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In planetary science, volatiles are the group of chemical elements and chemical compounds with low boiling points that are associated with a planet's or moon's crust or atmosphere. Examples include nitrogen, water, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen, methane and sulfur dioxide. In astrogeology, these compounds, in their solid state, often comprise large proportions of the crusts of moons and dwarf planets.

Self-cooled oxygen-fuel burner for use in high-temperature and high-particulate furnaces

A self-cooled oxidant-fuel burner consisting novel fuel and oxidant nozzles and three compartment refractory burner block design is proposed. The new oxidant-fuel burner can fire in high-temperature (2200 DEG F. to 3000 DEG F.) and high-particulate (or high process volatiles/condensates) furnaces without over-heating or causing chemical corrosion damage to it's metallic burner nozzle and refractory burner block interior. Using various embodiments of nozzle and block shape, the burner can offer a traditional cylindrical flame or flat flame depending on the heating load requirements. The new features of this burner include unique fuel nozzle design for the streamline mixing of fuel and oxidant streams, a controlled swirl input to the oxidant flow for desired flame characteristics, a controlled expansion of flame envelope in the radial and axial dimensions, and efficient sweeping of burner block interior surface using oxidant to provide convective cooling and prevent any build up of process particulates. In addition, a relatively thick wall metallic nozzle construction with heat conduction fins enable efficient heat dissipation from the nozzle tip and providing a maintenance free burner operation.

Two-Stage Plasma Process For Converting Waste Into Fuel Gas And Apparatus Therefor

A two-step gasification process and apparatus for the conversion of solid or liquid organic waste into clean fuel, suitable for use in a gas engine or a gas burner, is described. The waste is fed initially into a primary gasifier, which is a graphite arc furnace. Within the primary gasifier, the organic components of the waste are mixed with a predetermined amount of air, oxygen or steam, and converted into volatiles and soot. The volatiles consist mainly of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, and may include a variety of other hydrocarbons and some fly ash. The gas exiting the primary gasifier first passes through a hot cyclone, where some of the soot and most of the fly ash is collected and returned to the primary gasifier. The remaining soot along with the volatile organic compounds is further treated in a secondary gasifier where the soot and the volatile compounds mix with a high temperature plasma jet and a metered amount of air, oxygen or steam, and are converted into a synthesis gas consisting primarily of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The synthesis gas is then quenched and cleaned to form a clean fuel gas suitable for use in a gas engine or a gas burner. This offers higher thermal efficiency than conventional technology and produces a cleaner fuel than other known alternatives.

Beta-elemi alkene bulk medicament and method of preparing its preparations

The invention provides a method for preparing high-purity beta elemene from natural plants containing the beta elemene such as curcuma zedoary (earthnuts or tubers of the curcuma zedoary), cedronella (fresh leaves of the cedronella), yellowtop (roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds of the yellowtop) and so on, which can improve the production efficiency from starting materials to the high-purity beta elemene and reduce production cost. Compared with the prior art, the method is mainly different in that the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds of the natural plants are taken as raw materials; oleum volatile of specific parts of the natural plants is obtained by methods for extracting different oleum volatiles, and is distilled by molecular distillation method to remove compositions with high boiling points and non-volatile compositions; impurity compositions are removed by the ethanol extraction method and silver nitrate complex extraction method; and finally the beta elemene with the content between 95.0 and 99.9 percent is obtained through reduced pressure distillation or rectification. The bulk pharmaceutical chemicals not only can be prepared into oral dosing preparation such as emulsion oral liquid, self-emulsifying/ self-microemulsifying capsules, soft capsules and so on, but also can be prepared into non-alimentary dosing preparation such as emulsion injection, liquid drugs injection, transdermal absorbent, lung sprays, suppository and so on. The method has the advantages of novel design, concise operating steps, mild operating conditions and improvement of the production efficiency of the beta elemene.

Lignite drying water recycling and drying tail gas recycling system

The invention relates to a lignite drying water recycling and drying tail gas recycling system which comprises a hot blast heater, a drier, a dry type deduster, a heat pump machine set, a mixing chamber and a water spraying chamber, wherein the mixing chamber is used for mixing fume of the hot blast heater and a recycled tail gas heated by the heat pump machine set into low-temperature hot fume to be used as a drying medium of the drier; the dried tail gas and the cold water sprayed out from a nozzle of the water spraying chamber are sufficiently mixed and subjected to heat-humidity exchange in the water spraying chamber; part of steam in the dried tail gas is condensed into water to be recycled; at the same time, visible heat and latent heat of vaporization are released; the cold water used in the water spraying chamber is supplied by the heat pump machine set; the water recycled in the water spraying chamber flows out through an overflowing tube and is collected. The fume discharged from the water spraying chamber is heated by an air cooling condenser of the heat pump machine set, is subsequently fed into the mixing chamber, is mixed with the fume generated from the hot blast furnace, and is subsequently used as the drying medium of the drier. The system is at a low temperature and is dry, and the oxygen content of the drying medium is low, so that volatiles in coal are prevented from being lost, and precious water resource is recycled.

Aqueous macromolecule-isocyanic ester stalk artificial board and preparation thereof

The invention relates to a water-based macromolecule-isocyanate straw hard board and a preparation method thereof. Straws of rice, wheat, corn or other crops, a water-based macromolecule-isocyanate adhesive and a straw interface performance modifying agent are used as raw materials, and the straws are treated by section cutting, kneading and modification, adhesive application and heat pressing to produce the water-based macromolecule-isocyanate straw hard board. A mixture ratio of the absolute dry straws to the water-based macromolecule-isocyanate adhesive to the straw interface performance modifying agent by weight is 100 to 10-16 to 0.05-0.15. The straw hard board uses the water-based macromolecule-isocyanate adhesive to replace a pure isocyanate adhesive, radically improves the problems of toxic organic volatiles, poor prepressing performance, adhesion on boards, etc., remarkably reduces cost and really realizes green production, and the raw materials after the treatment of kneading and modification have good prepressing and molding performances and high one-off qualified rate. The water-based macromolecule-isocyanate straw hard board has the characteristics of unique design, long active period, excellent aging, water and heat resisting performances, simple operation, easy availability of equipment, no environmental pollution, easy implementation, etc., and produces huge entironmental, social and economical benefits after the water-based macromolecule-isocyanate straw hard board is popularized.
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