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Therapeutic effect refers to the response(s) after a treatment of any kind, the results of which are judged to be useful or favorable. This is true whether the result was expected, unexpected, or even an unintended consequence. An adverse effect (including nocebo) is the converse and refers to harmful or undesired response(s). What constitutes a therapeutic effect versus a side effect is a matter of both the nature of the situation and the goals of treatment. No inherent difference separates therapeutic and undesired side effects; both responses are behavioral/physiologic changes that occur as a response to the treatment strategy or agent.

Industrial treatment method and industrial treatment device for oil field waste

The invention provides an industrial treatment method for oil field waste. The industrial treatment method for oil field waste comprises the following steps: carrying out sampling analysis on the oil field waste, preheating to 80-300 DEG C by using high-temperature steam or conduction oil, then carrying out microwave pyrolysis treatment, controlling pressure at minus 5000 to minus 100 Pa, thus obtaining solid treatment substances and gas, condensing, separating and purifying the gas, and finally recycling so as to obtain water, oil and non-condensable gas. An industrial treatment device for oil field waste comprises a feed hopper, a dryer, a microwave heating cavity, a microwave generator, a heating device and a condensation separation purification device, wherein the feed hopper is connected to the dryer which is connected to the microwave heating cavity, a steam or conduction oil outlet of the heating device is connected to a steam or conduction oil outlet of the dryer; gas outlets of the dryer and the microwave heating cavity are connected to the condensation separation purification device; the microwave generator is connected to the microwave heating cavity. The industrial treatment method and the industrial treatment device have good treatment effects, high utilization rate of energy sources and good economical efficiency.
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