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Lock assembly with self retained barrel lock

A security device comprises a first component having a through first passageway surrounded by an internal first recess, and a second component having a second passageway surrounded by an internal second recess. The first and second components are configured for assembly in a mating relationship with the first and second passageways in communication with each other and in coaxial alignment. A lock has a barrel containing a spring and plunger and carrying radially shiftable locking elements, with the plunger being normally biased by the spring in one direction urging the locking elements into expanded positions protruding radially from the barrel. The barrel is insertable into and releasably retained in an unlocked position in the first passageway with the locking elements expanded radially outwardly into the first recess, and is shiftable by a forwardly applied axial force into a locked position in the second passageway with the locking elements expanded into the second recess. The first recess has a forward surface configured to coact with the locking elements in response to the forwardly applied force to exert a reactionary force urging the locking elements radially inwardly and urging the plunger in the opposite direction to accommodate retraction of the locking elements from the first recess.

Bicycle System

The field of the invention relates to bicycle systems, especially to bicycle systems adapted for use with smartphones, to smartphones configured for use with bicycle systems, and to methods and to computer software for use with such bicycle systems or smartphones, and to servers configured to communicate with such bicycle systems or smartphones. According to a first aspect of the invention, there is provided a bicycle system including a bicycle, the bicycle system including a processor integral to the bicycle, the bicycle system further including a battery integral to the bicycle, wherein the processor is powerable by the battery, the bicycle system including a smartphone holder configurable to receive a smartphone and to connect the smartphone to the processor, wherein in use the smartphone holder is attachable to, and detachable from, the smartphone. Advantages include that the smartphone can be charged by the battery, the smartphone can communicate with the processor so as to receive various information such as maintenance-related information of the bicycle system, the bicycle system can investigate the smartphone identity to check for unauthorized use of the bicycle system, the smartphone is held during bicycle system travel which reduces the risk of damage to the smartphone, and the bicycle system shape is more aerodynamic than that of a bicycle to which a processor and/or a battery has merely been bolted-on.
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