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System and method for tracking, utilizing predicting, and implementing online consumer browsing behavior, buying patterns, social networking communications, advertisements and communications, for online coupons, products, goods & services, auctions, and service providers using geospatial mapping technology, and social networking

Systems and methods are provided for combined social behavior tracking, online surveillance and web bot software technologies via a mobile device or computer for tracking online consumer behavior and data, cookies, embedded advertisements, predicting online consumer behavior, buying patterns by monitoring online activities, online communications, search inquiries, social networking, social plugins, social applications, advertisements, purchasing, behavior, and buying patterns, consumer address books and contact lists, blogs, chat rooms, friends, acquaintances and strangers, instant messaging, text chat, internet forum, service providers, travel and hospitality, real estate, educational services, ancillary services (as defined herein) and delivery system for behavior targeting and filtering of coupons, mobile services, products, goods and services, advertisements and service providers and related company information on a three dimensional geospatial platform using multi-dimensional and scalable geospatial mapping associated with entities providing and/or members of the service and/or social networking.
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