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System and method for indexing, searching, identifying, and editing portions of electronic multimedia files

A method and system are provided for tagging, indexing, searching, retrieving, manipulating, and editing video images on a wide area network such as the Internet. A first set of methods is provided for enabling users to add bookmarks to multimedia files, such as movies, and audio files, such as music. The multimedia bookmark facilitates the searching of portions or segments of multimedia files, particularly when used in conjunction with a search engine. Additional methods are provided that reformat a video image for use on a variety of devices that have a wide range of resolutions by selecting some material (in the case of smaller resolutions) or more material (in the case of larger resolutions) from the same multimedia file. Still more methods are provided for interrogating images that contain textual information (in graphical form) so that the text may be copied to a tag or bookmark that can itself be indexed and searched to facilitate later retrieval via a search engine.

Mechanism and apparatus for returning results of services in a distributed computing environment

Systems and methods for returning results of services within a distributed computing environment are provided. After a client invokes one or more functions of a service, results of the function(s) may be returned to the client in a plurality of ways: for example, in a message, in a space (e.g., a network-addressable storage location), in a space wherein the client is notified via an event, using an advertisement returned in a message, using an advertisement returned in a space, and using an advertisement returned in a space wherein the client is notified via an event. The advertisement may include the information necessary to access and read the results in a storage location such as a space. A schema for the service may specify a plurality of messages which are usable to invoke the function(s) of the service. The messages, results, and advertisements may be expressed in a platform-independent and / or programming-language-independent data representation language such as XML. The availability of these plurality of methods may enhance the flexibility and adaptability of the distributed computing environment for a variety of situations, such as for clients having differing capabilities. For additional flexibility, results may also be efficiently passed to another service.

Printer and ink cartridge attached thereto

In a printer of the present invention, an EEPROM that carries out sequential access and has a relatively small storage capacity is applied for storage elements mounted on both black and color ink cartridges, which are detachably attached to the printer. Pieces of information relating to each ink cartridge, for example, pieces of information on remaining quantities of respective inks in the ink cartridge, are stored in the storage element of the ink cartridge. A format of addressing adopted in the storage elements of the ink cartridges Is different from that adopted in an EEPROM incorporated in a printer main body of the printer. A control IC provided in the printer accordingly converts the storage format of addressing, before writing the information into the storage elements of the ink cartridges. In the printer, a RAM is mounted with the control IC on a carriage, and the pieces of information to be written Into the storage elements of the ink cartridges are temporarily registered in the RAM. The pieces of information are then written into the respective storage elements of the black and color ink cartridges, for example, at a timing of a powe-off operation. The signal lines and the memory used in the course of writing the information into the storage elements are identical with the signal lines, through which print data are transmitted to a print head mounted on the carriage of the printer, and the memory, in which the print data are stored. The arrangement of the present invention reduces the manufacturing cost of the ink cartridge and also enables size reduction of the whole printer.< / PTEXT>

Intelligent observation and identification database system

ActiveUS20040199785A1Inexpensive to manufacture , operate , maintain and useInexpensive design and constructionStill image data retrievalElectric signal transmission systemsStandard timeReal-time computing
An intelligent video / audio observation and identification database system may define a security zone or group of zones. The system may identify vehicles and individuals entering or exiting the zone through image recognition of the vehicle or individual as compared to prerecorded information stored in a database. The system may alert security personnel as to warrants or other information discovered pertaining to the recognized vehicle or individual resulting from a database search. The system may compare images of a suspect vehicle, such as an undercarriage image, to standard vehicle images stored in the database and alert security personnel as to potential vehicle overloading or foreign objects detected, such as potential bombs. The system may track individuals or vehicles within a zone or between zones. The system may further learn the standard times and locations of vehicles or individuals tracked by the system and alert security personnel upon deviation from standard activity.
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