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Special photoelectric nacelle of power patrol unmanned helicopter

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The invention discloses a special photoelectric nacelle of a power patrol unmanned helicopter, which comprises an airborne part and a ground part, wherein the airborne part comprises a fixed part which is positioned in the upper part, a rotatable part which is positioned in the lower part and a servo control assembly; the rotatable part comprises a gyroscope stable rotating tower; the fixed part comprises an electronic control cabin; cables between the electronic control cabin and the gyroscope stable rotating tower are connected by a conducting slide ring which can support the gyroscope stable rotating tower to rotate by nx360 degrees; and the airborne part of the photoelectric nacelle is suspended on the helicopter by a vibration reducing device and communicated with a flight control system of the helicopter. The special photoelectric nacelle is a photoelectric task load with compact structure and high performance, can meet the requirement for remote power patrol, has self-stabilizing function and self-tracing function, can shoot a target to be traced from an image in real time, transmit the target to a ground control vehicle by a radio transmission system on an aerial carrier and is convenient for a patrol parson to directly master the scene condition to improve the efficiency of power patrol.

Intelligent multi-mode flying shooting equipment and flying control method thereof

The invention discloses intelligent multi-mode flying shooting equipment and a flying control method thereof, and belongs to the technical field of aviation. The flying shooting equipment comprises a rack, a flying mechanism, a shooting device and a control mechanism; the control mechanism also comprises an automatic tracking module, a shooting action setting module and a shooting strategy setting module, wherein the automatic tracking module is used for recognizing a target object, and realizing track tracing and follow shooting in allusion to the target object; the shooting action setting module is used for predefining at least one shooting action of the flying shooting equipment; the shooting strategy setting module is used for setting a corresponding shooting strategy according to the preset condition of the target object, and executing a corresponding shooting action when the preset condition is met. According to the intelligent multi-mode flying shooting equipment and the flying control method thereof disclosed by the invention, on the technological base of the traditional automatic follow shooting on the target object, intelligent situational shooting is completed with a rich shooting mode; under the condition that artificial control is not needed completely, a shooting effect with a lens sense and a shocking effect can be generated.
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