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Multi-mode fusion positioning system and method

The invention provides a multi-mode fusion positioning system and method. The method comprises the steps that data associated with the current position and scene is collected through a sensor integrated on a portable intelligent terminal; a plurality of characteristics associated with positioning and/or the scene are extracted in the collected data through a characteristic extracting module device so as to form a characteristic set; each of positioning sub-engines intensively selects the characteristics associated with the sub-engine in the characteristic set of the characteristic extracting module so as to conduct positioning or scene recognition, and the generated results are sent to a positioning fusion device; the positioning fusion device processes the results generated by the positioning sub-engines according to a configured fusion strategy so as to output the estimation of a final position. By means of the multi-mode fusion positioning system and method, switching can be conducted between a plurality of positioning technologies, various emerging positioning technologies can be easy to introduce, the advantages of various positioning technologies can be given full play, the coverage area is wide, and the overall positioning precision is high.

Soil remediation treatment device

ActiveCN108187850AConstant soil volumeEasy accessTransportation and packagingRotary stirring mixersTreatment effectSoil governance
The invention discloses a soil remediation treatment device. The soil remediation treatment device comprises a crushing cavity, a mixing cavity, a treatment agent box and a mixing barrel; the crushingcavity is arranged at the upper end of the mixing cavity and communicates with the mixing cavity through a first soil outlet; the mixing barrel is connected in the mixing cavity in a rotating mode; an annular baffle sleeves the outer side of the mixing barrel; a soil inlet is formed in the side edge of the annular baffle and communicates with the mixing barrel; a second soil outlet is formed in the lower end of the mixing cavity; a feeding hopper is arranged at the upper end of the crushing cavity; a motor is arranged on the right side of the feeding hopper; an output shaft of the motor is connected to a first rotating shaft in a rotating mode through a belt; and the mixing barrel is arranged in the mixing cavity in a rotating mode. The soil remediation treatment device has the advantagesof being novel in design and easy to operate, soil is stirred when the soil is crushed and an agent is added, so that the agent can make full contacted with the soil, the soil can be treated thoroughly, and therefore the defect that the soil is not comprehensively treated can be overcome, and the treatment effect can be improved.

Vehicle-mounted monocular camera external parameter self-calibration method

ActiveCN106875448AEasy to implementEasy accessImage enhancementImage analysisVanishing pointFeature point matching
The present invention discloses a vehicle-mounted monocular camera external parameter self-calibration method. The method comprises the following steps that: 1) the image sequence of a road surface on which an automobile travels is shot through a vehicle-mounted camera, wherein the vehicle-mounted camera is installed in the central position of the front windshield of the automobile; 2) based on the acquired image sequence, an image segmentation algorithm is used to extract lane mark feature points, two parallel lane lines are obtained according to the fitting of the feature points, a road mark model is established, and vanishing points are determined; 3) the motion vectors of the lane mark feature points are matched through a feature point matching method, and points of which the longitudinal motion vectors are zero are extracted, and the extracted points are subjected to fitting, so that a motion direction line can be obtained, and the yaw angle of the camera is calculated; 4) the extension focal length of an image is determined; and 5) the external parameters of the camera are calculated according to the extension focal length and a known image main point. According to the vehicle-mounted monocular camera external parameter self-calibration method of the invention, man-made manipulation procedures are not required; the implementation of the vehicle-mounted monocular camera external parameter self-calibration method is convenient and quick, it only needs to make the automobile travel for a certain time, and the parameter calibration result of the camera can be obtained through calculation.

Design method of automatic generation control model under intermittent energy grid-connection

ActiveCN103066620AEffectively respond to power disturbancesEasy accessSingle network parallel feeding arrangementsWind energy generationAutomatic Generation ControlPower grid
The invention relates to the field of the renewable energy with grid-connected operating, in particular to a design method of an automatic generation control model under an intermittent energy grid-connection. The design method of the automatic generation control model under the intermittent energy grid-connection includes the steps of building second-dimensional disturbance source of time-amplitude disturbed by grid-connected intermittent energy, analyzing the power fluctuation feature of a grid, determining a distribution scheme for an automatic generation control (AGC) system assembly, determining the size and the type of the spare power supply of the AGC system, making a control strategy for the AGC system, selecting frequency deviation coefficient and determining the design parameter of automatic generation control model. The design method of the automatic generation control model under the intermittent energy grid-connection relates to the influences of a large-scale wind power and a solar photovoltaic power to a secondary frequency modulation of the power grid, can build an automatic generation control model and the parameter on the basis of the influence, and therefore effectively copes with an intermittent power disturbance of the wind power and the photovoltaic power supply, enhances the secondary frequency modulation effect of the power grid under the intermittent energy power supply fluctuation, and improves the acceptance ability of the power grid for renewable energy.

Method for realizing non-barrier automatic psychological consult by adopting computer

The invention discloses a method for realizing non-barrier automatic psychological consult by adopting a computer, relating to a psychological consult technology and solving the problems of unavailable independent operation, consult and monitoring without real-time feedback, consult results without duly feedback, psychological consult files without establishment of overall process of consult and therapy, and weak expansibility of traditional psychological consultant adjuvant therapy equipment. A process of the method comprises the steps of: A, carrying out extraction of key words, expansion key words and work string sequence on input natural language statements; B, carrying out semantic matching, wherein the semantic matching comprises key words matching, expansion key words matching and word string sequence matching, and if certain matching in the semantic matching exceeds a threshold value, the matching is judged to be successful, or else, information incapable of being answered is output; and C, carrying out conversation management and outputting return statement, wherein the conversation management comprises rehearsal, a content reflection technology and conversation context management. The invention can be used independently or mutually compensated with a psychological consultant, which makes up the deficiency of the psychological consultative organization to some extent.
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