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A method for single point login of portal website and IMS client

The utility model discloses a method of realizing single sign on for portal website and an IMS client side, which adopts the technical proposal that: after a user signs on the IMS client side, the authentication request of the user is sent to a authentication portal of portals which is the same as of the IMS client side in authentication information using a portal website address and an access branch which are pre-configured in own configuration file by the IMS client side; after the returned authentication response of the authentication portal is received, the user password is encrypted before sent to the authentication portal for authenticating; if the authentication passes, the returned authentication of the portals is written into the cookie area of a web browser through the cookie information; the IMS client side comprises a firstly authenticating module and an encrypt module. The utility model solves the problem that the authentication information needs to be written into again when the portal website is the same as the IMS client side in the authentication information is needed to be signed on after the IMS client side is signed on. The utility model also decreases the possibility of the user information leakage at the same time.

Magnesia cement slurry for water plugging, leak plugging, and temporary plugging of oil and gas well reservoirs and its preparation method

The invention relates to magnesium-oxygen cement slurry used for reservoir water plugging, leak plugging and temporary-closure plugging in an oil and gas well and a preparation method thereof. The cement slurry contains the following components in parts by weight: 100 parts of active magnesium oxide, 50-105 parts of water, 30-100 parts of water-soluble blending agent, 0.5-10 parts of water-soluble borate, 1-8 parts of carbohydrate retarding agent, 0-400 parts of acid-soluble hard filling material, 1-5 parts of fluid loss agent, 0-5 parts of foaming agent and 0-2.5 parts of foam stabilizing agent, wherein the active magnesium oxide is obtained through roasting magnesium carbonate or magnesium oxide at high temperature; the water-soluble blending agent is a mixture which is one or over two of sodium pentaborate, sodium tetraborate and disodium octaborate tetrahydrate; the carbohydrate retarding agent is a mixture which is one or over two of sucrose, lactose and glucose; and the acid-soluble hard filling material is calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate. According to the invention, a magnesium-oxide cement stone is removed from a stratum layer by using an acidizing way; the damageto the stratum layer is low; and the wide practical value is achieved.

Self-tightening sealed optical glass window of constant volume bomb

The invention relates to a self-tightening sealed optical glass window of a constant volume comb, belonging to the field of the constant volume bomb designing and sealing technology. The optical glass window concretely comprises an end cover, a sleeve, optical glass, a bolt, a first sealing gasket and a second sealing gasket. The end cover comprises an observation hole, a cylindrical ring convex end surface, a screwed hole end surface, an optical glass counter bore seat end surface and an outer edge, wherein the optical glass counter bore seat end surface of the end cover is sequentially provided with the first sealing gasket, the optical glass and the second sealing gasket, and the centers of the four are coaxial; the sleeve is arranged at the other end of the second sealing gasket, and covers the optical glass and the second sealing gasket; a through hole of the sleeve is aligned with the screwed hole of the screwed hole end surface of the end cover; and the optical glass is compacted through bolt fixing so as to form an initial sealing condition. According to the invention, a self-tightening sealed manner is adopted, which has a better sealing effect under an environment with a higher pressure; the mounting time of the optical glass is reduced; the problems that the optical glass is damaged and the sealing gaskets are replaced often are solved; and meanwhile, the sealing performance of the constant volume bomb is remarkably improved.

Hydraulic cylinder with clearance sealed type deformed piston

The invention particularly relates to a hydraulic cylinder with a clearance sealed type deformed piston, which adopts the following technical scheme that: an excircle of a piston [5] is uniformly and symmetrically provided with 3 to 5 balance slots [6]; a piston rod [18] of the piston [5] is provided with a first seal groove [7]; an annular boss of which the outer diameter is the same as that of the piston [5] is arranged on the end faces of two sides of the piston [5] respectively; an excircle of a guide sleeve [11] is provided with a second seal groove [16]; a first drain pan [14] and a second drain pan [17] are arranged on an inner circle and the excircle of the guide sleeve [11] respectively; the first drain pan [14] is communicated with the second drain pan [17] through a second oil drain channel [13]; the second drain pan [17] is communicated with a first oil drain channel [12] arranged on a cylinder body [1]; and an end face, close to the inner circle, of the inner side of the guide sleeve [11] is provided with am annular groove. The hydraulic cylinder has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly and maintenance, long service life, small friction, high frequency response, high reliability, external leakage prevention, and the like.
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