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Mouthfeel refers to the physical sensations in the mouth caused by food or drink, as distinct from taste. It is a fundamental sensory attribute which, along with taste and smell, determines the overall flavor of a food item. Mouthfeel is also sometimes referred to as texture.

A kind of lady's health wine and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a lady health-care wine and a preparation method thereof. The health-care wine is prepared from angelica, hemlock parsley, radix paeoniae alba, prepared radix rehmanniae, raw radix rehmanniae, radix ophiopogonis, prepared fleece-flower root, lucid ganoderma, radix astragali, ginseng, rhizoma polygonati, poria with hostwood, polygala root, stir-fried spine date seed, deer fetus paste, antler, donkey-hide gelatin, glue of tortoise plastron, stir-fried eucommia, mistletoe, pawpaw, radix achyranthis bidentatae, broomrape, rhizoma drynariae, spatholobus stem, cassia bark, cornus officinalis, epimedium, Curculigo orchioides, saffron, Cordyceps, rhizoma cyperi, agilawood, Flos Caryophyllata, dalbergia wood, Turmeric Root-tuber, Rhizoma Zedoariae, cowherb seed, pseudo-ginseng, raw pollen typhae, pummelo pee, fingered citron, citron, raw rhubarb, fructus cannabis, bush-cherry seed, peach kernel, Chinese radish seed, semolina seed, cassia seed, Plantain seed, dodder, wolfberry fruit, raspberry, schisandra fruit, cherokee rose, Semen Euryales, gynostemma pentaphyllum, raw hawthorn, red rice, gastrodia tuber, kudzu root, chrysanthemum flower, calcined oyster and dragon bone, white spirit and yellow wine. The preparation method comprises the following steps: soaking the Chinese medicinal herbs in 50 vol% top-grade white spirit for 36 days (stirring every three days),and discarding the Chinese medicinal herbs after 36 days; and adding top-grade yellow wine (twice of white spirit), adding a right amount of honey (according to mouthfeel), sealing, and soaking for 36 days (stirring every three days) to obtain the lady health-care wine. When people drink 50ml of the health-care wine a day, the health-care wine can tonify the liver and kidney, recuperate yin and yang, invigorate qi, strengthen the bone, nourish the blood and refresh the brain.

Mixed grain rice vinegar and production method thereof

InactiveCN102586070AStrong aftertasteMild sourVinegar preparationBiotechnologyLiquid product
The invention discloses a mixed grain rice vinegar and a production method of the mixed grain rice vinegar. The mixed grain rice vinegar is a liquid product prepared from black tartary buckwheat, oat, broomcorn, wheat, black glutinous rice and white corn serving as main materials as well as sticky rice and a plurality of Chinese herbal medicines serving as auxiliary materials through fermentation together. The production method comprises the following steps of: cleaning the sticky rice, and then soaking and steaming; respectively crushing the Chinese herbal medicines, the black tartary buckwheat, the oat, the broomcorn, the wheat, the black glutinous rice and the white corn; mixing according to proportion and fermenting for 15 days to obtain a brewing mass; turning over and mixing the brewing mass and performing acidification and fermentation twice; ageing mature brewing mass for three months; then placing the aged brewing mass into a vinegar sprinkling pond; sprinkling cold boiled water slowly, soaking, discharging the vinegar liquid from the bottom of the pond to obtain raw vinegar; and finally, heating the raw vinegar, cooling and bottling, checking out to obtain a finished product. The mixed grain rice vinegar has a health-care function, is natural and pollution-free, can be used for cooking as a seasoning in various occasions such as homes, dining rooms, restaurants and tourist sites. In addition, the mixed grain rice vinegar is delicious in taste, has pure flavor, is soft and lasting in aftertaste, is mellow and sweet, is rich in nutrition and has a unique style.

Litchi fruit vinegar beverage and production method thereof

The invention relates to a litchi fruit vinegar beverage and a production method thereof. The production method comprises the following steps of: removing shells and kernels of fresh litchis, and crushing the pulp to squeeze a juice; defecating the juice at a low temperature; separating the litchi juice; adding lactic acid bacteria into the litchi juice to perform fermentation for the first time; performing cross flow filtration to remove the lactic acid bacteria, and adding wine yeast into the litchi juice to perform fermentation for the second time; adding acetic acid bacteria into the litchi juice to perform fermentation for the third time to obtain a litchi raw vinegar; mixing the raw vinegar with a fruit juice, fructo-oligose (prebiotics), honey, purified water and the like in certain proportion; and filtering the mixture through an ultrafiltration membrane and performing aseptic canning to obtain the litchi fermented vinegar beverage. The litchi fruit vinegar beverage has a unique production process, and after multi-bacteria, low-temperature and long-time fermentations, the produced vinegar beverage has strong litchi fruit aroma and thick mouthfeel integrates nutritional and health-care functions, and is a novel nutritious, cosmetic and pollution-free green beverage.

Snow pear, banana and corn jam and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a snow pear, banana and corn jam which is prepared from the following raw materials by weight parts: 198-215 parts of the snow pear, 66-75 parts of the banana, 55-64 parts of the corn powder, 13-16 parts of peach blossoms, 6-9 parts of Radix Ranunculi Ternati, 4-6 parts of Codonopsis Lanceolata, 5-7 parts of Cornus officinalis, 6-8 parts of pseudo-ginseng, 3-4 parts of pawpaw kernels, 4-5 parts of Epimedium davidii franch, 55-58 parts of white sugar, 26-32 parts of chocolate powder, 3-6 parts of black tea powder, 12-15 parts of sesame oil, 28-33 parts of jujube flower honey, and a proper amount of purified water. The jam provided by the invention, during preparation, is added with the corn powder with healthcare effects; the Cornus officinalis which can tonify the liver and kidney, induce astringency, control nocturnal emission and reduce urination, and help produce saliva and slake thirst; the Radix Ranunculi Ternati which can reduce phlegm and resolving masses and reduce swelling and detoxify; the Codonopsis Lanceolata which can enrich the blood, promote lactation, clear away heat and toxic materials, reduce swelling and eliminate pus; the pawpaw kernels which can remove evil and relieve restlessness; the pseudo-ginseng which can clear away the liver-fire and dispell stagnation; and, Epimedium davidii franch which can tonify the kidney and yang, dry damp and dispell pathogenic wind. The jam provided by the invention is bright in color, sour and sweet, fine and soft in mouthfeel, unique in fruit and corn fragrance, high in nutrition and health value, and thus is wide in market prospect.

Aroniamelanocarpa fruit wine and brewing method thereof

The invention relates to an aroniamelanocarpa fruit wine and a brewing method thereof. The fruit of aroniamelanocarpa is taken as raw material and is made into fruit juice, fruit wine microzyme is selected for use and put into the fruit juice according to the proportion being 5-10% of the weight of the fruit juice, and the aroniamelanocarpa fruit wine is brewed with the alcohol content of 5-13% (v/v) and the total sugar content of 4.0-80.0g/L. The brewing technique of the invention comprises preparing the fruit juice, inoculation and fermentation, aging and store maturity, purifying wine body as well as filtration and sterilization, and the most advanced fermenting and purifying technique can be adopted by the production. The product of the invention has unique flavor, slightly acerbic and fresh taste, mellow mouthfeel, pleasing aroma and wide applicable people. The fruit wine contains multiple nutritional functional components such as anthocyanin, flavone, polyphenol active substance, vitamins antioxidant, mineral composition, polyoses, organic acid and the like which are rich in the fruit of aroniamelanocarpa, and has good effects of oxidation resistance, ageing prevention, blood pressure regulation, vessel relaxing, blood-fat reduction, anti-inflammation and detoxification, radiation resistance, etc.
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