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This medication is used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations (e.g., diaper rash, skin burns from radiation therapy).

Hormone hydrogel rooting film

The invention discloses a hormone hydrogel rooting film, which is prepared by the steps of: swelling polyvinyl alcohol at normal temperature for 30min, and heating for completely dissolving polyvinyl alcohol to obtain a transparent liquid; cooling, adjusting the pH value of the solution with concentrated hydrochloric acid, adding glycerol and reacting to prepare a hydrogel liquid; and adding hormone to the hydrogel liquid and stirring. When in use, the hormone hydrogel rooting film is spread on the surface of a hard branch cutting shoot, so that a gel film is formed on the surface of the hard branch cutting shoot above the ground so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the moisture of the cutting shoot from dissipation, and a gel film is formed on the surface of the hard branch cutting shoot under the ground so as to keep a moisture state in soil and play a role of slowly releasing hormone to stimulate the rooting of the cutting shoot, thus the rooting critical stage of the hard branch cutting shoot is prolonged and the rooting survival rate of the hard branch cutting shoot is improved. The technical scheme disclosed by the invention is simple and convenient, high in raising seedling survival rate and significant in economic and social benefits, and saves seedling-raising investment by more than 10%.

Production of biodiesel from combination of corn (maize) and other feed stocks

A method and system to produce biodiesel from a combination of corn (maize) and other agro feedstock may be simarouba, mahua, rice, pongamia etc. Germ is separated (either by wet process or dry process) from corn, crude corn oil extracted from germ and corn starch milk/slurry is heated and cooked in jet cooker to about 105 degree Celsius, enzymes added to convert starch into fermentable sugars in liquification and saccharification process and rapidly cooled down to about 30 degree Celsius. Simarouba fruits syrup, mahua syrup is mixed with corn starch milk (after saccharification). When yeast is added the fermentation takes place for about 72 hours. Thereafter the fermented wash is distilled to produce ethanol. Water consumed in dry process is very less compared to traditional wet process system. Corn oil and mixture of other oils is fed into transesterification (reaction) vessels where ethanol with catalyst, usually sodium hydroxide is added and reaction takes place for about a period of 2-8 hours. Crude biodiesel and crude glycerin as by-products is produced. Excess ethanol removed by distillation process. Crude biodiesel washed with warm water to remove residual soaps or unused catalyst, dried and biodiesel stored for commercial use. Oil extracted from spent bleach mud (used sodium bentonite), a waste product of edible oil refineries may also be utilized for economical production of biodiesel in combination of corn oil and ethanol.
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