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This medication is used occasionally to help you stay awake and alert when you are feeling tired and/or drowsy.

Process for extracting tea polyphenol, theanine, tea polysaccharide and tea pigment from tea

The invention discloses an extracting polyphenol, theanine, tea polysaccharide and tea pigment method from tea, which is characterized by the following: using deionized water for lixiviating tea at constant temperature with continuous flow upstream at multi-speed; adopting microstrainer to dislodge the foreign matter of raffinate; using hyperfiltration for putting-off pectin and protein; concentrating by hyperfiltration and dehydration; extracting tea polyphenol by acetic acid ethyl ester and recovering dissolvant; stripping caffeine of extracting extract phase, pesticide residue and dissolvant by CO2 supercritical fluid; getting tea polyphenol by low-temperature nitrogen spray-drying; using alcohol separation and low temperation vacuum drying by hyperfiltration trapped fluid to prepare tea polysaccharide; separating alcohol recrystallization by basic copper carbonate and hydrogen sulfide to get theanine; using enzymatic oxidation and alkaline air to oxygenate remain polyphenols substance of liquid phantom; getting tea pigment by hyperfiltration dehydration compression and vacuum drying; merging caffeine form carbon dioxide above-critical fluid and caffeine from carrene; recovering dissolvent; using deionized water for washing; obtaining caffeine by recrystallization vacuum drying.

Technique for producing Jinhuaqianliang tea (flower coil tea)

The technology for producing golden flower Qianliang tea (Hua-juan tea) is characterized in that the technology comprises the process steps as follow: plucking criteria-water removing in high temperature-rolling and shaping-pile-fermentation-dry and adding incense-stems picking and sieving-matching and pile-classificaition and weighting-steam softening-moisture detection-adpressing and sizing-premilary test and baking-cultivating golden flower-aerationagitation. The technology is an improved deep processing technology. The processes of the pile-fermentation and the cultivating golden flower ensure that the appearance of the products is ooiu colour, the interior is brown, and even distributed beneficial organism (namely, golden flower)-eurotium cristatum is clearly saw, the shangse is bright red, the taste is pure and aromatic, and the flower is aromatic, and has the health care functions of promoting sleeping, invigorating stomach and promoting digestion, relaxing bowel, slaking thirst and helping produce saliva, antidiabetics, lowering blood pressure, curing bloated, cuing laxness, etc. The technology fully actives microelements such as vitamins contained in tea, mineral composition, 18 amino acid, protein, glucide, folic acid, catchol which are beneficial to human health and easily absorbed, and the cultivation of golden flower has substantial transformation on tea polyphenols, caffeine, and theophylline that are transferred into elements that are beneficial to human health, all ages, expand market, have high cultural value, provide collection opportunity for black tea lovers.

Method for simultaneously detecting seven slimming chemical components which are illegally added to traditional Chinese medicine, health food or cosmetics

The invention relates to a method for simultaneously detecting seven slimming chemical components which are illegally added to traditional Chinese medicine, health food or cosmetics. According to the method, an appropriate mobile phase and a reasonable elution gradient are adopted during liquid-phase separation, so that the slimming components needing to be detected are effectively separated within 12 min, the analysis time of a sample instrument is shortened by 88%, and the work efficiency is greatly increased. Additionally, the advantages of high separation ability of the HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) technology, high sensitivity and stronger qualitative ability of the mass spectrum and the like are combined, so screening and confirmation can be simultaneously completed during one operation. By using the method disclosed by the invention, the seven chemical components including sibutramine, fenfluramine, phenolphthalein, ephedrine, caffeine, N,N-bi-demethylation sibutramine and furosemide can be effectively separated, the inspection time can be shortened, and the slimming chemical components which are illegally added to the traditional Chinese medicine, the health food or the cosmetics can be accurately and effectively distinguished.
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