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A disposable cup is a type of tableware and disposable food packaging. Disposable cup types include paper cups, plastic cups and foam cups. Expanded polystyrene is used to manufacture foam cups, and polypropylene is used to manufacture plastic cups.

Disposable paper cups, method of making, and handling of such cups

There are now provided disposable paper cups, method of making, and handling of such cups. The cup may comprise a pleated disposable paper cup with a zigzag shaped, pleated cylindrical body, an open top and closed bottom. The cup may be constructed of a paper card stock evenly folded to create parallel pleats that serve to decrease the energy transfer between hot or cold beverages contained in the cup and a user's hand, enabling the user to hold onto the container for an extended period of time without pain or discomfort. The application further relates to an arrangement configured to prepare a personalized brew of coffee or the like, with a lid that can be punctured to flow hot liquid over a material configured to make a drink and into a disposable cup. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under the heading “Abstract of the Disclosure.” The purpose of the abstract is to enable the Patent and Trademark Office and the public generally to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and gist of the technical disclosure. The abstract shall not be used for interpreting the scope of the claims. Therefore, the abstract is not intended to limit the claims in any manner and should not be interpreted as limiting the claims in any manner.
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