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Food Compositions of Microalgal Biomass

The invention provides algal biomass, algal oil, food compositions comprising microalgal biomass, whole microalgal cells, and / or microalgal oil in combination with one or more other edible ingredients, and methods of making such compositions by combining algal biomass or algal oil with other edible ingredients. In preferred embodiments, the microalgal components are derived from microalgal cultures grown and propagated heterotrophically in which the algal cells comprise at least 10% algal oil by dry weight.

Microorganisms capable of producing highly unsaturated fatty acids and process for producing highly unsaturated fatty acids by using the microorganisms

The present invention relates to the Schizochytrium genus SR21 strain and a microorganism belonging to the same species as does said SR21 strain or having substantially the same fungological properties as does said SR21 strain, the said SR21 strain and microorganism having the ability to produce the (n-3) series of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and the (n-6) series of docosapentaenoic acid (DPA), and the invention also relates to a process for preparing the (n-3) series of DHA and the (n-6) series of DPA utilizing said microorganisms. The microorganisms according to the present invention are superior in their proliferation character and their propensity to produce fat, and have the ability to produce the (n-3) series of DHA and the (n-6) series of DPA very well. Accordingly, it is possible to effectively produce the (n-3) series of DHA and/or the (n-6) series of DPA, which are useful in the fields of foods and pharmaceuticals, using the microorganisms according to the present invention. In addition, the present invention provides a fat obtained by culturing the present microorganisms. Since the fat composition contains the (n-6) series of DPA in addition to the (n-3) series of DHA having various physiological activities, it is possible to stably and effectively supply the (n-6) series of DPA and/or the (n-3) series of DHA to subjects in need of these highly unsaturated fatty acids by adding the fat composition to various feedstuffs or foods.

Production of Soluble Protein Solutions from Soy ("S701")

A soy protein product, which may be an isolate, produces transparent heat-stable solutions at low pH values and is useful for the fortification of soft drinks and sports drinks without precipitation of protein. The soy protein product is obtained by extracting a soy protein source material with an aqueous calcium salt solution to form an aqueous soy protein solution, separating the aqueous soy protein solution from residual soy protein source, adjusting the pH of the aqueous soy protein solution to a pH of about 1.5 to about 4.4 to produce an acidified clear soy protein solution, which may be dried, following optional concentration and diafiltration, to provide the soy protein product.

Preparation and stabilization of food-grade marine oils

InactiveUS20030161918A1Increases rancimat stabilityIncreased rancimat stabilityMilk preparationDough treatmentFood gradeSilicon dioxide
The present invention relates to stabilizing marine oil by treatment with silica in the presence or absence of carbon and vacuum steam deodorization at a temperature between about 140° C. and about 210° C. in the presence of 0.1-0.4% deodorized rosemary or sage extract. If desired 0.01-0.03% ascorbyl palmitate and 0.05-0.2% mixed tocopherol can be added. A method of using such oil in food applications is provided. A method of identifying the sensory quality of unknown marine oils is also provided.
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