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Method and apparatus to provide centralized call admission control and load balancing for a voice-over-IP network

An admission control and load balancing system controls admission of packet streams or calls to a network and balances the packet traffic across the network, improving quality of service. The system includes a central database which stores information including cost data associated with individual paths and links across the network. A processor, in communication with the database, coordinates the admission control and load balancing decisions, and updates of the database cost data to reflect the dynamic network conditions, based on input from appropriate data sources. In one embodiment, referred to as the exact algorithm, the database is consulted by the admission control points or gatekeepers prior to admitting each arriving packet stream, and the database contents are updated call-by-call to reflect the allocation of resources to each admitted stream. In another embodiment, referred to as the inexact algorithm, control decision as well as database updates occur on a periodic rather than on a call-by-call basis to promote better scalability. In this embodiment, the processor periodically calculates admission decisions based on cost data in the central database. These admission decisions are then periodically forwarded to a satellite database associated with each gatekeeper, for storage and use in admission decisions until the next update epoch.

An interactive device management method

The utility model discloses a method of interactive device management, which is characterized in that: a mobile terminal device is used to initiate the establishment of facilities management request to a device management server conversation; the management equipment session is built between the equipment management server and the mobile terminals device, and available to display the list of clients under the services, the client list for users to choose is indicated by the mobile device, the operational options list to mobile devices is issued by the equipment management server according to the choice of users, and the corresponding operating order is issued according to the choice of users to the mobile terminal equipment; the execution of mobile terminal equipment orders is received by the operator; the equipment management server of the mobile terminal equipment is issued to the list of workable options of the next stage in accordance with an order to return to the outcome of the implementation of the mobile terminal equipment, or the information of completed operation is issued to the mobile terminal equipment and then the session is terminated. The utility model has the advantages of improving the interaction between the system and the users greatly and improving the service quality of the operation business.

Multitask concurrent executive system and method for hybrid network service

InactiveCN101741850AIntegrate business capabilitiesHybrid network services are flexible and diverseData switching networksService flowMedia controls
The invention relates to a multitask concurrent executive system and a method for hybrid network service. The system comprises a client side, a load-balancing server, a signalling/ media control server and an application server cluster. The running method thereof is as follows: after the client side receives a service request, the load-balancing server selects an optimum application server and transmits the service request to a service bus thereof. After an admission control module of the application server carries out admission control on the request, the service bus transmits the request to a dynamic flow execution engine, the dynamic flow execution engine starts a service flow corresponding to the request to analyze and process, and the service bus calls a corresponding service capability component in a low deferred event service engine and interacts with the signalling/ media control server through the resource adapter so as to call the service resource of the latter; and a processing result is returned to the client side according to a reverse process. The multitask concurrent executive system supports the supply of hybrid network service over a telecommunication network and the internet and the multitask concurrent on a heterogeneous network and terminals.

Method, device and system for generating service distributing strategy

The invention discloses a method for generating a service distributing strategy. The method comprises the following steps of: receiving a service request message at least carrying service type information and sent by a user terminal; when determining that the distribution access control of the user terminal is necessarily performed according to the service type information, acquiring the network environment information of a first access network to which the user terminal belongs and the network environment information of at least one second access network which uses a different wireless system from the first access network, and acquiring the distribution advice information matched with the service type information; and according to the distribution advice information, combining the network environment information of the first access network and the network environment information of at least one second access network to generate the service distributing strategy. Therefore, the service distributing strategy can be generated in an effective way in a distributed type heterogeneous communication system without a common wireless resource management entity so as to realize service distribution, and the service quality of the communication system is improved, the QoS needs of the user can be met to a larger extent, and the experience of the user is enhanced. Moreover, the invention discloses a wireless resource management device and the communication system at the same time.
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