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Multi-user remote health monitoring system with biometrics support

Abstract of the Disclosure The invention presents a networked system for identifying an individual, communicating information to the individual, and remotely monitoring the individual. The system includes a remotely programmable apparatus that occasionally connects to a server via a communication network such as the Internet. The remotely programmable apparatus interacts with the individual in accordance with a script program received from the server Among other capabilities, the script program may instruct the remotely programmable apparatus to identify the individual, to communicate information to the individual, to communicate queries to the individual, to receive responses to the queries, and to transmit information identifying the individual and the responses from the remotely programmable apparatus to the server. Information identifying the individual may be obtained via a biometrics sensor, a data card, a remote monitoring device, or the interception of data from a separate information system. The information identifying the individual may be used by either or both the server system and remotely programmable apparatus for security, customization and other purposes. As the present invention has multi-user capabilities, it can be used in a public place, such as a pharmacy or health care clinic. The multi-user capabilities also allow collection and tracking of user data for the healthcare industry.

Remote manual, maintenance, and diagnostic services for networked electronic devices

A process is provided for identifying and managing support service applications associated with consumer electronic devices. The process is executed by a gateway device communicatively coupled with each of the electronic devices via a home network, the gateway device being operative to access the Internet and being communicatively coupled with a display unit. The process includes the steps of: determining device ID information associated with a selected one of the electronic devices for which a support service application is required; providing the device ID information to a selected server computing system via the Internet; downloading a support service application associated with the selected device from the selected server computing system; and executing the downloaded support service application at the gateway device to provide a remote interactive support service process for the selected device. The support service may include a remote interactive manual service providing educational instructions to a user of the home network system regarding operation of a selected device, a remote interactive maintenance/diagnostic service for instructing a home network system user in solving maintenance problems associated with a selected device, or a combination remote interactive manual/maintenance/diagnostic service.
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