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Wireless access method and system in cognitive wireless network

The invention relates to a wireless access method and system in a cognitive wireless network. Wireless access of a cognitive user terminal is assisted by utilizing a cognitive pilot channel in the cognitive wireless network. The wireless access method comprises an access method which is to access the cognitive user terminal to an idle frequency point of an authoring system, and a spectrum switching method which is triggered when a main user occurs or the service quality of a cognitive user drops to a certain threshold value. According to the invention, the communication process of the cognitive user is mainly considered, and the communication process includes an initial access process after the cognitive terminal is started up, a network environment information obtaining way, conceding and switching when the main user occurs, spectrum switching caused by reduction of communication quality, and the like; in the communication process, the cognitive pilot channel is utilized to obtain the spectrum information of the environment and help the terminal to find the network and access to the spectrum rapidly, so that operations of the cognitive terminal for scanning and sensing a large-scale spectrum are avoided, and the process of accessing the cognitive terminal to the network rapidly is realized.

Method of controlling quality of service of CDMA system using dynamic adjustment of parameters representing transmitting properties concerning quality of service

Disclosed is a method related to the controlling of quality of services of a CDMA-based-System. It is provides an improved control mechanism for the quality of services in a CDMA-System, in particular by providing a controlling means apt to assign the target signal to interference ratio, the static rate matching factor and the power-offset dynamically, especially adapted to be used for UMTS-Systems. Proposed is a dynamic quality control for adjusting quality of services of a CDMA-based System transmitting a plurality of different services between the system and a user equipment by using at least one data channel (DPDCH) with the services multiplexed and rate matching technique applied and an associated control channel (DPCCH) wherein parameters representing transmitting properties concerning the quality of service, advantageously representing a signal to interference ratio (SIR) for the control channel (DPCCH), a static rate matching factor (SRF) for each service and a power-offset (G) between the control channel (DPCCH) and the data channel (DPDCH) are derived for each service to achieve desired quality of services, during an installation process based on default quality (1, 2) requirements and during an operating condition dynamically in dependence of quality estimates (1, 5) performed on each of that services during data transmission.

Method for processing information between power distribution network first-aid repair command platform and mobile terminal

The invention relates to a method for processing information between a power distribution network first-aid repair command platform and a mobile terminal. The working steps mainly comprises: the first-aid repair command platform generating a first-aid repair distributing order and sending the order to the mobile terminal; the mobile terminal receiving a task, i.e., the mobile terminal receiving the new work order sent by the first-aid repair command platform, accepting the new work order and opening the new work order for execution; arriving at a field and registering; performing on-site inspection, i.e., before the first-aid repair of first-aid repair personnel, performing the inspection on the field; and finishing the first-aid repair. By using the method provided by the invention, the whole first-aid repair process of an electric power system fault can be managed and controlled, for first-aid repair progress, by use of a 3G communication network, the automation of a whole first-aid repair link and the whole-course monitoring of the first-aid repair process are realized, on-site situations can be controlled in real time, and information interaction is carried out by scheduling personnel and the first-aid repair personnel completely through a first-aid repair platform system and an on-site first-aid repair mobile terminal, thus the first-aid repair efficiency is improved, and the service quality is improved.

Auxiliary global positioning system (GPS)

The invention relates to an auxiliary global positioning system (GPS), which comprises base stations, a mobile communication network, a monitoring center and client terminal equipment; the client terminal equipment comprises a GPS and a mobile phone; a server of the monitoring center is provided with switching software; the mobile communication network is respectively connected with all base stations and the monitoring center through a wireless communication network; and the client terminal equipment is also connected with all base stations through the wireless communication network. Strict tracking, positioning and monitoring on a serviced vehicle can be realized under any condition by a double-positioning mode, and the monitoring center can give a satisfactory reply to a client whenever the client checks the condition of the vehicle so as to improve the service quality and the service level better. In the whole system, hardware equipment is not required, the positioning of location based service (LBS) can be automatically realized by switching software as long as the GPS is blocked only by depending on the function of the added switching software, the replace function of the original equipment is fully developed, and the performance of the positioning system is effectively improved.

Double-track registration and medical consultation service system

The invention relates to a double-track registration and medical consultation service system which comprises a double-track registration system, a double-track number calling system, a prepayment, charging and automated clearing system, a consultation transferring system, a doctor automatic allocation system and a control center; wherein, the double-track registration system consists of an obscure registration system and an accurate registration system; the double-track number calling system consists of an accurate registration check in system, an accurate number calling system, an obscure number calling system, a blank time automatic position supplementing system and a preferential number calling system. The invention also relates to a double-track registration and medical consultation service method. The patients can register and wait to see the doctor by the double-track registration system, and the hospital is equipped with the double-track number calling system to call the patients waiting to see the doctor; the method also comprises blank time automatic position supplementing, obscure registration medical consultation, accurate registration medical consultation and medical expert consultation automatic mutual consultation transferring, and VIP senior members have the privilege of preferential number calling for medical consultation. The invention solves the problem that the patients in the hospital wait for a long non-medical time, and makes up the defect the existing medical resources can not be used in a balancing way.

RTP anti-packet-loss method

The invention discloses an RTP anti-packet-loss method in the technical field of computer communication, which is used for solving the problems that RTP lacks a retransmission mechanism and cannot ignore network packet loss. The method comprises the following steps: storing an extension head in a contribution source identifier CSRC field of a data packet head before a streaming medium sender sends streaming medium data; setting a forward error correction cycle in the extension head; adding 1 to a serial number every time after a frame is sent; every time when the length complementation result of the serial number and the forward error correction cycle is equal to the difference between the length of the forward error correction cycle and 1, sending a correction frame, and simultaneously, adding 1 to the serial number; and when the missing frame number in one forward cycle exceeds 1, adopting a feedback retransmission mechanism to request to retransmit the missing frame by a streaming medium receiving end or directly ignoring the frame which cannot be recovered, thereby preventing network congestion caused by retransmission. The invention improves a transmission mechanism of the RTP so that the RTP has the retransmission function, and improves the service quality for the RTP to transmit the streaming medium data.

Customer service load balancing system and method

InactiveCN107483357AImprove service qualityOptimize the interaction processResourcesData switching networksQuality of serviceCustomer information
The invention relates to the technical field of smart interaction and relates to a customer service load balancing system and method. The system comprises an obtaining module which is used for obtaining customer service requests sent by customers; a judging module which is connected with the obtaining module and is used for judging fields to which business consulted by the customers belongs; an allocation switching module which is used for allocating the customers to customer service staff sides in the belonged fields according to the judgment result of the judging module; a queuing waiting module which is used for the customers to enter a hall for queuing when the consulting customers exceed upper service limits; an information checking and recording module which is used for the customer service staff to check and store customer information in real time; a session monitoring module which is used for monitoring the quality of service of the online customer service staff; and an archiving module which is used for storing chat information between the customers and the customer service staff and tracking the processing condition of problems required by the customers. According to the customer service load balancing system and method provided by the invention, the quality of service of the online customer service is effectively improved, and an interaction process of an online customer service system is optimized.
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