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Method for producing packaged drink

It is intended to provide a process for producing a packaged drink whereby filling can be performed at room temperature without resorting to using a chemical or sterile water, the favorable taste and flavor of the content can be maintained while relieving the thermal degradation thereof, it becomes unnecessary to employ a heat-resistant container or to thermally sterilize or cool after sealing, and thus both of the equipment cost and the running cost can be largely reduced. After thermally sterilizing the content to give a definite sterilization value, it is quickly cooled to room temperature and then stored in a storage tank that has been preliminarily sterilized under such conditions as being equal to or exceeding the thermal sterilization conditions for the contents. While maintaining the storage tank under positive pressure with the use of a sterile gas, the content is fed into a filling machine that has been preliminarily sterilized under such conditions as being equal to or exceeding the thermal sterilization conditions for the contents. Thus, the liquid-feeding system ranging from the storage tank to the filling machine is made a closed liquid-feeding pathway free from the invasion of air from the outside. The drink is filled into a container having been sterilized with hot water in an environment-controlled space isolated from the outside wherein the surroundings have been thermally sterilized and washed with hot water at 65° C. to 100° C.

Automated whole-chicken washing device

The invention discloses an automated whole-chicken washing device. A water inlet pipe is fixedly connected to the right side of a water pump, and the other end of the water inlet pipe is connected to an inner cavity of a casing in an inserting manner; a sliding groove is fixedly formed in a position above the inner part of the casing, and a rack is in sliding connection to the inner cavity of the sliding groove; a first motor is fixedly mounted at the upper end of the right side of the casing, a gear is coaxially connected to the lower end of the first motor, and the gear is meshed with the rack in the sliding groove; and grappling hooks are fixedly mounted under the rack, and a cleaning table positioned under the centers of the grappling hooks is fixedly mounted to the left side of the casing. According to the automated whole-chicken washing device, a manner that a rack assembly line and the grappling hooks are fixed is adopted, so that the labor intensity of workers is effectively reduced, and besides, a manner that the water pump is used for driving washing is adopted; and therefore, the quality problem caused by soaking chickens for a long time is solved. A rotary knife blade and a scraping blade are adopted, so that internal organs of the chickens are effectively cleaned, and bacteria are prevented from breeding.

Large sewage treatment device capable of easily cleaning impurities

The invention discloses a large sewage treatment device capable of easily cleaning impurities. The device comprises a wastewater filtering box and a control box, a cleaning assembly and an ultravioletsterilization lamp are arranged on the upper side of the interior of the wastewater filtering box; a first liquid inlet penetrates through the upper side of the wastewater filtering box; a sealing pipe is rotationally connected with a filter screen through a bearing; a conveying belt penetrates through the lower side of the interior of the wastewater filtering box, the sealing pipe is communicated with a centrifugal machine through a first wastewater pipe, a pressurizing pump is arranged on a second wastewater pipe, and the rear sides of the first wastewater pipe and the second wastewater pipe are both communicated with a waste liquid evaporation and concentration assembly through connecting pipes. By arranging the sealing pipe, the filter screen and the conveying belt, wastewater filtered by the filter screen is stored in the sealing pipe, the filter screen rotates under the impact of the wastewater, in this way, circulating filtration can be conducted, and a small part of wastewaterin the impurities can be filtered again under the action of holes in the conveying belt.

Water supply device of direct drinking water terminal

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The invention discloses a water supply device of a direct drinking water terminal, which comprises a centre purifying water generating device and drinking water machines which are arranged at a plurality of supplying points, wherein the drinking water machines ate connected with the centre purifying water generating device through water conveying pipes; and the centre purifying water generating device comprises a purifying water generating device and a large type water storing tank for supplying water. The water supply device is characterized in that each drinking water machine comprises a one-way valve, a sealing water storing pressure tank, a hot water faucet with an instantaneous heating device and a cold water faucet with a cold water pot, wherein the water outlet of the one-way valve is respectively connected with the inlet and the outlet of the sealing water storing pressure tank, the hot water faucet with the instantaneous heating device and the cold water faucet through the water conveying pipes. Compared with the prior art, the water supply device has the capability of constant voltage water supply, can prevent bacteria from breeding, can not heat up the water for many times, is energy-saving, and can meet the requirements of water pressure, water quality and water quantity of each supplying point in whole working condition and whole time.
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