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Distilled water is water that has been boiled into vapor and condensed back into liquid in a separate container. Impurities in the original water that do not boil below or near the boiling point of water remain in the original container. Thus, distilled water is one type of purified water.

Low-temperature smoke denitration SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) catalyst and preparation method

The invention relates to a low-temperature smoke denitration SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) catalyst, which comprises a carrier, a manganese oxide, and composite oxide of one or more of Ce, Zr, Ti, Co, Fe and Cu, the mass content of manganese is 0.1-66 percent, and the total mass content of the Ce, Zr, Ti, Co, Fe or/and Cu is 0-50 percent; and glass fiber and/or kieselguhr is used as the carrier, wherein the glass fiber of the carrier is calcined for 2-4 hours at temperature of 400-600 DEG C, then placed in a nitric acid, sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution with mass concentration of 5-40 percent for acidizing for 1-8 hours, washed by distilled water to be neutered, dried at temperature of 80-120 DEG C, and crushed to have the fineness of 20-325 meshes. The catalyst uses the glass fiber and the kieselguhr as the carriers, so that the dispersion effect of nanoparticles and specific surface area of the catalyst are increased, the high adsorptive capacity and strong heat resistance and corrosion resistance capacity are achieved, stronger toxic resistance capacity to sulfur dioxide and stream contained in the smoke is realized, the invention can be used for 10-200 DEG C of low temperature smoke denitration, and has strong water resisting and sulphur toxic resisting capacities.

Method for pumping coalbed gas by heating coal bed

Provided is a method for heating coal seam and extracting coal seam gas. Firstly, a plurality of vertical wells are drilled from the ground to the coal seam, after the drilled well reached to the coal seam, the coal seam is inserted with a screen tube casing (4), the section above the coal seam is inserted with a heat insulation casing (31) and the well is correspondingly fixed. At least one well of the wells is selected to be a heat source injection well (1) and other wells are gas production wells (2), steam with high temperature and high pressure is injected into the heat source injection well (1) to perform fracturing to communicate all the wells in the network. Drainage and pressure reduction are performed to the gas production wells (2) to extract the mixed gas of the coal seam gas and steam. The mixed gas of the coal seam gas and steam is cooled by known cooling method so as to obtain gaseous coal seam gas and liquid distilled water to realize the separation of the mixed gas. According to the change of the coal seam temperature, the heat source injection well (1) and the gas production wells (2) are allocated to control the heated coal seam and extract coal seam gas. The method of he invention can effectively perform the extraction of the coal seam gas, accelerate the coal seam extraction speed, and improve the extraction rate.

Natural cooling-making soap and low-temperature soap-making process

The invention relates to a low-temperature soap-making process of natural cooling-making soap, which belongs to a washing article and a making process thereof. The cooling-making soap is made of the following raw materials in proportion by weight at low temperature: 20-28 distilled water, 60-71 base grease, 6-12 sodium hydroxide, essential oil accounting for 0.5-1.5 percent of the total weight ofthe distilled water, the base grease and the sodium hydroxide, and Chinese medicine accounting for 1.5-2.5 percent of the total weight of the distilled water, the base grease and the sodium hydroxide.The making process comprises the following steps: firstly, weighing the raw materials; secondly, adding the sodium hydroxide into the distilled water; thirdly, adding the base grease into a stainlesscontainer, heating by separating from water; fourthly, after reducing the temperature of the sodium hydroxide solution and the base grease solution, slowly pouring the sodium hydroxide solution intothe base grease solution, and completely stirring uniformly; fifthly, adding the essential oil and the powder of the Chinese medicine, and stirring uniformly; sixthly, pouring the liquid mixture intoa mould, demoulding, and standing thus obtaining the soap. The invention solves the problem of poor washing effect of the washing soap produced by the prior art.
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