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Equipment and method for extracting biologically active ingredients from subcritical fluid

The invention discloses equipment and a method for extracting biologically active ingredients from subcritical fluid, aims to solve the problems of low extraction efficiency and the like existing in the aspects of biologically active ingredient separation technology in the prior art and provides a set of subcritical equipment which comprises an extracting agent supply system, an entrainer supply system, an extraction system, a separation system, a solvent recycling system, a desolvation system, a heat supply system, a computer control system and the like, has high automatic control degree and is used for extracting the biologically active ingredients. Simultaneously, the invention also provides a new technological method for extracting the biologically active ingredients by adopting a subcritical extraction process. The method has the advantage of relatively low cost on the conventional extraction of an organic solvent, and the equipment has the characteristics of no solvent residue, no pollution, high bioactivity and the like in a product obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction technology and has the advantages of low investment on production equipment, high production efficiency within unit time, low energy consumption, flexible operation, high degree of automation and the like.

Mura defect detection method based on sample learning and human visual characteristics

The invention discloses a mura defect detection method based on sample learning and human visual characteristics, which belongs to the TFT-LCD display defect detection field. According to the invention, the method comprises the following steps: firstly, utilizing the Gaussian filter smoothing and Hough transform rectangle to preprocess the TFT-LCD display image, removing a large amount of noise and segmenting the image areas to be detected; then, using the PCA algorithm to conduct learning to a large amount of defect-free samples; automatically extracting the differential characteristics between the background and the target and re-constructing a background image; and then, thresholding the differential characteristics between a testing image and the background; through the reconstructing of the background and the threshold calculating, jointly creating a model. According to the invention, based on the training sample learning, a relationship model between the background structure information and the threshold value is established; and a self-adaptive segmentation algorithm based on human visual characteristics is proposed. The main purpose of the invention is to detect different mura defects in a TFT-LCD, to raise the qualification rate and to increase accuracy for the detection of mura defects.

Dual-polarization radar observation based method for improving thunderstorm weather warning and forecasting accuracy

The invention belongs to the field of radar observation based weather forecasting and discloses a dual-polarization radar observation based method for improving thunderstorm weather warning and forecasting accuracy. X waveband dual-polarization weather radar parameters are utilized. On the basis of quality control on data including phase defolding, filtering and attenuation correction and based ona fuzzy logic algorithm, environment temperature limits of sounding data are introduced for identification of multiple hydrometeors in a thunderstorm body. Comparatively detailed analysis is performed on evolution characteristics of the hydrometeors in clouds in two aspects including horizontal distribution and perpendicular distribution during a typical thunderstorm body development process according to an inversion result. Finally, a micro-physical concept model during the thunderstorm body evolution process is established and the structure and the evolution features of the thunderstorm body are acquired. The method provided by the invention facilitates recognition of hydrometeor distribution and a microphysical process in the typical thunderstorm body and provides a quantitative and direct technical support for thunderstorm weather warning and forecasting.

Undisturbed box type sampler for sediment on water surface layers

InactiveCN102607887AKeep intactClear water-soil interfaceWithdrawing sample devicesSurface layerEngineering
An undisturbed box type sampler for sediment on water surface layers comprises a mud acquiring bucket, a mud acquiring bucket carrying handle, an expansion bracket, a counterweight and a traction rope. The mud acquiring bucket carrying handle consists of a carrying handle upright column and a carrying handle crossbeam, the carrying handle upright column is fixedly connected with the mud acquiring bucket, small holes are arranged on the carrying handle crossbeam, the expansion bracket comprises an expansion bracket upper plate and an expansion bracket lower plate, expansion bracket upright columns are fixedly connected with the expansion bracket upper plate and the expansion bracket lower plate and fixed onto the expansion bracket lower plate, an expansion bracket strut and the expansion bracket upright columns penetrate through the small holes on the carrying handle crossbeam, a compression spring is sleeved on the expansion bracket strut, the mud acquiring bucket is provided with a square box and two symmetric mud acquiring claws, shaft heads are disposed on two sides of the box, the mud acquiring claws are rotationally connected with the shaft heads, a tension spring is connected between the mud acquiring claws, the mud acquiring claws are connected with suspension plates, the traction rope penetrates through the expansion bracket upper plate to be connected with the carrying handle crossbeam, and the other end of the traction rope penetrates out from a hole on the counterweight. The sampler has the advantages that a sediment-water interface of acquired sediment on a surface layer is clear, layers of the sediment keep well, a sampling process is undisturbed, and the volume of the acquired sediment can be accurately computed.

Fusion and authentication method and system of identity and authority in industrial control system

The invention discloses a fusion and authentication method and system of identity and authority in an industrial control system. The method comprises the following steps of: storing role information of a user into an identity certificate through fusing an attribute certificate and the identity certificate; setting an authority database; saving authority information corresponding to different roles of the user; first, authenticating the identity of the user while the user logs into the system; extracting the authority information of the user according to the user name information and a role information association authority database in the identity certificate after passing the authentication; and providing resources corresponding to the authority to the user by the system. Therefore, the industrial control system can finish the user identity authentication and complicated authority authentication in the industrial field only by supporting one reliable third party and using one certificate under the situation of support system security grade. The two certificates are combined into one so that the management is more convenient. The specific authorities of the user in different roles are saved in the authority database; and larger information storage space and more complete preservation of the information are obtained.

Compensation method and device for pipeline pressure missing data based on genetic neural network

The invention provides a method and device for compensating pipeline pressure missing data based on a genetic neural network, belonging to the technical field of pipeline detection. The device provided by the invention comprises an A/D (Analog to Digital) data collecting unit, a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) data processing unit and an ARM-Linux (Advanced Risc Machines-Linux) data collection controlling unit; the A/D data collecting unit comprises a transmitter, a multiplexer, an instrument amplifier and an A/D data collecting module; the DSP data processing unit comprises a data cache, a DSP chip and a scan table; and the ARM-Linux data collection controlling unit comprises an ARM processor, an ARM liquid display screen and a GPS (Global Position System) module. The method with utilization of the device comprises the following steps of: 1, collecting analogue signals; 2, filtering the collected signals; 3, extracting characteristic indexes; 4, carrying out a dimension-reduction treatment on the characteristic indexes; 5, training a network; and 6, detecting pipeline pressure data and judging whether the missing data exist. The method and the device provided by the invention havethe advantages as follows: the method and the device can be used for remotely transmitting files, the effect is not distorted and the operation state of the system at the moment is restored.

Self-adaptive image defogging method based on resolution evaluation

The invention discloses a self-adaptive image defogging method based on resolution evaluation. The self-adaptive image defogging method comprises the steps of image pretreatment, image resolution judgment, image defogging treatment and coding decision optimization; image resolution judgment comprises the step that input haze images are classified according to the definition of visibility in meteorology; image defogging treatment comprises the step that the classified haze images are processed in sequence by calling a defogging algorithm; coding decision optimization comprises the steps that aprocessing result is subjected to image quality evaluation, a coding decision method is introduced to the evaluation result, accordingly the evaluation result is processed by calling the defogging algorithm in a self-adaptive mode again, and thus optimization of the output result is achieved. The self-adaptive image defogging method solves the problems of low image saturability caused by a Retinexdefogging algorithm, severe detail information loss of defogging images caused by a contrast enhancement method, and low robustness caused by an atmospheric scattering model method. The self-adaptiveimage defogging method is high in universality and stability, and the processed images have good effect and high quality.

Medical information management system based on two-dimensional code and cloud service and method thereof

InactiveCN105303495ASolve the incomplete collection of informationThe solution cannot be sharedPayment architecturePaymentData management
The invention discloses a medical information management system based on a two-dimensional code and a cloud service. The medical information management system comprises an information acquisition module, a payment module, a two-dimensional code generation module and a cloud-side data management module. The information acquisition module is used for acquiring all examination and diagnosis and treatment information of a hospital and compressing and encrypting the information and then storing the information in a cloud-side database. The payment module is used for generating a two-dimensional code with a payment function for each piece of examination and diagnosis and treatment information in the cloud-side database for a user to complete payment. The two-dimensional code generation module is used for generating a unique identity two-dimensional code for the user completing payment. The cloud-side data management module is used for establishing a cloud platform for saving the examination and diagnosis and treatment information, managing the examination and diagnosis and treatment information of the user in the cloud-side database and browsing, downloading, management and uploading for the user. The invention also discloses a medical information management method based on the two-dimensional code and the cloud service.

HDR reconstructing algorithm based on histogram normalization and superpixel segmentation

ActiveCN105894484ASolve alignmentSolve the problem of maximizing image detail preservationImage enhancementImage analysisIntermediate imageImaging quality
The invention discloses an HDR reconstructing algorithm based on histogram normalization and superpixel segmentation. The method includes the steps of mapping a histogram of a referential image Ir onto another image Ii of an image sequence through a histogram matching algorithm, respectively generating a corresponding matching image I <M>, combining the pixels of the image into superpixels by comparing the consistency of each pixel point with adjacent pixels, obtaining the contours of moving objects in the image through a cutting algorithm, obtaining the absolute value of the difference between the matching image I <M> and the other image Ii, conducting superpixel segmentation, dividing the superpixels obtained through segmentation into static parts and dynamic parts, synthesizing the images Ii and I <M> into intermediate images I <L>, calculating the weight map of each intermediate image based on a gradient image quality evaluation system, and conducting weighted fusion to obtain a final image fusion result. Histogram matching of a referential image and other images in the input sequence is conducted instead of directly calculating the gradient information of the input image. In this way, more details in the image can be retained.

Ground penetrating radar underground target position detection method

The invention relates to a ground penetrating radar underground target position detection method. The method comprises the following steps: a ground penetrating radar B-Scan data are subjected to multi-scale amplitude, phase and direction characteristic component extraction; three characteristic components for the first scale are extracted, and a color image is combined by using an HSB channel representation method; a target area of interest is found out; graying is carried out on the color image in the target area of interest, and edge extraction is carried out on an amplitude image in the target area of interest; a target hyperbolas is positioned; and according to the target hyperbolas, target position determination is realized. the method of the invention does not need data training, and online detection is easily carried out; the target information can be kept in a complete mode, the target positioning precision is enhanced, and as for shallow layer detection, false alarms are not likely to be generated, and non metallic pipeline targets are not likely to be omitted; clutter suppression effects can be enhanced, and strong clutters and target echoes can be effectively distinguished; and the algorithm is simple, and target positioning can be ensured to be quickly carried out.

Industrial intelligent manufacturing data acquisition apparatus and method based on Internet of Things

The invention discloses an industrial intelligent manufacturing data acquisition apparatus and method based on the Internet of Things. The apparatus comprises a data acquisition module, a data transmission module, a data analysis module, a data processing module, a data storage module, a data interaction display module and a monitoring module, the data acquisition module is connected with a control system of an industrial Internet of Things equipment machine tool through an acquisition protocol, the data acquisition module, the data transmission module, the data analysis module, the data processing module, the data storage module and the data interaction display module are connected in sequence, and the monitoring module is connected with the control system of the industrial Internet of Things equipment machine tool through the acquisition protocol. According to the method and apparatus, data acquisition, analysis, transmission, storage and monitoring are performed for industrial Internet of Things factory equipment machine tools and robot equipment etc., the work efficiency is improved, the production cost is reduced, the information interaction between industrial equipment and production management personnel is enhanced, the efficiency of the equipment is improved, and intelligent and datamation management of factory processing equipment can be realized.

Wood damage monitoring method based on acoustic emission technique

The invention discloses a wood damage monitoring method based on an acoustic emission technique. The method specifically comprises the following steps: arranging an acoustic emission sensor on the surface of a wood stress concentration part; collecting weak acoustic emission signals generated by wood damages; amplifying and filtering the collected acoustic emission signals, carrying out analogue-to-digital conversion, and then transmitting the converted signal to an FIFO in an FPGA control module and buffering; uploading data to an upper computer through a wireless transmission module; carrying out wavelet noise reduction and reconstitution on the collected acoustic emission signals collected by the upper computer; positioning a wood-damage acoustic emission source by a linear positioning method, and monitoring the position of the wood-damage acoustic emission source in real time through a human-computer interaction interface designed by LABVIEW; and extracting energy characteristic values form the collected acoustic emission signals by the upper computer by virtue of a wavelet packet analysis system, constructing a corresponding training sample set, building a neural network, and predicting and analyzing the variation trend of the acoustic emission signals of wood stress damages through accumulated energy so as to deduce the positions of the wood damages.

Unified emergency response system

The invention provides a unified emergency response system, mainly comprising a car-mounted front-end system, a strategy control and dispatching system, a session system and a control system. The system has the following advantages: the system begins recording the patient information in the whole course on receiving the emergency call, notifies the emergency doctors and the medical specialists of waiting on order, publishes the information such as the advices of the doctors on the electronic medical records of the patients, simultaneously can add relevant doctors to the session platform aiming at medical diagnosis, and transfers the patient information and the acquired data to the hospital via the ambulance client after the patients are transferred to the ambulance, at the moment, the session begins to discuss the emergency treatment scheme, the generated information is stored, and the patients can directly undergo triage and treatment after being transported to the hospital, without wasting time consulting and then determining the treatment scheme, thus not only saving the precious rescue time, but also storing complete data in the whole course of emergency treatment and providing reliable guarantees for patient treatment and for the doctors to obtain complete patient information.

High-calcium edible salt produced by calcium-containing mirabilite-type mineral halide and producing method thereof

The invention discloses a high-calcium edible salt and a preparation method of the high-calcium edible salt, wherein the high-calcium edible salt is prepared by the following steps of: replacing all or partial fresh water by an ammonia-soda waste liquid or a water solution containing calcium chloride, and injecting into a mirabilite-type mine to obtain high-calcium brine; evaporating and condensing the high-calcium brine; implementing solid-liquid separation on the material liquid; evaporating and condensing the mother liquid twice; mixing solids obtained from various times of solid-liquid separation on the material liquid; after mixing, centrifuging and separating the mixture until the solid contains 2-4% of water; and drying to obtain the high-calcium edible salt which is rich in calcium ions. The high-calcium edible salt disclosed by the invention is accordant with standard of GB28050-2011 General Principles for Nutrition Label of Prepackaged Foods, Food Safety National Standard, and the preparation method disclosed by the invention reserves the natural calcium element in the 1000m deep well salt; and meanwhile, the chemical wastes are turned into raw materials for other industries, thus having a significance of protecting the environment.
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Full-automatic shale gas content testing analyzer

The invention relates to a full-automatic shale gas content testing analyzer which comprises a desorbing device, a gas detection device, a data acquisition box and a host computer, wherein the desorbing device consists of a constant temperature water bath box and two desorbing tanks; the desorbing tanks are arranged in the constant temperature water bath box; shale samples can be rapidly put into the desorbing tanks; the gas detection device comprises a box body, a measuring cylinder, a gas collecting bottle and a pressure sensor; a liquid inside the bottle is pressed into the measuring cylinder by a shale gas collected into the gas collecting bottle; the data acquisition box comprises an acquisition box frame, a front panel, a rear panel and a hardware circuit; the hardware circuit is provided with a power supply module, a signal receiving module and a signal processing module; the data acquisition box is used for acquiring a signal detected by the detection device, and used for performing analog-to-digital to transmit to the host computer; the host computer is used for displaying, storing and analyzing the signal. The analyzer provided by the invention is scientific in design and convenient to rapidly disassemble, package and carry over. By adopting the analyzer, full-automatic measurement in the whole gas desorbing process can be achieved, and the measurement precision is high.

Compound protein milk beverage and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a milk beverage and a preparation method thereof, and particularly relates to a compound protein milk beverage and a preparation method thereof. The compound protein milk beverage disclosed by the invention is prepared from the following raw materials in percentage by mass: 3-6% of a walnut-peanut butter, 0.5-2% of whole milk powder, 3-6% of white granulated sugar, 0.2-1% of emulsion stabilizer, 0.01-0.06% of sweetening agent, 0.02-0.1% of essence, and the balance of water. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: roasting, grinding, proportioning, homogenizing and sterilizing. The compound protein milk beverage disclosed by the invention combines the animal proteins of milk and the vegetable proteins of peanuts and walnuts, and retains the nutrient substances such as protein, fat, vitamins, trace elements and the like, thereby achieving an effect of nutrition complementation and improving the taste. According to the preparation method, the utilization rate of peanuts and walnuts is improved, the waste and the pollution are reduced, and the full-bodied flavors of walnuts and peanuts are kept to the maximum; and the energy consumption in the production process can be reduced to the maximum, the production time is shortened, and the stability of product quality is improved.

Automatic smart television control method and television equipment

ActiveCN102665132AEasy to catch upJudgment results are cautiousSelective content distributionTelevision equipmentVIT signals
The invention discloses an automatic smart television control method. The method comprises the following steps of: 1, recording television programs; 2, monitoring the activity of a user, judging the activity state of the user at intervals of a set time period, and obtaining results for judging whether the user is watching the television or not; 3, storing the judgment result each time and time information corresponding to the judgment result; 4, analyzing the judgment results, and when the judgment results show that the user is watching the television continuously, deleting television programs recorded in the continuous time periods; and 5, deleting the residual recorded television programs after storing the programs for a preset time period. The invention also discloses television equipment for implementing the method. The television equipment comprises a television program recording module, a signal acquisition module, an information storage module, a smart judgment module and a recorded program control module. By the automatic smart television control method and the television equipment, the television programs played when the user does not watch the television can be completely kept, so that the user can conveniently watch the television programs at any time.

Method for automatically identifying and grading central segregation defect of low-magnification structure of continuous casting billet

The invention provides a method for automatically identifying and grading the central segregation defect of the low-magnification structure of a continuous casting billet. The method comprises the following steps: S1, preprocessing the gray image of a low-magnification structure of a continuous casting billet, including distortion correction, cutting white background and filtering; S2: obtaining acentral area image by segmenting the gray image for the central area where the area of the horizontal direction (2/5-3/5) and the area of the vertical direction (2/5-3/5) of the gray image; S3, detecting and labeling the connected region in the binary image corresponding to the central region image to separate the suspected central segregation region from the crack region in the connected region;S4, carrying out feature extraction on that suspected central segregation region, identifying the central segregation region and removing the interference region; S5: training the BP neural network classifier model to identify the center segregation region and grade the same. The technical proposal of the invention solves the problem that the traditional digital image processing method is not suitable for the defect detection of the continuous casting billet whose surface defects are jumbled and liable to cross.
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