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Comparison and consensus method for block chain data

The invention discloses a comparison and consensus method for block chain data. The comparison and consensus method includes computing hash values of contents of each transaction, transforming random numbers to prevent N-digit numbers in preset hash values from being repetitive in a period of time; comparing non-repetitive serial numbers of the different hash values with one another among accounting servers to judge whether the transactions are consistent with one another or not. The N-digit numbers are called as the non-repetitive serial numbers, and the N is a positive integer. The comparison and consensus method has the advantages that the non-repetitive serial numbers can be compared with one another by means of establishing similar Merkel tree modes, appointed digits of the hash values of the transactions are free of repetition and can be used as the serial numbers, the serial numbers can be arranged in similar Merkel trees according to certain rules, the arrangement locations of the hash values of the same transaction in the corresponding Merkel trees are completely consistent with one another on the different accounting servers, accordingly, difference can be quickly found out, data transmission can be reduced, and required consensus time can be shortened to a great extent.

Urban intelligent parking reserving system and method based on Internet of vehicles

The invention discloses an urban intelligent parking reserving system and method based on the Internet of vehicles, and the system comprises a parking space reserving unit, a parking resource management unit, an intelligent navigation unit, a vehicle information collection unit, an intelligent control unit, and a charge management unit. After a user serves a parking space successfully, a corresponding number of parking spaces is kept in the parking lot, and a user's vehicle can be guided to a target parking space. The system judges whether an incoming vehicle or an outgoing vehicle is a reserving vehicle or not through collecting the license plate information of the incoming or outgoing vehicle: distributing the target parking space to the user according to the principle of proximity and automatically completing the charging and permitting if the incoming vehicle is the reserving vehicle, or else, enabling the car owner to autonomously search a parking space, and permitting the car owner to use the parking space after charging. The system provides a parking space reserving function, guarantees that the reserving car owner has a parking space after arrival, brings convenience to a car owner who does not reserve a parking space to autonomously search a parking space, also can help the car owner to quickly find the target parking space, and achieves the quick searching of a car.

PFC (Power Factor Correction) fault detection method for direct-current variable frequency air conditioner controller

The invention discloses a PFC (Power Factor Correction) fault detection method for a direct-current variable frequency air conditioner controller, comprising the following steps of: (1) detecting an overvoltage value Up and an undervoltage value Ud of a direct-current bus voltage of a direct-current variable frequency controller, and detecting a direct-current voltage U by a direct-current bus voltage detection circuit arranged on the direct-current variable frequency controller; (2) when U is less than or equal to Ud or U is more than or equal to Up, immediately stopping a pressing machine, and reporting overvoltage and undervoltage protection faults; (3) detecting the maximum direct-current voltage Umax and the minimum direct-current voltage Umin when PFC is in normal regulation within the allowable voltage range; (4) when the direct-current bus voltage works within the range that U is more than or equal to Umin and is less than or equal to Umax, determining that PFC is in normal regulation and the pressing machine normally works without PFC faults; and (5) when U is more than or equal to Ud and is less than or equal to Umin or U is more than or equal to Umax or less than or equal to Up, reporting the PFC faults. With the PFC fault detection method, PFC regulation faults can be reported in time, therefore, the faults can be found as earlier as possible and maintained in advance, and the pressing machine can be prevented from burning so as to lower cost.

Method and system for displaying own group when entering client

The invention discloses a method and a system for displaying an own group when a mobile terminal user enters an instant messaging client. By adopting the method and the system, an organization structure of an enterprise and a communication list of a compartment of a user are returned to the instant messaging client of a mobile terminal, wherein the organization structure only consists of organization structure relationship between the compartments in the enterprise and a name of each compartment, and the instant messaging client displays the name of the compartment, a contact of the compartment and a compartment name list of the lower level of each compartment to the user according to the organization structure and the communication list. Through the method and the system, the instant messaging client is capable of simply and effectively displaying the contact in the enterprise, who is likely to contact frequently, to the user, when the user searches the contact, the contact in the enterprise can be also conveniently searched through a display mode and a way to operate a touch screen, so that the efficiency for communication with the enterprise user is improved, and meanwhile, the data flow consumed during general communication is reduced and the inner space of the mobile terminal is saved.

Voltage transformer online error measurement system and method

The invention relates to a voltage transformer online error measurement system. The system comprises an off-line detection unit, an online detection unit, a correction unit, a comparison unit and a result determination unit, wherein the off-line detection unit determines factory error data according to capacitance distribution of a capacitive voltage transformer when leaving the factory, and determines handover error data according to capacitance distribution of the capacitive voltage transformer during a field handover test; the online detection unit determines online error data according toa connection mode of the capacitive voltage transformer in a substation; the correction unit performs correction on the online error data by using secondary load correction, grid frequency correctionand temperature coefficient correction to obtain corrected online error data; the compression unit determines a comparison result of the error data and benchmark data when there is an electromagneticvoltage transformer in the substation or there is no electromagnetic voltage transformer in the substation; and the result determination unit determines an actual error of the voltage transformer according to the factory error data, the handover error data, the corrected online error data and the comparison result.

Fully-sealed power distribution cabinet

The invention discloses a fully-sealed power distribution cabinet comprising a cabinet body. A wire inlet box is arranged in one side of the cabinet body, and the wire inlet box includes a bottom plate arranged on the side of the cabinet body. The bottom plate is provided with a plurality of holes, one side, facing the inside of the cabinet body, of the bottom plate is fixedly connected with conical tubes with two open ends, and the conical tubes gradually narrow toward the inside the cabinet body. Cable wire sealing rubber plugs are arranged in the conical tubes. Each of the cable wire sealing rubber plugs includes two ejector pins, semi-circular first and second end plates are arranged on each ejector pin at intervals, the second end plates are disposed at the tail ends of the ejector pins, and the outer diameter of the two first end plates after the two first end plates are combined is matched with the inner diameter of the holes. Each ejector pin is provided with a rubber plug which is disposed between the first end plate and the second end plate, the opposite surfaces of two rubber plugs are provided with threading grooves which gradually narrow toward the inside the cabinet body and allow a cable wire to pass through, and the shape formed by two rubber plugs is matched with the conical tubes.
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