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Heat insulation wall integral pouring material and construction method

The invention discloses an insulation wall body integral-casting material and a construction method thereof. The insulation wall body integral-casting material is characterized in that the ratio of a binder, an insulation aggregate and an additive is 1000:(5-5000):(0-300); the binder is a cement-based binder or a gypsum-based binder; the constitutes of the cement-based binder are 300-1000 parts of cement, 0-200 parts of silica fume, 0-400 parts of fly ash, 0-700 parts of slag powder, 0-300 parts of zeolite powder, 0-200 parts of ash-calcium powder and 0-40 parts of gypsum; the constituent of the gypsum-based binder is 1000 parts of gypsum; and the constituents of the insulation aggregate are 0-100 parts of expanded polystyrene granules, 0-1500 parts of expanded perlite, 0-1500 parts of expanded vermiculite, 0-1500 parts of expanded vitrified microspheres, 0-5000 parts of expanded ceramisite and 0-200 parts of sepiolite fibers. The invention also comprises the construction method. The wall bodies casted by the insulation wall body material have good insulating and thermal performances, higher strength, and good water resistance, crack resistance and permeability resistance performances, as well as good compatibility and good security towards the subsequent decorating process.

Multifunctional high-efficiency thermal insulation insulating mold paint

The invention relates to a multifunctional high-efficiency heat-preservation heat-insulation coating material. The compositions in percentage by weight of the coating material are: 10 to 20 percent of water, 0.1 to 0.2 percent of multifunctional auxiliary agent, 0.1 to 0.2 percent of wetting agent, 0.5 to 0.8 percent of dispersing agent, 0.3 to 0.5 percent of antifoam agent, 1.5 to 3.0 percent of propylene glycol, 16 to 20 percent of rutile-type titanium pigment, 3 to 5 percent of mica powder, 6 to 8 percent of hollow glass microballoon, 3 to 5 percent of infrared powder, 3 to 4 percent of fire retardant, 35 to 40 percent of elastic acrylic acid emulsion, 3 to 5 percent of opaque polymer, 0.5 to 0.8 percent of film-forming auxiliary agent, 0.2 to 0.3 percent of bactericide and preservative and 0.3 to 0.6 percent of thickening agent. The multifunctional high-efficiency heat-preservation heat-insulation coating material is of aqueous monocomponent and does no harm to human body and the environment so as to be an environment-friendly product; meanwhile, the coating material also has excellent waterproof and fire-retardation functions, convenient and quick construction, excellent adhesion strength, outstanding crack resistance, infrequent pollution and service life as long as 15 years; moreover, during practical use, the coating material can effectively reduce solar heat accumulated in a house by approximately 8 to 15 DEG C, and can greatly reduce energy consumption.

Composite phase-change energy storage material for microcapsule and preparation method thereof

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The invention discloses a composite phase-change energy storage material for microcapsules and a preparation method thereof. The coating of the microcapsule is made of silicon dioxide, and the core of the microcapsule is made of a phase-change energy storage material, wherein the phase-change energy storage material is a paraffin organic solid-liquid phase-change energy storage material. 0.2 to 0.5 wt.% of dispersed emulsifier, 52.5 to 62.5 wt.% of solvent water, 18.75 to 31.5 wt.% of phase-change energy storage material and 15.5 to 18.75 wt.% of inorganic silica source are matched and put into a reactor for stirring for 5 to 8 hours; the mixture is uniformly dispersed and emulsified at the temperature 3 to 8 DEG C higher than that for solid-liquid phase change; hydrochloric acid aqueous solution catalyst with the pH value of 0.93 to 4.07 or sodium hydroxide aqueous solution catalyst with the pH value of 8.0 to 12.0 is added into the emulsion; the reacting solution is naturally cooled to room temperature and precipitation solution is obtained; the precipitate is washed with the combination of water and petroleum ether, wherein the mass percent of the petroleum ether is 30 wt.%; then the precipitate is washed with deionized water and is filtered, and the product is naturally aired. The invention improves the technology of phase-change energy storage and conservation, and has the function of automatic temperature regulation, favorable physical and chemical stability, crack resistance, flame retardancy, wear resistance and high thermal conductivity.

Sand-in-water colorful imitation stone paint

The invention discloses sand-in-water colorful imitation stone paint. The invention provides sand-in-water colorful imitation stone paint which has a thick coating, high bonding strength, good water resistance, ageing resistance and good storage stability and is a technical progress in the paint industry. The paint is prepared by preparing a crosslinking agent, a dispersing agent, cellulose, a defoaming agent, bactericide, a pH (potential of hydrogen) regulator, a thickening agent, an antifreezing agent, a film formation assistant, a setting agent, titanium dioxide, colored sand and emulsion into a protection glue solution, base paint and a continuous phase and mixing the protection glue solution, the base paint and the continuous phase uniformly. In the paint, the crosslinking agent is an elastomer and nano gel with high grade of transparency, high viscosity and high thixotropy; after the colored sand is added to the paint, colored particle hardness of the paint is adjustable; the paint is suitable for various colors and patterns; and the paint has the advantages of good storage stability, no color bleeding, high possibility of granulation, good water resistance, lasting weatherability, crack resistance high stone imitation degree, simple construction, low cost and workhour saving.

Foam concrete and preparing process thereof

The invention discloses foam concrete and a preparation method thereof. The foam concrete comprises a gelling material, light aggregate, water, admixture and foaming agent. The preparation method comprises the following steps: (1) pre-treating raw materials to prevent hard lumps and hard grains in the raw materials from depositing in foam slurry; (2) weighing each component according to a proportion; (3) preparing and adding foaming solution; (4) loading and stirring, namely, adding water into a stirrer, starting the stirrer, and adding cement, coal ash, perlite, waterproof agent, anti-freezing agent, water reducing agent and fiber into the stirrer in turn; (5) foaming, namely, foaming at the same time of stirring the slurry, sealing a valve firstly and then pressurizing the valve by an air compressor; (6) adding foam, namely, after the gelling slurry is well prepared, adding the foam into the gelling slurry under the state of stirring without stopping the stirrer; and (7) casting and molding, namely, when the slurry surface has no floating foam, finishing the preparation of the foam slurry. The foam concrete has the functions of light weight, water proofing, fire resistance, heat insulation, freezing resistance, cracking resistance, shock resistance and the like, and is particularly suitable for engineering insulating layers in cold areas and water-blocking and shock-resistant layers of underground engineering.

Steel-concrete composite beam adopting corrugated steel web and construction method thereof

The invention discloses a steel-concrete composite beam adopting a corrugated steel web, which relates to a corrugated steel web composite beam capable of being applicable to highway bridges and railway bridges. The beam comprises a top flange concrete composite plate, a corrugated steel web plate, a top flange steel plate, a box beam bottom plate and male pin connecting pieces, wherein the top flange comprises a precast concrete slab and a cast-in-place concrete layer; and the top flange concrete composite plate is connected with the top flange steel plate into a whole through the male pin connecting pieces welded on the top flange steel plate. By adopting the structure, the problems that the site workload and the construction difficulty for casting a bottom flange concrete slab of a traditional corrugated steel web composite beam are large, the construction quality is difficult to guarantee and the like are overcome on the premise that the quantity of steel is hardly increased, meanwhile, the tensile property of the steel plate is fully played, the bearing capacity, the rigidity and the cracking resistance of the structure are improved, and the durability of the structure is improved, therefore, the corrugated steel web composite beam has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable stress, quick and convenient construction, and good technical and economic benefits.

Real environment-based concrete cracking whole process test apparatus and method

The present invention provides a real environment-based concrete cracking whole process test apparatus and test method, a main testing machine includes an environmental tank and a concrete specimen containing device arranged in the environmental tank, a specimen is placed in the concrete specimen containing device, a load system is connected with a movable clamp head on the concrete specimen containing device, and simulated real environment is provided in the environmental tank. The method comprises restraining stress, free variables, elastic modulus, deformation separation, and creep and other tests. In the whole process from pouring to hardening of test concrete, under a variety of temperature control conditions, the self temperature stress development process includes adiabatic temperature rise, thermal expansion coefficient, elastic modulus and creep and other parameter development process over time, a real meteorological environment can also be simulated, and temperature stress and cracking mechanism affected by natural factors are simulated. The device can set, according to the needs, different temperature and constraint conditions including thermal isolation, constant temperature, setting of the temperature rise and drop processes, and the like. Through the concrete cracking whole process simulation, concrete crack resistance can be evaluated.

Nickel-based welding electrode for welding nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy

The invention relates to a nickel-based welding electrode which comprises the following component by weight percent (wt%): 50.0-68.0% of Ni, 18.0-23.0% of Cr, 6.0-11.0% of Mo, 3.0-6.0% of Nb, 2.50-9.00% of Fe, 0.01-0.1% of C, 0.10-1.00% of Mn, 0.010-0.10% of Si, 0.015% of S or less, 0.015% of P or less, 0.01-0.10% of Cu, 0.003-0.010% of Co and the balance of impurities. The coat of the nickel-based welding electrode comprises the following components by weight percent of the welding core: 12-18% of marble, 10-15% of fluorite, 12-18% of barium carbonate, 5.0-6.4% of rutile, 3.5-5.0% of ferroniobium, 3.3-4.5 of chromium metal powder, 0.45-0.65% of sodium carbonate, 0.45-0.65% of electrolytic manganese and 1.3-1.8% of zircon sand, and the adhesion agent is 10-20% of the total weight of the power. The nickel-based welding electrode is prepared by mixing, wrapping mixture on the welding core and baking at low and high temperature. The nickel-based welding electrode disclosed by the invention is used for nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel welding, ensures that the excellent mechanical properties, the excellent corrosion resistance, the excellent thermal crack resistance and the hightensile strength of the welding seam match with those of the base material, has good welding process performance, guarantees attractive molding and can be used for the welding of the steel (with 9% of Ni) working at low temperature.
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