open position by an actuator. The returned medical item passes from the pocket to a retrieve area (84, 188) in the retrieve drawer. Medical items are stored in the retrieve area until the retrieve drawer is opened by a user authorized to retrieve items from said retrieve area. The opening of the return and retrieve drawers is controlled responsive to the input of data at the display terminal corresponding to information in records (16) in the database.
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