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Dynamic web page cache

A Web page cache that stores Web pages such that servers will be able to retrieve valid dynamic pages without going to a dynamic content server or origin Web server for the page every time a user requests that dynamic page. The dynamic content cache receives information that defines data upon which each dynamic page is dependent, such that when the value of any dependency data item changes, the associated dynamic page is marked as invalid or deleted. The dynamic page cache stores dependency data, receives change event information, and indicates when pages in the cache are invalidated or need to be refreshed.

Fast authentication and access control system for mobile networking

A fast authentication and access control method of authenticating a network access device to a communications network having an access point communicating with a remote authentication (home AAA) server for the network access device. The method includes the step of receiving an access request having an authentication credential from the network access device at the access point. The authentication credential includes a security certificate having a public key for the network access device and an expiration time. The security certificate is signed with a private key for the remote authentication server. The access point locally validates the authentication credential by accessing the public key of the remote authentication server from a local database, and checking the signature and expiration time of the security certificate. If the authentication credential is validated at the access point, the access point grants the network access device conditional access to the network by sending an access granted message to the network access device. The access granted message includes a session key encrypted with a public key for the network access device. The session key is stored in a database associated with the access point. The access point contacts the remote authentication server to check a revocation status of the security certificate for the network access device. If the access point receives a message from the remote authentication server that the authentication credential for the network access device has been revoked, it suspends network access for the network access device.

Generation system for high-precision road map

The invention relates to a generation system for a high-precision road map and belongs to the technical field of high-precision maps. The purpose is to solve the problems that the workload of producing or updating an existing high-precision map is large, and cost is high. High-precision positioning and high-precision matching are achieved relative to the existing map, existing information of the existing map is fully utilized, and the workload and cost for producing / updating of the high-precision map are lowered. The generation system is characterized in that road elements recognized through deep learning, computer vision and other methods and obtained accurate relative position information form a ground one-dimension thick and space three-dimensional sparse map similar to Mobileye, and the map can be matched and fused with an existing traffic information system GIS-T. Based on an existing low-precision electronic map, a positioning system and a vehicle-mounted camera, producing / updating of the high-precision map are achieved at a low cost. The generation system is used for producing or updating the existing high-precision road map.

Secure sockets layer proxy architecture

A method for secure communications between a client and one of a plurality of servers performed on an intermediary device coupled to the client and said plurality of servers. In one aspect, the method comprises: establishing an open communications session between the intermediary device and the client via an open network; negotiating a secure communications session with the client; establishing an open communications session with said one of said plurality of servers via a secure network; receiving encrypted data from the client via the secure communications session; decrypting encrypted application data; forwarding decrypted application data to the server via the secure network; receiving application data from the server via the secure network; encrypting the application data; and sending encrypted application data to the client. In a further aspect, an apparatus including a network interface communicating with the public network and the secure network at least one processor, programmable dynamic memory addressable by the processor, and a communications channel coupling the processor, memory and the network communications interface is provided. The apparatus further includes a proxy TCP communications engine, a proxy SSL communications engine, a server TCP communications engine; and a packet data encryption and decryption engine.

System used for providing mobile power

The invention discloses a system used for providing mobile power. Through reasonable integrating of a device needed by a fracture site power supply system, a connection cable and a connection hose, the system is divided into three transport carriers for moving and effective connection, on the first transport tool, an air inlet assembly and a turbine power generation system are combined together, mounted and directly transported to the customer site, and the mounting time of the air inlet assembly and the turbine power generation system on the user site is saved. An exhaust chimney and an exhaust silencer are designed on two different positions, and the waste gas exhaust need during work can be met while the road transport need is met.

Five-cylinder plunger pump with integral power end structure

The invention discloses a five-cylinder plunger pump with an integral power end structure. According to the five-cylinder plunger pump, an integral welding structure is adopted for a crankshaft box body and a crosshead box body in a five-cylinder plunger pump power end assembly, so that the structural strength of the power end assembly is higher, the supporting stability is better, and the whole pump vibration can be reduced; the cylinder spacing is 13-14 inches, the bearing area of connecting rods, crossheads and bearing bushes is increased, a guarantee is provided for the output of the high-power of the five-cylinder plunger pump, the high-power five-cylinder plunger pump can effectively solve the problem that the shale gas fracturing well site area is narrow and the required fracturingequipment is relatively large, the use of equipment can be reduced, and the wellsite arrangement is facilitated; the 11-inches long-stroke design can better realize large-displacement operation requirements and improve the operation efficiency; and according to the multi-point supporting design of crankcase bodies, crosshead box bodies and the hydraulic end assembly, the supporting strength of thefive-cylinder plunger pump can be improved, the vibration is reduced, the high-load operation is better guaranteed, and the operation is more stable.

Image processing for supporting a stereoscopic presentation

An image processing is applied in common to image data for a first image and to image data for a second image. The image data for the first image and the image data for the second image are moreover compared as a basis for matching a visual appearance of images for a stereoscopic presentation. The visual appearance can be matched in the current pair of images by adjusting at least one of the images accordingly and / or in future pairs of images by adjusting parameters of at least one of the image capturing components providing the image data.

Reducing workload on a backend system using client side request throttling

Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to workload management of backend systems and provide a novel and non-obvious method, system and computer program product for limiting a request rate from a client based on a health state of a server system. In one embodiment of the invention, a computer-implemented method for limiting a request rate from a client based on a health state of a server system that includes monitoring a server system, determining a measure of health of the server system, sending the determined measure of health to a client submitting a request to the server system and receiving a subsequent request from the client that is delayed by a time period, wherein the time period is based at least in part upon the determined measure of health. The computer-implemented method can further include receiving server system CPU utilization, determining an approximate predicted real server response time of a transaction and sending the determined approximate predicted real server response time of a transaction to a client submitting a request to the server system.
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