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Small target detection method based on feature fusion and depth learning

InactiveCN109344821AScalingRich information featuresCharacter and pattern recognitionNetwork modelFeature fusion
The invention discloses a small target detection method based on feature fusion and depth learning, which solves the problems of poor detection accuracy and real-time performance for small targets. The implementation scheme is as follows: extracting high-resolution feature map through deeper and better network model of ResNet 101; extracting Five successively reduced low resolution feature maps from the auxiliary convolution layer to expand the scale of feature maps. Obtaining The multi-scale feature map by the feature pyramid network. In the structure of feature pyramid network, adopting deconvolution to fuse the feature map information of high-level semantic layer and the feature map information of shallow layer; performing Target prediction using feature maps with different scales and fusion characteristics; adopting A non-maximum value to suppress the scores of multiple predicted borders and categories, so as to obtain the border position and category information of the final target. The invention has the advantages of ensuring high precision of small target detection under the requirement of ensuring real-time detection, can quickly and accurately detect small targets in images, and can be used for real-time detection of targets in aerial photographs of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Human-simulated external skeleton robot assisting lower limbs

ActiveCN103610568ARealize the safety requirements of mechanical limitConvenient and accurate adjustment of telescopic lengthChiropractic devicesWalking aidsThighExoskeleton robot
The invention relates to an external skeleton robot, in particular to a human-simulated external skeleton robot assisting the lower limbs. The human-simulated external skeleton robot assisting the lower limbs aims to solve the problems that an existing external skeleton robot is low in coupling degree of motion space and poor in wearing comfort, reliability and adaptation, and power needed by a motor is large. The human-simulated external skeleton robot assisting the lower limbs comprises an upper body back part, a left leg and a right leg. The left leg and the right leg respectively comprise a hip drive system, a knee drive system and a foot wearing system. A rear side connection board of the waist is in rotating connection with a load installation board. Each hip joint supporting board is provided with a first motor and a first reducer, wherein the first motor is provided with an encoder, and the output end of the first motor provided with the encoder is connected with the input end of the first reducer. Each hip joint connecting board can rotate in the vertical plane. Each thigh stretching board is in detachable connection with the corresponding hip joint connecting board. The output end of a main drive mechanism is connected with each crus connecting board. The lower surfaces of elastic boards are bonded with the upper surfaces of the rubber soles of the feet. The human-simulated external skeleton robot assisting the lower limbs can assist in walking.

Cucumber picking robot system and picking method in greenhouse

The invention discloses a cucumber picking robot system in a greenhouse environment. The robot system comprises a binocular stereo vision system, a mechanical arm device and a robot mobile platform; the binocular stereo vision system is used for acquiring cucumber images, processing the images in real time and acquiring the position information of the acquired targets; the mechanical arm device is used for capturing and separating the acquired targets according to the position information of the acquired targets; and the robot mobile platform is used for independently moving in the greenhouse environment; wherein, the binocular stereo vision system comprises two black and white cameras, a dual-channel vision real-time processor, a lighting device and an optical filtering device; the mechanical arm device comprises an actuator, a motion control card and a joint actuator; and the robot mobile platform comprises a running mechanism, a motor actuator, a tripod head camera, a processor and a motion controller. The invention also discloses a cucumber picking method in the greenhouse environment. The method of combining machine vision and agricultural machinery is adopted to construct the cucumber picking robot system which is suitable for the greenhouse environment, thus realizing automatic robot navigation and automatic cucumber reaping, and reducing the human labor intensity.
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