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Dustproof sieving device for powder material for chemical experiment

The invention discloses a dustproof sieving device for a powder material for a chemical experiment. The dustproof sieving device comprises an outer shell, a horizontal arrangement plate, a horizontalsliding plate, a sliding sleeve, a swing sleeve, a fixed rotary shaft and a motor. The horizontal arrangement plate, the horizontal sliding plate, the sliding sleeve, the swing sleeve, the fixed rotary shaft, a dust hood, an air pipe, an air pump and a dedusting box are arranged on the outer shell. The horizontal arrangement plate is provided with a sliding clamping groove and a supporting roller.The horizontal sliding plate is provided with a limiting protrusion, a limiting spring, a rack and an upper oblique block. The sliding sleeve is provided with a sliding rod, a lower oblique block, areset spring and a sliding rotary shaft. The swing shaft is provided with a sieve box, a rotary horizontal arrangement plate and a movable supporting part. A sector gear, a swing rod and a sliding groove are arranged on the periphery of the fixed rotary shaft. The motor, a rotary rod and a sliding protrusion are arranged at the upper end of the outer shell. The horizontal sliding plate swings leftand right on the horizontal arrangement plate, thus, the sliding rod drives the swing sleeve to swing left and right, the sieving efficiency is improved, and dust flying is avoided by additionally arranging an air pump and the dedusting box.

Brushless electric machine for dust collector

The invention discloses a brushless electric machine for a dust collector. The brushless electric machine for the dust collector comprises a controller, a rectifier, a stator core, a rotor core and a shell, wherein the stator core is embedded with windings; the rotor core is arranged inside the stator core; the shell is fixedly connected with the stator core and the rotor core; three groups of windings are embedded on the stator core; rubidium, ferrum and boron magnet steel is sintered at the periphery of the middle part of the rotor core; the magnetic poles of the direction in which axle wires are positioned, pointing to the adjacent magnet steel are different; a stainless steel hoop is arranged at the periphery of the magnet steel; the controller comprises a driver and a position detection chip; and the rectifier comprises a transformer and an alternating current converter. According to the brushless electric machine, the rotating speed of the motor is effectively increased in a manner that the stator is outside and the rotor is inside, the position of the motor can be detected by the position detection chip, and the accuracy of position detection is effectively improved. In addition, the brushless electric machine also has the characteristics of being low in noise, small in generated interference, small in volume, high in efficiency, wide in speed adjusting range, easy to maintain, long in service life, strong in versatility and the like.

Ocean buoy capable of automatically adjusting position based on Beidou communication

The invention discloses an ocean buoy capable of automatically adjusting a position based on Beidou communication. The ocean buoy comprises a buoy body and a control receiving station, wherein a triangular fixing frame is arranged at the top of the buoy body, solar panel fixing frames are welded on the side surfaces of the triangular fixing frame, a solar panel is arranged on each solar panel fixing frame, a wind speed and wind direction detection device is welded at the top end of one solar panel fixing frame, an air temperature and humidity detection device is fixed with the wind speed and wind direction detection device, a Beidou satellite is arranged at the top end of the triangular fixing frame, connecting rods are arranged at the bottom end of the buoy body, a connecting seat is fixed with the connecting rods, and a brake device is fixed with the connecting seat; and the brake device comprises a brake shell, wherein a propeller is arranged on the outer side of the brake shell; apropeller brake motor, a bearing block, a collecting rod, a gearbox and a collecting motor are arranged in the brake shell from left to right; the collecting rod is provided with a nylon cable; the nylon cable is connected with a sinking block; electric telescopic rods are arranged in the sinking block; a plug pin is fixed at the bottom end of each electric telescopic rod; a tsunamis detector is arranged on one side of the blocking block, and an anchor is connected to the other side of the sinking block.
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