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Shape lockable apparatus and method for advancing an instrument through unsupported anatomy

Apparatus and methods are provided for placing and advancing a diagnostic of therapeutic instrument in a hollow body organ of a tortuous or unsupported anatomy, comprising a handle, an overtube, a distal region having an atraumatic tip. The overtube may be removable from the handle, and have a longitudinal axis disposed at an angle relative to the handle. The overtube may be selectively stiffened to reduce distension of the organ caused by advancement of the diagnostic or therapeutic instrument. The distal region permits passive steering of the overtube caused by deflection of the diagnostic or therapeutic instrument while the atraumatic tip prevents the wall of the organ from becoming caught or pinched during manipulation of the diagnostic or therapeutic instrument.

Security systems and methods for use with structured and unstructured data

Disclosed herein are systems and methods including hardware, software and electronic service components and systems to provide large-scale, reliable, and secure foundations for distributed databases and content management systems combining unstructured and structured data, and allowing post-input reorganization to achieve a high degree of flexibility.

Methods and apparatus providing electronic messages that are linked and aggregated

A method for associating related electronic messages in computer storage. A first transportable application is created and stored. User input requesting creation of a link from the first transportable application to another transportable application is received. User input that selects a second transportable application from among a plurality of previously created transportable applications is received. A link from the first transportable application to the second transportable application is created and stored. As a result, transportable application may be inter-related in complex message webs. The message webs may also be inter-related in message web rings. Links may be generated manually or automatically, based on context, workflow processes, or other known relationships among applications. Recipient lists and data may propagate among fields of linked transportable applications, directly or according to abstract business rules. Further, multiple-part electronic messages are disclosed. A graphical user interface of an electronic messaging system displays a message in the form of one or more header portions and one or more body portions. Each of the body portions has a selection region. While one body portion is visible at a given time, all the selection regions are continuously visible in the user interface to facilitate selection of any of the body portions at a particular time. Selecting a selection region of a non-displayed body portion causes a server to generate a refreshed user interface that includes the entirety of the selected body portion, and that hides the previously viewed body portion. As a result, a large amount of associated information may be combined in a single message in a way that is clearly organized and easily accessible.

Patient-controlled medical information system and method

An electronic medical record system and service is disclosed for centrally storing patients medical records electronically on a database for patient-controlled remote access by both patients and medical providers. The system stores a plurality of patient medical records on a medical information database via a medical information server connected to a network. A plurality of medical provider computers connected to the network have software to communicate with the medical information server. Patients supply authorization means to allow medical provider computers to access patient-selected portions of the patient's medical record for viewing and updating of the patient's medical record. Additionally, patients can access all portions of their medical record using browser software on any browser-enabled device connected to the network.

Methods, apparatus and user interface for providing content on demand

Methods and apparatus for supporting content delivery service are described. In accordance with the invention content can be supplied to temporary storage of a regional or local server used to supply the content to a customer's premises when the requested content is not already available in the regional or local server. A content server hierarchy may be implemented with servers higher up in the hierarchy including more content, e.g., titles, than the number of titles stored in the lower level servers. By storing less frequently accessed content in servers higher in the hierarchy and frequently requested titles lower in the hierarchy, a vast number of titles can be supported without overburdening the storage available at local and regional servers. In addition, a national or other server high in the hierarchy can be used to store, move, and distribute local or other content as part of an on demand service.

Transapical delivery system for heart valves

ActiveUS20110015729A1Facilitate positioning of valveHelp positioningStentsBalloon catheterProsthetic valveProsthetic heart
A delivery system and method for delivering a prosthetic heart valve to the aortic valve annulus. The system includes a delivery catheter having a steering mechanism thereon for delivering a balloon-expandable prosthetic heart valve to the aortic annulus in an antegrade fashion through an introducer passing into the left ventricle through its apex. The introducer may have a more floppy distal section than a proximal section to reduce trauma to the heart wall while preserving good operating field stability. The delivery catheter includes a deflecting segment just proximal to a distal balloon to facilitate positioning of the prosthetic heart valve in the proper orientation within the aortic annulus. A trigger in a catheter handle may be coupled to a deflection wire that actuates the deflecting segment, while a slider in the handle controls retraction of a valve pusher. The prosthetic heart valve may be installed over the existing calcified leaflets, and a pre-dilation valvuloplasty procedure may also be utilized.

Communication device interface

In a communication device, user activation of a speed-dial button causes a context-sensitive menu to be displayed. The menu lists available options, or communication modes, for contacting the party associated with the speed-dial button. The user can select an item from the menu in order to initiate communication with the selected party using the communication mode associated with the menu item. In various aspects, the invention provides additional functionality for redialing previously called contact numbers, assigning speed-dial buttons to other commands and functions, and displaying presence information for contacts.
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