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Device for building a multilayer structure with storage container or filling container movable along the dispensing container

The invention relates to a device (1) for building a layer body (2) from a plurality of superimposed layers of free-flowing material, in particular particulate material, on a building platform (3) in a build space (4), the layers being solidified and joined to each other in locally predetermined areas, so that at least one layer body (2) is formed by the solidified and joined areas of the layers, including an elongated discharge container (5), which is movable back and forth over the build space (11 [sic; 4]) in at least one discharge direction and which has at least one discharge opening (6) from which the free-flowing material is dischargeable in individual superimposed layers during the movement of the discharge container (5), it being possible to supply the discharge container (5) with free-flowing material from a filling device with at least one storage or filling container (10) having at least one outflow opening (11) by vertically covering the at least one outflow opening (11) of the storage or filling container (10) with an elongated feed opening (12) of the discharge container (5).
The invention provides that the storage or filling container (10) has a shorter extension than the discharge container (5), viewed in the longitudinal direction of the discharge container (5), and the storage or filling container (10) is controllable relative to the discharge container (5), viewed in the longitudinal direction of the discharge container (5), in such a way that the outflow opening (11) of the storage or filling container (10) is guided along the feed opening (12) at least once from one end thereof to the other end thereof.

Alert system and method for geographic or natural disasters utilizing a telecommunications network

The invention advantageously provides an alert system and method for geographic or natural disasters that utilize a telecommunications network for monitoring geographic data in disaster-prone areas and accordingly issuing warnings against potential disasters to people inside the monitored area. An alert system according to a preferred embodiment of the invention comprises a telecommunications service network, one or more wireless sensor modules and a control center. The telecommunications network according to this particular embodiment includes service coverage over the monitored areas. The wireless sensor modules are installed to selected locations inside monitored areas. Each of the sensor modules further comprises at least one sensor for collecting geographic or geodetic data and a wireless communications unit for sending collected geographic data to the control center via the telecommunications network. The control center then receives and processes the monitored geographic or geodetic data sent by the wireless sensor modules for further algorithmic analysis. The control center accordingly issues alerts for imminent geographic or natural disasters if the processing of the geographic or geodetic data produces adverse results.
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