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Modular manual lift dispenser security systems and methods for assembling, manufacturing and/or utilizing said security systems

Modular manual lift dispenser security systems and methods store and dispense at least one retail product. The systems and methods have a dispenser body having a floor and walls extending above the floor, wherein the walls of the dispenser body define an interior of the dispenser body that is sized to receive one or more retail products. Further, the systems and methods have a locking lid assembly slidably connected to a top edge of each side wall of the dispenser body via at least one fastener and a pusher paddle located within the interior of the dispenser body, wherein the pusher paddle is spring-loaded and configured to move one or more retail products towards the front wall of the dispenser body. Still further, the systems and methods have a first opening between a lip of the front wall of the dispenser body and a front edge of the locking lid assembly that is located adjacent to the front wall of the dispenser body, wherein the first opening is sized such that a leading retail product is passable through the opening between the lip of the front wall and the front edge of the locking lid assembly. Moreover, the systems and methods have a recess formed in the floor of the dispenser body and a lift slot formed in the front wall of the dispenser body, wherein the recess and lift slot are at least one of sized and shaped such that a leading retail product is accessible through the recess and lift slot.

Medical cabinet with adjustable drawers

InactiveUS6788997B1Carry-out particularly rapidly and efficientlyEfficient restockingDrug and medicationsAnti-theft devicesData terminalPharmacy medicine
The system for monitoring and dispensing medical items which are dispensed for administration to patients includes a data terminal (76, 338) which is connected through a network (82, 328) to at least one remote computer (84, 324) having a processor and a data store. The system also includes a reading device (348) which is connected to the network. A user of the data terminal or the reading device is enabled to select a patient for whom medical items will be used, and responsive to a request to dispense items the requested items are dispensed from dispensing devices (96, 100, 344, 346, 450, 527) connected to the data terminal. A report generating device (384) generates reports (388) which include machine readable indicia corresponding to patients and/or medical items. Users may select patients and dispense medications by reading the indicia from the reports using the reading device. Certain storage locations are also labeled with machine readable indicia which may be read to indicate the taking of items therefrom as well as to indicate inventory status information. One such dispensing device in the system is a cabinet (550). The cabinet may be configured with various configurations of drawers or shelves by supporting connecting members in apertures which extend in the interior walls of the cabinet.

Method and apparatus for selective engagement of shelf divider structures within a shelf management system

Apparatus and method for selectively engaging and securing an array of shelf dividers to a mounting device which is securable to a display shelf. In the first form a divider is characterized by a divider structure having an elongated vertical wall and elongated horizontal base that operates to divide, organize and support the displayed merchandise. A resilient latch located on the underside of the base of the divider structure selectively engages and secures the divider structure onto a mounting device comprising a receiving member running longitudinally along the length of the surface of the mounting device which is securable along the front edge of a display shelf. The latch and the receiving member each comprise reciprocating (i.e. complementary) protrusions to allow the cooperative engagement of the divider structure and mounting device, thus locking the divider member to and unlocking the divider member from the mounting device to permit the repositioning of the display as desired without necessitating removal of the merchandise from the display. In addition when the divider structure and mounting device are fully engaged, a second protrusion on the underside of the divider member cooperates with a flange or lip on the mounting device to prevent lateral movement of the divider structure and maintain the position of the divider perpendicular to the mounting device and the front edge of the shelf. In a second embodiment, the divider structure comprises a pusher track and a spring urged pusher assembly to automatically push merchandise to the front of the shelf. Another embodiment comprises a divider base without a vertical divider wall, and with or without a pusher track and spring urged pusher assembly, thus pushers and dividers can be used in various convenient combinations within a shelf management system.

Adjustable width product display system

An adjustable width product display system which includes spaced-apart front and back display supports formed of an engineering plastic material, suitable for food freezer environments. Formed wire side elements, provided with transversely extending mounting portions, are slideably received in transversely disposed recesses in the plastic display supports. Each display support includes a pair of closely adjacent, parallel recesses for receiving the mounting portions in overlapping relation, providing a wide range of width adjustment to accommodate packages of different size. A wire frame, comprising a pair of elongated wire elements extending from front to back of the display system joins the two display supports in spaced relation. These wire elements also function as an underneath support for product packages confined between the side elements. Laterally adjacent elements can be connected in series by intermediate wire side supports provided with transverse mounting elements extending in opposite directions and engagable in plastic display supports on both sides. Product pusher means are easily incorporated into the product display system either in the form of a preassembled pusher device, or the use of a spring-driven pusher sled mounted on the wire elements connecting the front and back display supports. The system, is ideally suited for food freezer environment, because plastic materials are minimally present in the structure and thus can be of a suitable engineering grade material. Additionally, the open wire structure accommodates free circulation of air in a freezer compartment to help maintain the desired environment throughout the compartment.

Data center equipment cabinet information center and updateable asset tracking system

ActiveUS8917513B1Easy and less-expensive to manageFurniture partsLogisticsInterior spaceControl power
A cabinet frame enclosure is provided having a first side wall, a second side wall, a first opening and a second opening each in combination defining an interior space for accommodating a plurality of equipment, the equipment being removable through the first opening. A plurality of functional modules are provided such as: an asset tracking module for detecting the presence or absence of the equipment from the interior space of the cabinet frame enclosure, the asset tracking module disposed in the first side wall adjacent the first opening; an access control module for providing electronic locking and access control to the interior space of the cabinet frame enclosure; an environmental management module for monitoring and controlling environmental conditions within the interior space of the cabinet frame enclosure; a power management module for monitoring and controlling power distribution to equipment located in the interior space of the cabinet frame enclosure, the power management module disposed in one of the first side wall or second side wall and adjacent the second opening; and a cabinet control module (CCM) for providing consolidated connectivity to the plurality of functional modules, wherein the CCM presents a single network connection for managing the equipment located in the cabinet frame enclosure.
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