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Passiflora coerulea and honey peach complex juice and preparation method thereof

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The present invention relates to a passiflora coerulea and honey peach complex juice and a preparation method thereof. The complex juice consists of 20-30% passiflora coerulea juice, 10-15% honey peach juice, 3-5% honey and water and the preparation method of the complex juice is made of the following steps: washing, cleaning and cutting the passiflora coerulea, removing the fruit pulp with seeds to squeeze juice, washing and cleaning honey peaches, peeling honey peaches to squeeze juice, mixing the two juices evenly and heating to a temperature of 20-60 DEG C, adding pectinase and amylase to conduct enzymolysis, filtering the juice and adding water and honey to flavor, removing parts of bacteria with sterilizing filtration membranes; then homogenizing and degassing the sterilized juice, and vacuum packaging and treating the packaged juice with super-high pressure sterilization and enzyme inactivation treatment, thereby obtaining the complex juice. The preparation method of the complex juice can maintain the unique flavor of passiflora coerulea and delicate fragrance of honey peaches, thus the prepared complex juice has authentic taste of the raw juice, natural and lingering flavor, and improved the quality of fruit juice, and meet the pursuit of natural fruit juice of the majority of consumers.

Juicer with air bleeding function

The invention discloses a juicer with the air bleeding function and aims at providing the juicer which can greatly reduce the oxygen content in a juicing cavity, prevents the browning from occurring in the juicing process and maintains the nutritional components and mouth feel of fruit juice or vegetable juice. The juicer is characterized in that a charging barrel is arranged on the juicing cavity; a juicing mechanism is arranged in the juicing cavity; an output shaft of a juicing motor is connected with a driving shaft of the juicing mechanism; the juicer also comprises an air bleeding device; a sealing device is arranged on the charging barrel; an interconnected cavity is formed by the charging cavity, the juicing cavity, a juice receiving part and a residue part; the mutual connecting parts of the cavity body are connected in a sealing manner; the connecting part between the cavity and any one part is sealed; the cavity is airtight in the juicing process; an air bleeding port of the air bleeding device is communicated with the cavity; and an exhaust port of the air bleeding device is arranged outside the cavity. The juicer can juice foodstuff in the juicer under an oxygen deficiency condition, thereby the browning is effectively controlled, the browning of foodstuff liquid is greatly reduced in the juicing process, the nutritive loss is reduced, and the good mouth feel and appearance color are maintained.

Noodles and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to the field of preparation of food. For solving the problems that the conventional noodles have low nutritional value and are not suitable for all people, the invention provides a method for preparing noodles. The method comprises the following steps of: selecting mild nature food materials as raw materials, namely 60 to 85 weight percent of cereal flour, 6 to 15 percent of vegetables, 4.2 to 12 percent of fruit, 2.4 to 5 percent of wild vegetable, 1.4 to 4.7 percent of dry fruit and 1 to 3.3 percent of dry mushroom, wherein the cereal flour comprises wheat flour which accounts for 55 to 73.4 percent of the weight of the raw materials, and the vegetables comprise cabbage, green vegetable, bean vegetable and tuber vegetable; grinding the bean vegetable, the dry fruit and the dry mushroom into powder, and mixing the powder and the cereal flour to form mixed flour; mixing the cabbage, the green vegetable and the tuber vegetable together, squeezing into vegetable and fruit juice, and adding edible clear water into the vegetable and fruit juice to form diluted vegetable and fruit juice, wherein the proportion of the mixed flour to the diluted vegetable and fruit juice is 1,000g/420ml-1,000g/450ml; and adding the diluted vegetable and fruit juice into the mixed flour, stirring uniformly, and preparing the noodles. The noodles prepared by adopting the method have balanced nutrition, and are suitable for all people.

Zero-trans fatty acid non-dairy creamer and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a zero-trans fatty acid non-dairy creamer and a preparation method thereof, and belongs to the technical field of non-dairy creamers. The zero-trans fatty acid non-dairy creamer consists of the following components in percentage by weight: 22 to 32 percent of vegetable oil and fat, 2.2 to 3.5 percent of sodium caseinate, 0.8 to 1.5 percent of mono-and diglycerides, 0.5 to 1 percent of stearoyl sodium lactate, 1.2 to 1.5 percent of dipotassium phosphate, 0.25 to 0.5 percent of silicon dioxide and the balance of glucose syrup. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: heating, dissolving, mixing, shearing at high temperature, homogenizing, spray-drying and packaging to obtain the zero-trans fatty acid non-dairy creamer. The preparation process is simple and easy to operate; and the obtained non-dairy creamer is high in nutritional performance, good in mouthfeel, fragrant and smooth, does not contain trans fatty acid, meets the consumption demand of health and nutrition at present, and is particularly suitable to be drunk by old people, overweight people, patients who suffer from diabetes and consumers. The zero-trans fatty acid non-dairy creamer can be used as coffee creamers to be mixed with coffee, fruit juice, tea and the like respectively for drinking and also can be used as instant drinks independently for drinking.

Method for planting organic passion fruit trees

The invention discloses a method for planting organic passion fruit trees. The method includes the steps of variety selection, site selection, soil preparation, soil pH adjustment, establishment of a passion fruit tree foundation, field planting, reshaping and pruning, field management, blossoming, fruit yielding and the like. According to the method, organic fertilizer and a low-toxicity prevention method are adopted in fertilization and pest control, so that the pulp of produced passion fruits is full of yellow fruit juice, the content of sugar is high, the color is bright, the yield reaches up to 2 tons per mu each year, pollution is avoided, and five seasons of fruits can be harvested each year. The successful planting of the organic passion fruit trees provides a theoretical and practical basis for creating incomes of local farmers. According to the method, a leeward apricus flat ground is selected, and the place where a good source of water is obtained, the soil layer is thick, fertility of the soil is above the average and transportation is convenient is used as a planting foundation, so that it is guaranteed that the passion fruit trees can grow in a good environment, the roots of nursery-grown plants are planted in furrows and exposed to the sun, hence, the roots can better absorb sunshine, and fertilization and weeding are further facilitated.
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