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Interior rearview mirror assembly with polymeric components

InactiveUS6877709B2Manufacturing EasePerformance easePicture framesDomestic mirrorsElectrical conductorElectrical connection
An interior rearview mirror assembly for vehicles incorporates a rearview mirror mount, a rearview mirror, and a rearview mirror support. The support is pivotally attached to the mirror mount by a first pivot element, and to the rearview mirror by a second pivot element. The mirror mount, support, a rearview mirror housing, and the pivot elements are each formed by molding from polymeric material having a respective color. In various embodiments, the colors may all be substantially the same, such as black, gray, tan, brown, burgundy, green, or another color, or may be different. In one form, the rearview mirror housing includes at least one electrical accessory. Electrical conductors may extend through the pivot elements and mirror support to the rearview mirror housing to provide an electrical connection for the electrical accessory to the vehicle electrical system. The pivot elements preferably include ball pivot members and sockets on various of the mirror mount, support and rearview mirror housing, and may include surfaces for enhanced frictional resistance to pivotal movement. In one form, the rearview mirror mount preferably includes receiving members which release the assembly from a windshield attachment member when sufficient force is applied such as upon impact.
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