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An unmanned vehicle or uncrewed vehicle is a vehicle without a person on board. Uncrewed vehicles can either be remote controlled or remote guided vehicles, or they can be autonomous vehicles which are capable of sensing their environment and navigating on their own.

Dynamic target tracking and positioning method of unmanned plane based on vision

The invention discloses a dynamic target tracking and positioning method of an unmanned plane based on vision, and belongs to the navigation field of the unmanned planes. The dynamic target tracking and positioning method comprises the following steps of: carrying out video processing, dynamic target detecting and image tracking; carrying out cloud deck servo control; establishing a corresponding relationship between a target in the image and a target in the real environment, and further measuring the distance between a camera and a dynamic target to complete precise positioning of the dynamic target; and enabling an unmanned plane control system to fly by automatically tracking the dynamic target on the ground. The dynamic target tracking and positioning method of the unmanned plane based on the vision can automatically realize the movement target detecting, image tracking and optical axis automatic deflecting without the full participation of the people, so that the dynamic target is always displayed at the center of an image-forming plane; and the distance between the unmanned plane and the dynamic target is measured in real time according to an established model on the basis of obtaining the height information of the unmanned plane. Therefore, the positioning of the dynamic target is realized; closed-loop control is formed by using the positioned dynamic target as a feedback signal, so that the tracking flight of the unmanned plane is guided.

Small target detection method based on feature fusion and depth learning

InactiveCN109344821AScalingRich information featuresCharacter and pattern recognitionNetwork modelFeature fusion
The invention discloses a small target detection method based on feature fusion and depth learning, which solves the problems of poor detection accuracy and real-time performance for small targets. The implementation scheme is as follows: extracting high-resolution feature map through deeper and better network model of ResNet 101; extracting Five successively reduced low resolution feature maps from the auxiliary convolution layer to expand the scale of feature maps. Obtaining The multi-scale feature map by the feature pyramid network. In the structure of feature pyramid network, adopting deconvolution to fuse the feature map information of high-level semantic layer and the feature map information of shallow layer; performing Target prediction using feature maps with different scales and fusion characteristics; adopting A non-maximum value to suppress the scores of multiple predicted borders and categories, so as to obtain the border position and category information of the final target. The invention has the advantages of ensuring high precision of small target detection under the requirement of ensuring real-time detection, can quickly and accurately detect small targets in images, and can be used for real-time detection of targets in aerial photographs of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Robotically Assisted Launch/Capture Platform For An Unmanned Air Vehicle

An embodiment of the invention is directed to a platform for launching and/or capturing an unmanned air vehicle (UAV), particularly a small UAV. The launch/capture platform includes a frame, a floor attached to the frame that is capable of supporting the UAV, means for acquiring and tracking the UAV in flight, a connector and a connector controller, connecting the platform to an external support structure, providing a controllable, adaptive motion of the platform in response to approaching UAV position and attitude, means for launching the UAV from the platform and for capturing an in-flight UAV to the platform, and means for locking down the UAV between the capture and launch of the UAV. Another embodiment of the invention directed to a method for capturing a small, in-flight UAV involves providing a UAV capture platform, providing a UAV capturing means as an integrated component of the platform, providing means for determining in real-time the relative location of an engaging portion of the capturing means with respect to an approaching in-flight UAV, providing means for automatically maneuvering the engaging portion of the capturing means with respect to at least one of a position and an attitude of the approaching in-flight UAV, capturing the UAV, and securing the captured UAV to the capture platform.
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