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Planar light source device having polarization separator formed of two sheets with mating triangular prisms and different indices of refraction

The purpose of the invention is to provide a light guide of a variety of forms having a uniform distribution of brightness in the plane and a planer light source device for a liquid crystal display device which uses such light guide. The light guide comprises a first surface which is a surface to which a natural polarization light is incident and a second surface other than the first surface which is an exit surface of a specific polarization light into which, said natural polarization light is modulated, wherein;said light guide has an interface of two materials of different indices of refraction oriented at an angle of thetaB+/-alpha degrees relative to the primary propagation direction of said incident light, said thetaB being an angle satisfying Brewster's condition, more than two orientations of said interface exist in a single light guide, and the difference between the indices of refraction of the two materials of different indices of refraction is between 0.001 and 1.0. thetaB is typically about 45 degrees. The light guide comprises a first transparent member having a plurality of upwardly convex right angle isosceles triangles on a first surface thereof and a first index of refraction and a second transparent member having a plurality of downwardly convex right angle isosceles triangles on a second surface thereof and a second index of refraction, and said first surface and said second surface contact each other.

Jettable compositions

ActiveUS20050171237A1Prevent long-term corrosionAdditive manufacturing apparatusLiquid surface applicatorsMeth-Oligomer
A fully curable jettable composition having a viscosity less than 30 cps at a temperature within the range of 15-180° C., more preferably at a temperature of 15-100° C., e.g. 60-80° C. the composition comprising: (A) at least one low viscosity reactive resin selected from the group consisting of compounds containing an oxetane ring, cycloaliphatic epoxy resins, tetrahydrofurans, hexahydropyrans and mono-functional (meth)acrylates, said resin having a molecular weight of not greater than 300 Daltons, e.g. 250 Daltons or less, and a viscosity at a temperature in the said range of less than 30 cps, e.g. 5 to 15 cps; (B) at least one higher viscosity resin selected from the group consisting of epoxy resins, compounds containing an oxetane ring and acrylates, which resin acts to thicken the low viscosity resin and strengthen a jetted deposit of the composition, the higher viscosity resin having: a viscosity greater than twice that of the low viscosity resin at the said temperature in the range stated above, and a functionality of greater than or equal to 2; (C) at least one curable toughener, preferably having a functionality of at least 2, such as hydroxy, epoxy, acrylic or other reactive functionalised polymer/oligomer (e.g. derived by functionalising poly(tetrahydrofuran), polycaprolactone, polycarbonate diol, or a dendrimeric polyol; (D) at least one initiator for the polymerisation of the resins, and (E) at least one stabiliser for delaying the curing of the resins of the composition; wherein the low viscosity resin is slower to react than the higher viscosity resin and acts to solvate the higher viscosity resin prior to curing and at least partly during curing and wherein at least 30% of the components A and B are cationically curable resins. The composition can be jetted from piezo electric printing heads under the control of a computer program to form a multi-layered article, e.g. a three dimensional article, in which the adjacent droplets merge and are cured homogeneously together.
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