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Health-care preserved kumquat and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses health-care preserved kumquat and a preparation method thereof. The health-care preserved kumquat is prepared from following raw materials in mass percentage: 65%-80% of kumquats, 20%-30% of sugar and 0.5%-5% of traditional Chinese medicine soup, wherein the traditional Chinese medicine soup is prepared from 20-40 parts of sweet-scented osmanthus, 10-25 parts of lilies, 12-30 parts of liquorice, 8-20 parts of carnations, 5-15 parts of lotus leaves, 10-20 parts of eucommia ulmoides, 5-15 parts of gynostemma pentaphylla and 10-18 parts of fennels. According to the preserved kumquat disclosed by the invention, besides kumquats and sugar, the traditional Chinese medicine soup prepared from the sweet-scented osmanthus, the lilies, the liquorice, the carnations, the lotus leaves, the eucommia ulmoides, the gynostemma pentaphylla and the fennels is further added; hot ironing and color-protecting treatment are carried out in the preparation process so that the prepared preserved kumquat has uniform in color and luster, full tissues, and palatable sour and sweet taste; the preserved kumquat has the faint scent taste of traditional Chinese medicines and has the characteristics of good quality, abundant nutrition and low sugar content; people do not feel greasy if eating a lot of the preserved kumquat; the preserved kumquat also has the health-care effects of clearing heat, reducing internal heat, maintaining beauty and keeping young and boosting the immunity after being taken usually and is suitable for mass consumers.

Manufacturing method of cigar coating in dark color

ActiveCN108464524AMeet color needsUniform colorTobacco preparationTobacco treatmentWater contentWater balance
The invention discloses a manufacturing method of a cigar coating in a dark color. The manufacturing method includes the steps of A, selecting tobacco for manufacturing the cigar coating in the dark color; B, uniformly spraying pure water onto the tobacco to make the water content of the tobacco reach 25-28%, and then conducting water balancing on the tobacco for 24 hours; C, orderly stacking thetobacco in a wooden barrel and inserting a thermometer into the wooden barrel; D, putting the wooden barrel containing the tobacco into a fermentation chamber for fermentation, wherein the temperatureof the fermentation chamber is maintained at 34-36 DEG C, and the humidity of the fermentation chamber is maintained at 73-77%; E, when the temperature reaches 45 DEG C, conducting pile overturning treatment on the tobacco in the wooden barrel; F, testing the water in the tobacco in the wooden barrel every day to ensure that the water content of the tobacco is maintained at 25-28%, and continuingthe fermentation; G, constantly repeating the step E and the step F for fermentation and obtaining the cigar coating in the dark color after fermentation is finished. The cigar tobacco can be prepared into the cigar coating by means of the method, the color and luster of the cigar coating are more uniform, and the oil content is much higher.

Plain concrete wall surface groove type three-dimensional wood grains decoration construction method

InactiveCN103821366AClear three-dimensional wood grainUniform colorBuilding material handlingRebarWork period
The invention relates to a plain concrete wall surface groove type three-dimensional wood grain decoration construction method, which comprises the steps of outer wall work surface construction, outer scaffold erection, outer mold back lining template installation, wood mold manufacturing and installation, wall body steel bar manufacturing and binding, inner side template installation, concrete pouring, template removal and defect treatment. Convex battens are fixedly arranged on a large template, and after the concrete pouring completion and the template removal, a concavo-convex and order decoration effect is formed, so the characteristics of wood grain plain concrete wall surfaces are fully shown. The wood grain and three-dimensional lines are clear, the concavo-convex feeling is realized, the color and the luster are uniform and consistent, no any patching or color modulation is needed, the template can be repeatedly used, after the application, on the premise of meeting the decoration effect, the decoration work procedures are saved, energy sources and resources are reduced, the work period is shortened, the labor investment is reduced, in addition, the environment pollution of the decoration material can be reduced, the operation is simple, the dismounting and the repeated use can be realized, more cost can be reduced, and the construction schedule is accelerated.

Manufacturing method of film made from inorganic ore powder by casting method

The invention discloses a manufacturing method of a film made from inorganic ore powder by a casting method. The method comprises the following steps of sequentially adding inorganic ore powder, resin and auxiliary agents into a mixing machine; pushing a mixture in a feeding device to a machine head position by a screw rod during high-speed rotation; performing fusion blending so that the materials are fast molten; after the extrusion, performing high-speed particle cutting through a cutting edge for making particular materials; after the particle cutting is completed, performing vacuum dewatering under the effect of the vacuum pump; performing strong pressure conveyance through the screw rod; performing casting; melting the raw materials; then, performing extrusion by a double-screw-rod vacuum pump; next, flowing out the materials through a seam formed at the front end of a mold head to form the film; after the materials leave away the mold head, passing melt through a short gap to reach a low-temperature casting roller surface for sharp cooling shaping; performing longitudinal and transverse stretching to form a bidirectional film. The method provided by the invention solves the problems that in the prior art, polypropylene is added into the recipe, the film is produced by a film blowing method; the dissolving point cannot reach the consistency; bottle necks can occur in the production process, so that the produced finished product can easily generate powder falling.

High-performance glass fiber

InactiveCN110407474ASmooth appearanceUniform colorChemical stabilitySodium oxide
The invention discloses a high-performance glass fiber. The high-performance glass fiber is prepared from the raw materials in parts by weight: 40-60 parts of silicon dioxide, 10-15 parts of aluminumoxide, 10-15 parts of silicon carbide, 5-7 parts of barium oxide, 4-6 parts of boron oxide, 10-15 parts of magnesium oxide, 5-7 parts of calcium oxide, 0.1-0.3 part of lithium oxide, 0.1-0.3 part of titanium dioxide, 2-4 parts of potassium oxide, 0.3-0.5 part of ferric oxide, 0.1-0.5 part of cerium oxide, 0.2-0.4 part of tungsten oxide, 0.5-1 part of sodium sulfate, 0.3-0.7 part of zirconium oxide, 0.1-0.3 part of sodium oxide, 1.5-2.5 parts of zinc oxide, and 2.5-3.5 parts of calcium fluoride. The high-performance glass fiber produced has a flat appearance and a uniform color, can be well applied to various post-processing manufacturing processes, and has good mechanical properties and wear resistance, high mechanical strength and good chemical stability and thermal stability; acid resistance is improved; and the thermal expansion coefficient is reduced. The high-performance glass fiber has excellent high temperature resistance, long-term application to 1100 DEG C or less, good ablation performance, better high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and elastic modulus, and is widely applied to the fields such as the manufacture of precision instrument thermal protection parts, ablative materials , thermal insulation materials.
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