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Essential oil of tobaccos as well as preparation method and application thereof to cigarettes

The invention relates to the essential oil of tobaccos as well as a preparation method and application thereof to cigarettes. The essential oil of the tobaccos is prepared by the following method of: taking discarded/defective tobacco wastes, extracting by an organic solvent, taking the crude extract of the essential oil, introducing water vapor, condensing and separating oil and water so as to obtain the essential oil of the tobaccos. By adding the essential oil of the tobaccos, which is disclosed by the invention and is used as a flavoring agent, into the tobacco shreds of cigarettes, the self fragrance of the tobaccos can be increased, the quality of the fragrance of the cigarettes is enhanced, the excitation and the miscellaneous gas of the tobaccos are reduced, and smoke is softened. The essential oil of the tobaccos as well as the preparation method and the application thereof to the cigarettes have the advantages that the advantage of higher extracting yield of a solvent extracting method and the characteristic of refinement of a water-vapor distillation extracting method are combined, the yield of the essential oil of the tobaccos is obviously higher than that of a traditional water-vapor distillation method, and extracting equipment and a solvent are simple and convenient and are easy to obtain; and moreover, no solvent residue exists in a final product of the essential oil of the tobaccos, and the safety of the product is high.

Equipment and method for extracting perfume plant essential oil by reduced pressure steam distillation

The invention provides a piece of equipment and a method for extracting volatile essential oil from natural perfume plants by using the technology of reduced pressure steam distillation extraction. The equipment provided in the invention comprises a steam distillation system and a vacuum system, wherein the steam distillation system is composed of a steam generator, a material retort, a condenser, an oil-water separator and connecting pipelines, and the vacuum system comprises a vacuum unit or a suction pump, a pressure regulator valve, connecting pipelines and the like. The method comprises the following steps that: plant raw materials to be extracted for essential oil in the material retort is controlled to be at a certain temperature and under certain pressure so as to reduce changes of aroma components in perfume plants in the process of extraction as much as possible; extracted volatile components of essential oil is mixed with steam to form mixed steam of water and oil; the mixed steam enters into the condenser for condensation and then enters into the oil-water separator for separation; an oil phase is collected after separation and the oil phase is plant essential oil; the separated water phase is flower water. The essential oil and flower water obtained by the extraction method have pure aroma, suffer little loss for head volatile thereof, and are applicable to the industries of perfumes, essence, cosmetics, daily chemicals, etc.

Method for preparing natural dried fruit essence by utilizing dried fruit raw materials

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The invention relates to a method for natural dried fruit essence by utilizing dried fruit raw materials, which comprises the following steps: taking peanut meal, cocoa powder, coffee powder and other dried fruit matters as raw materials; firstly extracting and concentrating flavor substances easier for volatilization in the raw materials by utilizing a natural extraction, resin adsorption and solvent desorption technology to obtain aqueous essence A; then drying and baking the raw materials remaining in the previous step, extracting with an organic solvent after fragrance is newly generated to obtain oily essence B; successively carrying out enzymatic hydrolysis on the remaining raw materials, centrifugally removing and precipitating, mixing with amino acid and reducing sugar for Maillard reaction to obtain pasty essence C; and finally spray-drying a precipitate after being subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis to obtain powdered flavor. Through all the steps, a series of dried fruit essence with different states which can be applied to different products can be obtained. The method has the advantages that the process is simple, the industrial production is convenient, the raw materials are fully utilized, the production cost can be reduced helpfully, and the fragrance is round, full, rich and natural.
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