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[automatic frying apparatus for both deep and shallow frying]

An automatic frying apparatus (100) for both deep and shallow frying. Frying apparatus (100) comprises a container (102) having an inner cylindrical wall (102b) installed on the central bottom thereof, so as to emanate from the bottom to substantially the upper portion of container (102) for holding foods and oil, a lid (104) covering on top of container (102), a plurality of stirring blades (108) rotatably and removably installed inside container (102) for stirring foods, a power-drive assembly (110) operationally coupled with blades (108) for driving blades (108) through repeating stirring cycles, a coupling device (106) for coupling in between assembly (110) and blades (108), a venting device (200) for filtering and deodorizing cooking fumes, and a blowing device (202) for forcing fresh air into frying apparatus (100) for moisture removal from thereinside. Blades (108) sweep across food pieces intermittently, such that blades (108) dwell for a predetermined dwell period starting near the end of each stirring cycle. This intermittent operation favors better agitation of food pieces and affords relief from constant stirring of food pieces at a higher speed. Food pieces are partially immersed in the boiling oil, and therefore, less oil is required for frying foods, thereby, causing less energy consumption, less fat absorption by the food, less time for cooking, and less used oil for disposal. The frying process is fully automatic and requires minimal human involvement and chore.
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