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Super-power five-cylinder plunger pump

The invention discloses a super-power five-cylinder plunger pump. The super-power five-cylinder plunger pump comprises a power end assembly, a fluid-power end assembly and a reduction box assembly; the power end assembly adopting a sectional type structure design includes a crankshaft box body, a crosshead box body and a space-stop rack, one end of the crosshead box body is connected with the crankshaft box body, and the other end of the crosshead box body is connected with the space-stop rack; the fluid-power end assembly is arranged at one end of the space-stop rack, and the fluid-power endassembly passes through the space-stop rack and the crosshead box body in sequence and is connected with the crankshaft box body through bolts; and the reduction box assembly is connected with the crankshaft box body, a crankshaft in the crankshaft box body is forging alloy steel, the crankshaft includes six shaft necks and five crank threw, each crank throw is arranged between two adjacent shaftnecks, and the distance between the crank threw and the rotating center of the crankshaft is 110mm to 160 mm. The super-power five-cylinder plunger pump has the beneficial effects that the rated inputpower of the super-power five-cylinder plunger pump is 5000 hp, so that the problem that high-power motors cannot be matched with the plunger pumps of corresponding specifications in electric drive fracturing is solved, and the contradictions that the conditions in oil and gas well fields are limited and the matching of fracturing equipment is much is further solved at the same time.
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