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Logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. In a general business sense, logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet requirements of customers or corporations. The resources managed in logistics may include tangible goods such as materials, equipment, and supplies, as well as food and other consumable items. The logistics of physical items usually involves the integration of information flow, materials handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, and often security.

Unmanned piling and taking technique for bulk cargo stock yard

The invention relates to a port warehousing logistics technology, in particular to a bulk material yard unmanned stacking/reclaiming technology. Firstly, a database is established; secondly, operation instructions, automatic stacking/reclaiming operation modes and control instructions for automatic stacking/reclaiming operations are generated through input operation kinds of goods and the planning work amount; thirdly, the relevant instructions are sent to a central control PLC and then transmitted to the corresponding local stacker/reclaimer PLC through the industrial network; fourthly, the local PLC controls the operation of all components of the stacker/reclaimer to complete the local operation control. At the same time, a material stack laser scanning device is used to scan the material yard condition, and the scanned result will then be transferred to a central control processing unit through the industrial network; fifthly, the central control processing unit achieves the stack type scan data processing of the stacker/reclaimer to generate new instructions which will then be sent to the corresponding local stacker/reclaimer PLC; sixthly, a handle operating panel arranged inside a central control room can be taken as a backup means of manual operation under special circumstances. The invention can be applied to large-scale raw material yards, such as ports, wharfs, open warehouses, mine stacking yards, as well as iron and steel enterprises.

Container logistics real-time monitoring system and method based on internet of things and cloud computing

The invention discloses a container logistics real-time monitoring system and a method based on an internet of things and cloud computing. The system and the method can achieve intelligent, automated, networked and real-time monitoring of the logistics. The system comprises a plurality of sets of multi-parameter wireless sensing systems, an intelligent monitoring terminal, a cloud server and a monitoring dispatching centre; each set of multi-parameter wireless sensing systems are arranged in a container, and are connected with the intelligent monitoring terminal; the intelligent monitoring terminal is connected with the cloud server through a mobile communication network; the cloud server is connected with the monitoring dispatching centre; the intelligent monitoring terminal is used for reading sensing information of the multi-parameter wireless sensing systems, transmitting the sensing information to the monitoring dispatching centre through the cloud server by utilizing the mobile communication network, and receiving and displaying prompt information and a dispatching command from the monitoring dispatching centre; and the cloud server is used for integrating and storing the sensing information, and modeling the sensing information and calculating a numerical value, and providing an information interactive service and a decision-making consulting service for the monitoring dispatching centre.

Intelligent scheduling system for tail-end instant logistics

The invention discloses an intelligent scheduling system for tail-end instant logistics. The intelligent scheduling system comprises an order receiving module, an order processing module, a deliveryman searching module, an order combination module, a merchant portrait module, a deliveryman portrait module, an order dispatching decision-making module, and a deliveryman examination module. On the basis of position information of a merchant and a user as well as positioning information generated by a deliveryman terminal APP, global optimal matching is carried out on an order and a deliveryman by considering the current position of the deliveryman, the order executed by the deliveryman, portrait image of the merchant and the deliveryman, and the requirement on allocation time by the user comprehensively and then an optimal deliveryman is determined finally to complete a delivery task. On the basis of the intelligent order dispatching way, optimal order distribution is carried out at a global angle to realize optimal utilization of the whole transport capacity; the need of instant logistics and the transport capacity supply can be balanced well; the logistics delivery efficiency can be improved; the logistics delivery cost can be lowered; and the service quality of the tail-end instant logistics can be improved.

Personal information encryption method in logistics system based on two-dimensional codes

The invention discloses a personal information encryption method in a logistics system based on two-dimensional codes. The personal information encryption method in the logistics system based on two-dimensional codes is characterized by comprising the following steps that: step 1. object sending information is encrypted: the encryption is finished by senders, or collectors in the field, or objects are sent back to a logistics company and are encrypted; step 2. object sending information is encrypted by utilizing a system public key of a logistics company, and encryption two-dimensional codes are generated and are printed; packages are packed, encryption two-dimensional codes are only reserved externally, and no plaintext information is reserved; and step 3. signing is carried out after receiving. According to the invention, two signing modes are selectable, one is a two-dimensional code signing mode, and the other one is a random code signing mode; and if the two-dimensional signing mode is adopted, a receiver needs to have an ID number and public and private key pairs in the system. The personal information encryption method in the logistics system based on two-dimensional codes provided by the invention has the advantages that the encryption and safety of the user private information are ensured; packages are protected from being falsely received by other people, and denying of receiving is avoided after signing; off-line check can be realized, network support is not required, and the application is much flexible; and identity theft is also avoided.

Intelligent lock monitoring system based on Internet of Things and intelligent lock

InactiveCN105184912ASwitch feature rich and safeRich and safe switch operationIndividual entry/exit registersLogistics managementMonitoring system
The invention provides an intelligent lock monitoring system based on Internet of Things (IOT). The system comprises a server, a communication terminal and an intelligent lock which are in intercommunication connection. The intelligent lock comprises a mechanical lock module, an electronic lock module, a communication module, an information acquisition module, a switch processing module and a reporting processing module. The information acquisition module is used for acquiring lock status information of the intelligent lock. The switch processing module is used for carrying out electronic switching operation on the intelligent lock after receiving a switch command from the server and/or the communication terminal. The reporting processing module is used for sending the lock status information of the intelligent lock to the server and/or the communication terminal after receiving a monitoring command from the server and/or the communication terminal. Then, functions such as remote opening, dynamic supervision, real-time location query, automatic switch numeration, vandal-proof alarm, interactive application and the like can be realized on the intelligent lock in logistics. Thus, better safety guarantee is provided for safety of good under the modern logistics system.
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