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Composition, method of making, and treatment of wood with an injectable wood preservative slurry having biocidal particles

A method of preserving wood includes injecting into the wood an effective amount of a aqueous wood-injectable biocidal slurry, said a wood-injectable biocidal slurry containing dispersants and sub-micron biocidal particles selected from at least one of the following classes: 1) a plurality of particles containing at least 25% by weight of a solid phase of sparingly soluble salts selected from copper salts, nickel salts, tin salts, and/or zinc salts; 2) a plurality of particles containing at least 25% by weight of a solid phase of sparingly soluble metal hydroxides selected from copper hydroxide, nickel hydroxide, tin hydroxide, and/or zinc hydroxide; 3) a plurality of particles containing at least 25% by weight of a solid phase comprising a substantially-insoluble organic biocide selected from triazoles, chlorothalonil, iodo-propynyl butyl carbamate, copper-8-quinolate, fipronil, imidacloprid, bifenthrin, carbaryl, strobulurins, and indoxacarb; 4) a plurality of particles containing on the outer surface thereof a substantially-insoluble organic biocide; 5) a plurality of particles containing a solid phase of a biocidal, partially or fully glassified composition comprising at least one of Zn, B, Cu, and P. The particles may advantageously contain metallic copper, a leachability barrier, pigments, dyes, or other adjuvants disposed on the outer surface thereof.

High-durability super-hydrophobic self-cleaning coating material and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN101962514AHas the following advantages: (1) cleanlinessHas the following advantages: (1) has the functionAntifouling/underwater paintsPaints with biocidesDouble bondDimethyl siloxane
The invention belongs to the technical field of a new chemical material, and in particular relates to a high-durability super-hydrophobic self-cleaning coating material and a preparation method thereof. The coating material of the invention is prepared by curing and drying nanoparticles with photo-catalytic activity, a low-surface-free-energy polymer and a cross-linking agent at the room temperature, wherein the low-surface-free-energy polymer consists of one or more of polysiloxane fluoride, dimethyl silicone polymer and polyphenylene methyl siloxane, which contain active groups, such as hydroxyl alkoxy group, carbon-carbon double bond, silanol group, siloxy group, and the like; the cross-linking agent is hydrogen-containing silicone oil or aminosilane; and the mass content of the photo-catalytic nanoparticles in the coating ranges from 10 to 60 percent. The coating is formed into a micro-nanostructure by nanoparticle self-organization; a super-hydrophobic self-cleaning coating with lotus effect is prepared from the coating and a cross-linked filming matrix with low surface energy; the persistence of a lotus-shaped super-hydrophobic characteristic of the coating is realized by using the photo-catalytic decomposition characteristic of an organic pollutant for the nanoparticles; and thus the material is suitable for large-area construction and has high weathering resistance andprominent self-cleaning characteristic.

Anti-bacterial water-based paint and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to anti-bacterial water-based paint and a preparation method thereof. The paint comprises the following components in parts by weight: 0.2-11 parts of anti-bacterial agent, 8-33 parts of nano material, 23-64 parts of water-based resin dispersoid and 0.75-18 parts of adhesive resin or plasticizer. The preparation method comprises the following steps: firstly preparing a nano silver anti-bacterial agent; mixing deionized water, the anti-bacterial agent, a wetting agent, a dispersing agent and a defoaming agent and uniformly mixing, adding the nano material, uniformly dispersing to obtain the water-based dispersoid; adding the obtained water-based dispersoid to the mixed emulsion or water-based resin dispersoid, then adding the adhesive resin or plasticizer and various conventional assistants, stirring and dispersing evenly; adding pigments or colorant; and supplementing water to obtain the anti-bacterial water-based paint. The long-acting broad-spectrum antibacterial water-based paint has high fungicidal efficiency (more than 99%) on escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, black varietas of bacillus subtilis and the like and can reduce the high concentrate of organic matters of formaldehyde to the range of specified concentration index.
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