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Equipment and method for extracting biologically active ingredients from subcritical fluid

The invention discloses equipment and a method for extracting biologically active ingredients from subcritical fluid, aims to solve the problems of low extraction efficiency and the like existing in the aspects of biologically active ingredient separation technology in the prior art and provides a set of subcritical equipment which comprises an extracting agent supply system, an entrainer supply system, an extraction system, a separation system, a solvent recycling system, a desolvation system, a heat supply system, a computer control system and the like, has high automatic control degree and is used for extracting the biologically active ingredients. Simultaneously, the invention also provides a new technological method for extracting the biologically active ingredients by adopting a subcritical extraction process. The method has the advantage of relatively low cost on the conventional extraction of an organic solvent, and the equipment has the characteristics of no solvent residue, no pollution, high bioactivity and the like in a product obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction technology and has the advantages of low investment on production equipment, high production efficiency within unit time, low energy consumption, flexible operation, high degree of automation and the like.

Slow release coolant filter

A coolant filter for use in filtering a coolant solution which flows through the coolant filter includes a filter housing assembly which is made up of an outer housing which is crimped to a nutplate which defines an internally threaded flow outlet. A generally cylindrical filter element is positioned inside of the filter housing assembly and a first endplate is bonded to the end of the filter element which is adjacent to the nutplate. An endplate member is provided for attachment to the opposite end of the filter element and is configured in such a way so as to define an interior chamber where supplemental coolant additive pellets are stored. A closing plate is applied across the open end of the interior chamber so as to create an enclosed chamber for the supplemental coolant additive pellets. A slow release mechanism is provided for controlling the rate of release of the supplemental coolant additive from the enclosed chamber into the coolant solution. In one embodiment of the present invention, the slow release mechanism includes a diffusion tube which defines a diffusion orifice. In another embodiment of the present invention, the slow release mechanism includes a semipermeable (or osmotic) membrane wafer. In both instances, the slow release mechanism is positioned between the source of supplemental coolant additive and the flow outlet in the nutplate.
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