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Walking aid exoskeleton rehabilitation robot

The invention discloses a walking aid exoskeleton rehabilitation robot in the technical field of rehabilitation engineering, which comprises a mobile auxiliary mechanism, a control mechanism and an exoskeleton prosthesis mechanism, wherein the mobile auxiliary mechanism is connected with the exoskeleton prosthesis mechanism, and the control mechanism is connected with the mobile auxiliary mechanism and the exoskeleton prosthesis mechanism respectively. The exoskeleton prosthesis mechanism has compact design structure and large rotation range of each joint, and can meet the requirement on actual motion of a human body. By adopting a servo motor to drive, the control precision is high, and the output torque is large; and the mobile auxiliary mechanism rotates under the driving of the servo motor, can freely move, and has higher climbing capacity and movement speed. The height of the mobile auxiliary mechanism is adjusted to be applied to people with different heights. When the patient undergoes gait rehabilitation training, the human gravity center is actively adjusted to accord with the characteristics that the human body is fluctuated along with alternative gait. The mobile auxiliary mechanism also can support the human body, prevent people from tumbling in walking, and guarantee the whole stability.

Walk-aiding exoskeleton robot system and control method

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The invention relates to a walk-aiding exoskeleton robot system and a control method, which belong to the technical field of rehabilitation engineering. The system comprises a hanging support, a moving platform, joints, protecting sleeves, a sensor module, a signal acquisition module, a central processing module and a motion control module, wherein the hanging support is fixed on the moving platform, the joints are connected with the hanging support to form an exoskeleton robot, the sensor module, the signal acquisition module, the central processing module and the motion control module are sequentially connected, the sensor module is used for acquiring joint angles, the interacting force of the exoskeleton robot and the human being and the myoelectric signals of the muscles of the human body, the signal acquisition module carries out signal conditioning and digital-to-analog conversion, the central processing module carries out action generation and the reverse solution of motion, and transmits an action command to the motion control module, and the motion control module is connected with the exoskeleton robot and generates a pulse signal to control the coordinated motion of the exoskeleton robot. The invention realizes the synchronous motion of the exoskeleton robot and the human body and real-time active control.
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