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Processing method of dendrobium huoshanense flower tea

The invention provides a processing method for dendrobium huoshanense flower tea. Taking dendrobium huoshanense flower as a raw material, the processing method comprises the following steps of: sorting; cleaning; spreading-airing; removing green; adopting a famous tea-frying machine, setting the temperature to be 300+/-10 DEG C, after heating up to the set temperature, coating proper tea oil in a pan, wiping to be clean, pouring 250-300 g of fresh flower, uniformly spreading the flower on the bottom of the pan, continuously stirring-frying, reducing the height of a frying plate when the flower is withered, gradually increasing a pressure on the flower when the flower is fried to be soft, granular and slightly yellow, so as to make the granular flower flat and smooth in shape, and then taking the flower out of the pan; screening the shaped flower through an 80-mesh sieve, flatly spreading the sieved flower on a baking pan, placing the baking pan in an air-blowing drier with set temperature of 200+/-10 DEG C, and baking for 5-10 minutes until the water content is less than 8.0%; taking out of the pan; sorting; and packaging and warehousing. The processing method disclosed by the invention has the advantages that the dendrobium huoshanense flower is easy to store and convenient to carry; the astringent taste of fresh flower is removed; and reasonable and effective development and utilization for dendrobium huoshanense flower are realized.

Novel method for drying fresh dendrobium officinale

The invention relates to a novel method for drying fresh dendrobium officinale. The method comprises the following steps: 1) clearing raw materials, 2) blanching and cooling: placing the cut dendrobium officinale in hot water of 70-100 DEG C, scalding for 1-3min, soaking in cold water, and rapidly cooling to the room temperature, 3) draining and conducting tray loading: controlling the loading thickness to be about 5-15mm, 4) prefreezing: freezing to a central temperature between subzero 20 DEG C and subzero 25 DEG C for 2h after loading the raw materials in the tray, and 5) conducting vacuum freeze drying or microwave vacuum freeze drying: cooling a cold trap to be between subzero 20 DEG C and subzero 60 DEG C, placing the materials in a drying bin, conducting vacuum-pumping, cooling the materials to be between subzero 20 DEG C and subzero 60 DEG C after half an hour, adopting a multistage heating method, controlling the temperature of the raw materials at a sublimation section to be between subzero 15 DEG C and subzero 30 DEG C, and controlling the temperature of the raw materials at an analysis section at 30-60 DEG C. The method has the benefits that the shape, color and active ingredients of the fresh dendrobium officinale are preserved to the greatest extent, and the fresh dendrobium officinale is easy to store, eat and distinguish.

Chinese herbal medicament automatic pharmacy

The invention relates to a pharmacy and in particular relates to a Chinese herbal medicament automatic pharmacy. The Chinese herbal medicament automatic pharmacy comprises a cabinet body, wherein the cabinet body is sequentially provided with a medicine box, a medicine box identification device, a medicine feed sorting device, a medicine storage cabinet, a medicine discharge sorting device, a control management system, an automatic medicine sell system and a medicine taking port, wherein Chinese herbal medicaments are arranged in the medicine box; the medicine box sequentially passes through the medicine feed sorting device, the medicine storage cabinet and the medicine discharge sorting device; the medicine box identification device is arranged on the front side of the medicine feed sorting device; and the control management system is respectively communicated with the medicine box, the medicine box identification device, the medicine feed sorting device, the medicine storage cabinet, the medicine discharge sorting device and the automatic medicine sell system. The Chinese medicine pharmacy can automatically or semi-automatically put bulk Chinese herbal medicaments in the medicine box which is not printed, can be recycled and automatically opened, and automatically put the Chinese herbal medicaments in a determined medicine storage unit to realize automatic selling of the bulk Chinese herbal medicaments.
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