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Hot blast refers to the preheating of air blown into a blast furnace or other metallurgical process. As this considerably reduced the fuel consumed, hot blast was one of the most important technologies developed during the Industrial Revolution. Hot blast also allowed higher furnace temperatures, which increased the capacity of furnaces.

Composite material for automobile interior part and production method thereof

The invention discloses a formula of a composite material for an automobile interior part. The formula consists of the following materials in percentage by weight: 40 to 60 percent of polylactic acid fiber and 40 to 60 percent of natural fiber. The production method of the invention comprises the following steps: uniformly mixing the raw materials; putting the mixture into an opener for opening, combing and shaping the obtained product, feeding the product into a lapping machine for cross lapping and feeding the cross-lapped product into a needling machine for needling to form a felt; immersing the fiber felt into a processing slurry; drying the immersed coiled material through hot blast and cutting the dried material into pieces of required size; placing the cut material into a mould for curing and shaping by heating; demoulding the material to form a composite plate; and softening the composite plate by flat panel heating, covering the plate with a surface decorative layer and performing cold molding on the plate through a product mould to manufacture the finished product finally; or softening the cut fiber felt by the flat panel heating directly, covering the plate with the surface decorative layer and performing the cold molding to manufacture the finished product finally. The composite material for the automobile interior part of the invention has the advantages of no toxicity, no pollution, simple processing technique, small energy consumption and high environment protection performance.

Polyhydroxylkanoates as well as blending modification for copolymer thereof and polylactic acid

The invention discloses a PHBV with good performance and a copolymer of PHBV and PLA and the preparation technique method. The invention is characterized in that 1 per cent to 99 per cent of PHAs, 1 per cent to 99 per cent of PLA1 and other additives 0-40 per cent are put in a mixer for 1 to 30 minutes, and then put in an electricity hot blast drying oven a temperature ranging from 40 to 100 DEG C for 2 to 48 hours after being mixed equally. The dried compound is plastified in a double screw extruder, the highest temperature of the double screw extruder is between 90 and 180 DEG C according to the the different content of PHAs and the temperature of the mouth mold is between110 to 170 DEG C. The material extruded from a die head is cooled, stretched and grained to form the complete biodegradation aggregate. The resin consisting of PHBV and copolymer of PHBV and PLA is able to be used for producing the thin films, plates and sheet materials and injected mold to plastic materials. The compound has biological degradability and good machining performance. The target product of the compound has excellent mechanical properties and can be used for replacing the petroleum base plastic to be widely used for packing, agriculture, medical material, electron, chemical industry concerning products for daily use, etc.

Automatic control system of blast furnace hot blast stove combustion process

The invention relates to an automatic control system during the combustion process of a hot air furnace of a blast furnace, belonging to the field of automatic combustion control technique of the hot air furnace of the blast furnace. Firstly, the system self-learns the historical combustion data of the furnace according to the specified conditions, and determines the best coal gas and air flux of the furnace and the best initial openness of an adjusting valve to be as the initial parameters of the next combustion period. During the normal combustion stage, a control method that fuzzy control is combined with self-optimization control is adopted, the fastest increment of the temperature at the arch is taken as the object, and the air combustion proportion coefficient is quickly optimized according to the temperature change of the combustion chamber. Simultaneously, by adopting a non-difference self-adaptive single closed ring control system combined with the methods such as fuzzy control, self-learning and pulse driving and the like, the action of the adjusting valve can be effectively controlled, and precise and quick adjustment and control of the flux are realized. According to the trend change of the temperature of the waste gas, the system adopts the fuzzy control arithmetic to control the combustion rhythm. Simultaneously, the system comprehensively summarizes the manual combustion experience and achieves the object of completely automatic control without man-watching during the whole combustion process.

Method for preparing selective catalytic reduction SCR flue gas denitration catalyst and method for preparing raw material titanium-tungsten powder of SCR flue gas denitration catalyst

The invention relates to a method for preparing a selective catalytic reduction SCR flue gas denitration catalyst and a method for preparing a raw material titanium-tungsten powder of the SCR flue gas denitration catalyst. The method for preparing the SCR flue gas denitration catalyst comprises the followings: smashing titanium-bearing blast furnace slag, leaching TiO2 in the smashed titanium-bearing blast furnace slag with dilute sulphuric acid, filtering and separating the mixture to obtain residues and titanium solution, adding a porous catalyst carrier which is easy to be burnt off into the titanium solution and hydrolyzing the mixture; filtering, washing and drying the hydrolyzed product to obtain a carrier supported metatitanic acid, and further loading tungsten and vanadium on the metatitanic acid, and baking the obtained product to obtain a vanadium-tungsten-titanium SCR denitration catalyst. The method not only effectively utilizes valuable elements in blast furnace slag, solves the problems that the titanium dioxide product is extracted, separated and purified difficultly from the blast furnace slag, and the quality of the product cannot meet the standard easily, and also greatly reduces the production cost of the vanadium-tungsten-titanium SCR denitration catalyst and has a broad application prospect.

Method and device for reducing and baking for high-valent manganese minerals

The invention provides a method and a device for reducing and baking for high-valent manganese minerals. The method comprises the following steps: (1) combusting combustible gas and air in a hot blast furnace through a nozzle, controlling coefficient of excess air to ensure that the gas of the hot blast furnace is required reduction atmosphere and temperature, and introducing a fluidized roaster; (2) finely grinding manganese minerals, feeding the manganese minerals into a suspension preheat assembly for sufficient heat exchange in several times, separating gas and mineral powder granules, and feeding the granules into the fluidized roaster for a reduction reaction; and (3) controlling the CO content and solid-gas ratio in the fluidized roaster; reducing manganese mineral powder in the fluidized roaster into acidsoluble manganous oxide, and discharging the manganous oxide from a solid material outlet of a cyclone preheater in the last stage. The device comprises a feed assembly, the suspension preheat assembly, the fluidized roaster, a dust-removal exhaust assembly, a gas feed assembly and a combustion assembly. The method and the device have the advantages of simple and compact structure, low cost, simple and convenient operation, good reduction effect, low energy consumption and the like.

Thread baking thread process control method

The invention relates to a method for controlling the tobacco drying process, which is characterized in that the whole tobacco drying process is divided into a head stage, a middle stage, and a tail stage; the head stage adopts an adaptive learning temperature rising control method, a control system automatically adjusts the temperature in the next temperature rising according to the previous humidity control effect, and the low drum speed is adopted in the heat stage; the middle stage leads water parameters at an outlet into the control system, forecast PID control is adopted to feed back and correct to realize the automatic control for the temperature of the cylinder wall of a tobacco drying cylinder; the tail stage lowers the temperature of the tobacco drying cylinder in advance, closes a steam heater on the cylinder wall and a cyclic hot blast heater in advance, increases the air intake speed, reduces the drawing air speed, and accelerates the drum speed. The tobacco drying process controlling means has the advantages that the influence on the moisture content at the tobacco drying outlet caused by the nonlinearity and the large time delay during the original tobacco drying procedure control process is overcome, the anti-interference ability is strong, various changes of operation conditions can be adapted, and the control of the moisture content at the tobacco drying outlet can be led to achieve higher control precision.

Method for extracting fragrant liquor and essential oil from aromatic plants by dry-process

The present invention discloses a dry method for refining balsam and essential oil from aromatic plants, aromatic plants are refined and put in a device, a heating chamber (4) is connected with an evaporating chamber (1) through a pipeline, the evaporating chamber (1) is connected with an extraction chamber (2) through a pipeline, the extraction chamber (2) is connected with a blower (3) through a pipeline, the blower (3) is connected with the heating chamber (4) through a pipeline, and a sealed circulation loop device is formed. The hot blast temperature is controlled between 60 DEG C and 90 DEG C, the wind speed is controlled at 1 meter to 15 meters per minutes, the inlet temperature of a condensing reed pipe (23) is 3 DEG C to 25 DEG C, and balsam and essential oil can be collected in a discharge pipe(24). In the present invention, no water, special gas and organic solvent are added into raw material, balsam and essential oil which are refined are uncorrupt in smell, small in equipment volume, simply in art, high in efficiency, low in energy consumption, simply in operation and high in production efficiency; no pollution material is discharged, no cooking water and steam are consumed, balsam after being refined can be used as additive of food, drink and condiment, and used for hairdressing, face-painting, bath, and health care, in addition, the aromatic plants after being refined balsam and essential oil is in the dry shape and reserved in a whole, then can be used sequentially, thereby saving resources.
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Constant wind temperature control system for hot blast stove

The invention provides a constant wind temperature control system for a hot blast stove, comprising the hot blast stove (2), a detection element, a regulating valve, a data acquisition unit (1) and a computer (26). The control method of the control system comprises the following processes: detection of fluid parameters and valve location signals, data acquisition, data transmission, data comparison and data correction and control adjustment, wherein the detection element and the regulating valve are arranged in a pipeline, and temperature measuring equipment is arranged on the surface of a stove body. Specific steps are as follows: dynamically calculating parameters such as the heat storage capacity of checker bricks, temperature-rise ratio, theoretical wind temperature and the like during the combustion process, and carrying out on-line adjustment of parameters such as combustion air and gas flow, preheating temperature and the like; controlling direction change of the hot blast stove by the highest setting temperature of the checker bricks, a stove top and fume; and during the air supply period, taking hot blast temperature control as a target to determine an air supply curve and air supply time. The method based on calculation of dynamic balance of on-line energy of the hot blast stove effectively controls the heat storage capacity of the checker bricks of the hot blast stove, adjusts air supply quantity and air supply time, and ensures stable output of wind temperature of the hot blast stove.

Sludge pyrolysis carbonization technique and device

The invention discloses a sludge pyrolysis carbonization technique and device. The technique comprises the following steps: sludge is pressed by a press, pulverized by a pulverizer, mixed by a mixer, dried in an internal heating rotary kiln drying machine, sent into a storage bin, and sent into a pyrolysis carbonization furnace; the sludge is subjected to pyrolysis carbonization in the pyrolysis carbonization furnace; the product solid carbon mixture is sent out of the system, and the products vapor and pyrolytic gas enter a separation purification tower to be separated and purified; the purified combustible gas is sent into a combustor and combusted into an internal heating rotary kiln drying machine delivery heat source, and the purified heavy components are sent into the mixture and mixed with the sludge to perform secondary pyrolysis; the flue gas generated by the heating furnace is discharged into a hot-blast furnace to perform secondary ablation; and the exhaust generated by the whole device is discharged by an outlet I of the internal heating rotary kiln drying machine, and is treated and discharged after reaching the standard. The device has the advantages of simple production technique, stable product state and no secondary pollution, and implements the reduction, harmless treatment and recycling of sludge treatment.

Centralized drying system of high-humidity grain and drying method thereof

The invention relates to a centralized drying system of high-humidity grain and a drying method thereof. According to the grain deliver direction, the centralized drying system comprises a preliminary cleaning machine, a wet grain hoister, a wet grain dryer, a conveyor, a middle hoister, a main drying tower, a dry grain conveyor, a dry grain hoister and a dry grain storage silo which are successively connected, wherein the main drying tower successively comprises a high-temperature drying section, a low-temperature drying section and a cooling section; the system also comprises a hot-blast stove, a heat exchanger, a dust remover and a smoke draught fan which are successively connected, wherein the smoke draught fan is connected with the wet grain drier; the heat exchanger is connected to the main high-temperature drying section by an air heater, and the air heater is connected to the low-temperature drying section by a thermosistor; the heat exchanger is connected with the wet grain drier by a wind stopping device and an air cooler; and ambient air is communicated with the air cooler by the cooling section. The drying system can fully utilize natural air and recycle the waste heatand waste gas of the drying system to efficiently dry in an energy saving mode and reduce drying waste gas, waste liquid and dust emission; the drying system has favourable drying effect and is especially suitable for drying a great quantity of high-wet grain in a centralized mode.

Self-optimizing combustion control method of blast-furnace hot blast stove

The invention relates to an automatic combustion control technology of a blast-furnace hot blast stove. The invention discloses a self-optimizing combustion control method of a blast-furnace hot blaststove. Air-fuel ratio K is used for replacing gas calorific value, current waste gas temperature subtracts waste gas temperature of the previous several minutes, the obtained value divides the current vault temperature, and then the obtained value subtracts the vault temperature value of the previous several minutes to replace an air excess coefficient; according to the current gas pressure, theinfluence coefficient of the vault temperature by calorific value of gas, the influence coefficient of the vault temperature by combustion time and the influence coefficient of the vault temperature by gas flow are calculated; the calculated coefficients are aligned into a sequence; from the point that the vault temperature is higher than 1100 DEG C, the coefficient in the vault temperature is averaged when the vault temperature rises by 1 DEG C, and the array of a group of coefficients is formed when temperature changes by 1 DEG C; when the vault temperature changes by 1 DEG C, the calculatedcoefficient array is compared with the array corresponding to the vault temperature in a sequence group produced by combustion in the previous round; and a new air-fuel ratio is calculated. The invention is easy to realize and has high reaction speed.

Wood high-heat treatment device and technological process thereof

The invention relates to a device and a technical method for the high-temperature thermal treatment of timber. The device adopts a structure that: the air outlet of a reverse combustion-type combustion-heat exchange integral hot blast stove is communicated with the air inlet of a gas ejector pipe, the air outlet of the gas ejector pipe is communicated with the air inlet pipe of a return pipe through a log pile in a logging truck, the air outlet pipe of the return pipe is connected with one end of a heat supply fan through a humidifying device, the other end of the heat supply fan is connected with the air inlet of the reverse combustion-type combustion-heat exchange integral hot blast stove, and the smoke outlet of the reverse combustion-type combustion-heat exchange integral hot blast stove is connected with an induced draft fan; and a machine body of the high temperature thermal treatment device is provided with a machine body heat-preservation layer, and the top of the reverse combustion-type combustion-heat exchange integral hot blast stove is provided with a charging hole. The technical method comprises the steps of piling, ignition, process control, conditioning treatment, temperature reduction and discharge and the like. The device and the method have that advantages that: residues of timber processing are used as fuel, the heat exchange of a thermal treatment cyclic medium is carried out through the reverse combustion-type combustion-heat exchange integral hot blast stove at a time, the thermal efficiency is high, the combustion is complete and no pollution is produced.

High-wind-temperature rotational flow injection disturbance melting reduction and prereduction combination device and method

The invention discloses a high-wind-temperature rotational flow injection disturbance melting reduction and prereduction combination device and a method, which belong to the technical field of melting reduction. The device comprises a raw material system, a furnace top material charging and distributing system, a melting reduction furnace, a furnace top high-temperature gas system, a prereduction furnace, a semicoke gas recycling system, a coal dust preparing and spraying system, a molten iron desulfurizing agent preparing and jetting device, an oxygen and nitrogen supplying system, a residual iron treating system, a high-wind-temperature hot blast furnace, a melting reduction furnace blower, a furnace top gas dedusting and recycling system and a gas cogeneration device. The method comprises the following steps of: introducing high-temperature gas which is generated in a high-wind-temperature rotational flow injection disturbance melting reduction furnace into the prereduction furnace; directly reducing an iron-containing raw material in a solid phase state into a prereduction furnace material with a certain metallization rate; cooling, and then adding the cooled material and semicoke which serve as the furnace material and a fuel respectively into the melting reduction furnace; and finally producing molten iron by reduction. The device and the method have the advantages of high production efficiency and low energy consumption, are easy to operate and make industrialization easily realized.
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