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Method and System for Detecting Actions in Videos

A method and system detects actions of an object in a scene by first acquiring a video of the scene as a sequence of images, wherein each image includes pixels, wherein the video is partitioned into chunks. The object in the video is tracked. For each object and each chunk of the video, trajectories of the pixels within a bounding box located over the object are tracked, and cropped trajectories and cropped images for one or more images in the chunk are produced using the bounding box. Then, the cropped trajectories and cropped images are passed to a recurrent neural network (RNN) that outputs a relative score for each action of interest.

Use of a virucidal hand lotion to prevent the spread of rhinovirus colds

InactiveUS6034133AEfficient killingSynergistic rhinovirus killing capacityBiocideElcosanoid active ingredientsRhinovirusCommon cold
Frequent application of a virucidal hand lotion containing malic acid, citric acid, and a C1-6 alcohol will prevent the hand-to-hand transmission of rhinoviruses and reduce the incidence of the "common cold" caused by rhinoviruses.

Stereocopic visualisation

InactiveUS20100289883A1Minimizing glareSlowly optical stateCathode-ray tube indicatorsColor television detailsEngineeringStereoscopic visualization
A LCD display system comprises a LC panel (1), a backlight unit (2) for illuminating the LC panel (1) or a portion thereof, and a controller (3). The controller: (i) controls the LC panel (1) to display a first image (LI) and a second image (RI) forming a stereoscopic pair, (ii) controls the backlight unit (2) to only illuminate the LC panel (1) or the portion thereof during a first period in time (BLON1; T1) after the pixels (10) of the LC panel (1) or the portion thereof have a stable optical state according to the first image (LI), and during a second period in time (BLON2; T2) after the pixels (10) of the LC panel (1) or the portion thereof have a stable optical state according to the second image (RI), and (iii) generates a control signal (CSS) for controlling a first one (40) of a pair of 3D shutter glasses (4) to be in a transmissive state for enabling viewing of the pixels (10) of the LC panel (1) or the portion thereof only during the first period in time (BLON1; T1) and a second one (41) of the pair of 3D shutter glasses (4) to be in a transmissive state for enabling viewing of the pixels (10) of the LC panel (1) or the portion thereof only during the second period in time (BLON2; T2).

Insulated container

A dual-purpose insulated container is disclosed. The container selectively holds a disposable cup such as a take-out coffee cup with a plastic lid containing a beverage or a beverage alone and it is in a double wall construction for insulation generally made of sturdy plastics and elastic materials that are snap coupled to each other in order to enable the consumer to carry the beverage heat protected in two optional modes with one container. Additionally, the container has a handle, which has a built-in plug on a strap. The plug acts to plug the hole that is present on the plastic caps of coffee cups dispensed by retail coffee chains. An auxiliary slide lid may be tightened directly to the container when there is only the beverage to hold. The container has a translucent insulation space that is normally closed but consumer accessible to insert or replace a printed sheet for a visual effect.

Position detection for lobe switching camshaft system

ActiveUS20140303873A1Reduced valve liftShort valve opening time durationAnalogue computers for vehiclesValve arrangementsCamActuator
Systems and methods for determining an active cam profile from a plurality of cam profiles is disclosed. The systems and methods may be used to determine how to operate an engine torque actuator or provide an indication of cam profile switching degradation.

Network slice manager and management method thereof

The invention discloses a network slice manager and a management method thereof, and belongs to the technical field of communication. The manager comprises a creation module, an expansion module, a deletion module, a user request table, a network slice parameter table, a network slice state table and a plurality of external interfaces, wherein the creation module is respectively connected with the user request table and the network slice parameter table; both the expansion module and the deletion module are respectively connected with the network slice parameter table and the network slice state table; the creation module is connected with a core network, an access network, a physical resource pool and a user by the external interfaces; the expansion module is connected with an existing network slice and the physical resource pool by the external interfaces; and the deletion module is connected with the existing network slice by the external interface. The management method of the manager comprises three parts of creation, expansion and deletion of the network slice. According to the network slice manager and the management method thereof, which are disclosed by the invention, the network slice which meets requirements can be created according to user demands, and a utilization rate of the network slice is effectively maximized, so that a utilization rate of network resources is improved.

System and method to provide lubrication for a plug-in hybrid

In hybrid electric vehicles having increased battery storage capacity and plug-in capability, electric-only operation of significant duration is available. To supplement lubrication for the electric and mechanical component provided by an engine-driven mechanical pump, an electric pump is provided in parallel to the mechanical pump. A method to control the electric pump is also disclosed in which a first desired quantity of a first component and a second desired quantity of a second component are determined. The electric pump is commanded to provide the greater of the first and second quantities. The desired quantity can be based on preventing temperature in the component from exceeding a maximum design temperature and / or providing sufficient lubrication to rotating parts of the component.
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