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Motor vehicle pneumatic jacklift system

A permanently mounted pneumatic jack (jacklift) system for motor vehicles, as well as an impact wrench for removing and installing lug nuts. The system provides a quick and safe means of lifting one or more tires off the ground for replacement of a spare or rotating the tires on a motor vehicle. The present invention comprises two or more (typically four) pneumatic jacks, a system ON/OFF switch, an air compressor, a 120-psi air tank, air lines (hoses), individual jack extend/retract switches, jack position-locking pins, safety-locking pins, and impact wrench. Each jack can be locked in a horizontal stowaway or vertical operational position. The jack is cylindrical shaped with a telescopic body that can be extended or retracted as needed to raise and lower the vehicle. A solid cylindrical lift rod slides inside a cylindrical outer housing with a high-pressure seal means used to maintain pressure on the support rod. A ground support foot (plate) is mounted on the lower end of the solid cylindrical lift rod to provide sufficient traction with the ground to support the lifting process. A quick release air coupler is included on the pneumatic chamber to support the use of an air hose and impact wrench. An extend/retract toggle switch is included on each jack to control a solenoid valve to allow the air to flow into the jack. A quick release safety-locking pin is used to mechanically pin the solid cylindrical lift rod to the outer housing once the desired height is achieved to assure that the vehicle does not fall down in the event of a high-pressure air loss, thereby providing safety to the person(s) working around the vehicle. An air compressor located in the engine compartment of the vehicle is mechanically belt-driven off the engine. A high-pressure air line carries the air to a high-pressure (at least 120-psi) air tank located in the trunk or other suitable storage area on the vehicle. Separate air lines extend from the air tank to the individual jacks.
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