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Quick replacement station for battery box of electric vehicle and battery box replacement method

The invention discloses a fast power transformation station of a battery box of an electric automobile and a replacement method of the battery box. The power transformation station at least comprises the following devices: an automobile positioning platform, a battery box lifting and replacing platform, a stacking machine, a battery box storage rack, a logistics transmission port of the battery box and a delivery roller way which are symmetrically arranged relative to the longitudinal movement axis of the stacking machine, the simultaneous working of the two power transformation systems can be achieved, and the space utilization rate and the power transformation efficiency are improved. The fast power transformation station also comprises a power supply system which is arranged on a roof and consists of a solar photovoltaic power generation battery board; and self sufficiency of power can be achieved by virtue of the solar energy, the power supply of the equipment in the station or the charging for the battery box in the station are met. The invention also provides the replacement method of the battery box of the power transformation station. According to the power transformation station, the distribution is reasonable, the space utilization rate is high, the work of the equipment is reliable and simple, and the power transformation process is fast, so that the power transformation time can be shortened, the power transformation fault is reduced, and the compatibility for different vehicles and different battery boxes is also improved.

Tubular filling system

A system for capturing displaced fluid or pumping fluid through tubulars being run into or out of the wellbore is described. Embodiments are supported by a traveling block and top drive unit with telescoping features to rapidly seal over a tubular to connect the tubular to a mud system. Alternative sealing arrangements for sealing inside the tubular connection are also disclosed. These alternate sealing arrangements also provide flow areas larger than the tubular body since no portion of these arrangements enter the tubular body. All of the sealing arrangements provide a biased area whereby any internal pressure in the invention forces the seals into more intimate contact with their mating seal surfaces. A mudsaver valve having a large flow capacity is described to keep fluid from spilling when the apparatus is removed from the tubular. This mudsaver valve also provides for pumping of fluid into the tubular or flow of fluid from the tubular to the mud system prior to removing the apparatus from the tubular. In these embodiments, the apparatus can be placed in threaded sealing contact with the tubular and can incorporate a safety valve that can be manually closed in the event of a well kick. In another embodiment, a singular control input accomplishes operation of the apparatus to extend or retract the telescoping feature. Also illustrated is a drain valve that provides a method of completely removing all fluid pressure from within the apparatus prior to removing the apparatus from the tubular. The drain system also provides a means of disposing of the excess fluid away from the rig floor where spillage is a danger to the personnel or environment. The drain system can also be connected to a scavenger system that is intended as a vacuum system for removal of spillage. Connection to this system eliminates all possible spillage and completely removes fluids from the tubular handling area.
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