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Wireless communication device with markup language based man-machine interface

A system, method, and software product provide a wireless communications device with a markup language based man-machine interface. The man-machine interface provides a user interface for the various telecommunications functionality of the wireless communication device, including dialing telephone numbers, answering telephone calls, creating messages, sending messages, receiving messages, establishing configuration settings, which is defined in markup language, such as HTML, and accessed through a browser program executed by the wireless communication device. This feature enables direct access to Internet and World Wide Web content, such as Web pages, to be directly integrated with telecommunication functions of the device, and allows Web content to be seamlessly integrated with other types of data, since all data presented to the user via the user interface is presented via markup language-based pages. The browser processes an extended form of HTML that provides new tags and attributes that enhance the navigational, logical, and display capabilities of conventional HTML, and particularly adapt HTML to be displayed and used on wireless communication devices with small screen displays. The wireless communication device includes the browser, a set of portable components, and portability layer. The browser includes protocol handlers, which implement different protocols for accessing various functions of the wireless communication device, and content handlers, which implement various content display mechanisms for fetching and outputting content on a screen display.

Dynamic group formation for social interaction

A system and method that facilitates dynamic group formation for social interaction and/or real-time sharing of content with the group is provided. A group formation system includes a user interface component that facilitates a user's entry of information and display of information regarding group formation. For example, the user interface component can be employed, for example, with a mobile communication device such as a mobile phone, personal digital assistant (PDA), a smart phone, a small, web based mobile or a wireless application protocol (WAP) client, and/or a regular web client. The system can further include a group formation component that forms a group based, at least in part, upon information received from a user via the interface component. The group configuration component can further store information regarding groups (e.g., a name/identifier, member(s), event(s) and/or shared context associated with the group) in a group information data store. For example, the group configuration component can form a group based, at least in part, upon information stored in the group information data store (implicit group formation). The group information data store can, optionally, provide archival access to communications and/or shared content (e.g., through a mobile communications device and/or a PC-based web browser).

Message transmission system for users of location-aware mobile communication devices in a local area network

Embodiments of a location-based social network manager process are described. The process is executed on a server computer coupled to a plurality of mobile communication devices over a wireless network. Each mobile device is a location-aware mobile communication device. The process determines the geographic location of a mobile communication device operated by a user within an area, displays a map representation of the area around the mobile communication device on a graphical user interface of the mobile communication device, and superimposes on the map the respective locations of one or more other users of mobile communication devices coupled to the mobile communication device over the network. The process establishes communication links between the user and the plurality of acquaintances through respective location aware mobile communication devices through a network protocol. The user can create one or more groups of acquaintances based on one or more characteristics common to members of each group. The process facilitates the transmission of a user specified message or a pre-defined message to one or more acquaintances of the groups of acquaintances within a pre-defined distance to the user. The contents of the user specified message and pre-defined message is based on the characteristics of the group and the relative distance of the members to the user. The process can also be configured to automatically transmit a message to a user who is within a pre-defined distance to a point of interest within the displayed area.
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