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Inorganic/organic nano composite antibacterial agent and its fabric product application

The invention relates to an inorganic / organic nano-composite antibacterial and application of fiber product thereof. 0.01-20 proportions of inorganic antibacterial, 0.01-35 proportions of organic antibacterial, 0.0001-0.4 proportion of inorganic / organic antibacterial compatibility finishing agent, 0.05-40 proportions of macromolecule bond, 0.0001-0.4 proportion of stabilizer that prevents color change of the inorganic antibacterial, 0.1-30 proportions of high efficiency emulsifying agent and 100 proportions of distilled water are added in sequence by weight proportion, wetted, dispersed, ground, dispersed at high-speed, stirred, etc., so as to acquire the nano-composite antibacterial. The antibacterial can process the fiber product by a dip-dye method, a roll-dye method, a spray method, etc. Dresses, socks and socks, blankets, beddings, gowns, patient wears, masks, medicinal gauzes, air filtering nettings, etc., made from the inorganic / organic nano-composite antibacterial of the invention are characterized by high antibacterial efficiency, rapid antibacterial function, long lasting antibacterial performance, laundering durability, etc., and the inorganic / organic nano-composite antibacterial of the invention is applicable to life, medical care, etc., and has the functions of preventing the occurrence and transmission of diseases, protecting the health of people and improving life quality.

High efficiency air filter device and operating method thereof

An air filter device and an operating method thereof. The air filter device comprises an air filter system and a powder distribution system. The air filter system comprises an air filter chamber (1), a clean air chamber (2), and a high-pressure jet pulse powder cleaning device (3). An entrance of the air filter chamber (1) is in communication with an air inlet pipe (4); an exit of the clean air chamber (2) is in communication with an air outlet pipe (6), and the air outlet pipe (6) is in communication with an exhaust fan (9). A plurality of bag filters or filter cartridges (10) are disposed in the air filter chamber (1). An opening end of each of the bag filters or filter cartridges (10) is in communication with the clean air chamber (2), and high-pressure jet pulse powder cleaning devices (3) are disposed above the opening end of the corresponding bag filters or filter cartridges (10). The powder distribution system includes a powder storage tank (13), which is in communication, via a powder delivery tube (15), with the air inlet pipe (4) of the air filter chamber (1). The operating method comprises a first powder distribution step and a second powder distribution step, which are respectively performed according to pressure detection status of the air filter chamber (1).

Device for collecting water from air

The present invention is directed to a water making device that collects the moisture contained in the atmosphere and condenses it into high purity water. In one embodiment, moist air entering the water making/water cooling system flows across an air filter, then a precooler heat exchanger (where the air stream is cooled to or close to its dew point) and then a water extraction heat exchanger, where the air stream is cooled further and water is extracted. The water that leaves water extraction heat exchanger is collected in a water collection device and passes from there through a primary water filter into a water storage tank. The air stream then passes across a reheat heat exchanger and exhausted to the outside. A water circulation pump extracts water from the water storage tank and circulates the water stream through an evaporator of a vapor compression refrigeration system, where the water stream is chilled, then through the water extraction heat exchanger and precooler, where the incoming air stream is chilled by removing heat to the water stream. The water stream is then circulated through the reheat heat exchanger, where the water stream is again cooled by removing heat to the cool dry air exiting the water extraction heat exchanger. Finally, the cooled water stream is circulated through the water filter to a three way valve, that directs water flow either to a dispenser or back to the water storage tank.
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