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Customizable Haptic Assisted Robot Procedure System with Catalog of Specialized Diagnostic Tips

In accordance with the present disclosure, a system and method for using a remote control to control an electrosurgical instrument, where the remote controlled (RC) electrosurgical instrument has a universal coupling mechanism to allow switching between an interchangeable catalog of diagnostic tools. A controller within the base of the RC electrosurgical instrument identifies the type of disposable tip attached to the base. The controller, then, activates necessary features for use with the identified tip and deactivates any unnecessary features. A surgeon uses a remote with at least one momementum sensor to control the RC electrosurgical instrument 10. The surgeon rotates his hand mimicking movements of a handheld electrosurgical instrument, the movements of which are translated and sent to the RC electrosurgical instrument. The surgeon may use an augmented reality (AR) vision system to assist the surgeon in viewing the surgical site.

Apparatus and method for the treatment of tissue with ultrasound energy by direct contact

Apparatus and method for the treatment of tissue, such as hard and soft tissues, wounds, tumors, muscles, and cartilage, through the direct contact of ultrasound energy is disclosed. Ultrasound energy is delivered to a target area through direct contact with an ultrasound tip. Ultrasound energy is also delivered through direct contact with a coupling medium. The ultrasound tip is specially designed to comprise of a cavity area for controlled fragmentation and the simultaneous sonication of a target area. The specially designed ultrasound tip allows for ultrasound energy to focus on a target area. The ultrasound apparatus may be moved in a variety of different directions during the treatment of tissue.

Ultrasonic device for tissue ablation and sheath for use therewith

A transverse mode ultrasonic probe is provided which creates a cavitation area along its longitudinal length, increasing the working surface of the probe. Accessory sheaths are also provided for use with the probe to enable a user to select from features most suited to an individual medical procedure. The sheaths provide acoustic enhancing and aspiration enhancing properties, and / or can be used as surgical tools or as medical access devices, protecting tissue from physical contact with the probe.

Ultrasonic treatment and imaging of adipose tissue

A system for the destruction of adipose tissue utilizing high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) within a patient's body. The system comprises a controller for data storage and the operation and control of a plurality of elements. One elements is a means for mapping a human body to establish three dimensional coordinate position data for existing adipose tissue. The controller is able to identify the plurality of adipose tissue locations on said human body and establish a protocol for the destruction of the adipose tissue. A HIFU transducer assembly having one or more piezoelectric element(s) is used along with at least one sensor wherein the sensor provides feed back information to the controller for the safe operation of the piezoelectric element(s). The sensor is electronically coupled to the controller, and the controller provides essential treatment command information to one or more piezoelectric element(s) based on positioning information obtained from the three dimensional coordinate position data.

Systems and methods for the destruction of adipose tissue

Described is a system and method for the destruction of adipose tissue using an energy applicator such as a HIFU transducer. The system has a scan head containing an energy applicator, a mechanical arm for carrying the weight of the scan head, and a therapy controller such as a computer for controlling the operation of the scan head. The therapy controller may be part of a general purpose computer, and may be used as a robotic controller to automate the procedure. Methods are included for destroying adipose tissue in a quick, non-invasive manner.

System for creating linear lesions for the treatment of atrial fibrillation

A system for forming linear lesions in tissue, the system comprising a control unit having an ultrasound vibration driving section, and an ultrasonic applicator operatively connected to the control unit. The ultrasonic applicator comprises an ultrasonic transducer having an acoustic window, and an ultrasonic vibratory element, the ultrasonic vibratory element having a convergent shape with a focus located in the direction of the acoustic window. An air gap is adjacent to the ultrasonic vibratory element in an opposite direction from the focal point. The system further comprises means for controlling the depth of the lesion formed in the tissue.

Ultrasound-based procedure for uterine medical treatment

A first method for ultrasound uterine medical treatment includes obtaining an end effector having an ultrasound medical-treatment transducer assembly, identifying a blood vessel which supplies blood to a portion of the uterus, and medically treating the blood vessel with ultrasound from the transducer assembly to substantially seal the blood vessel to substantially stop the supply of blood from the blood vessel to the portion of the uterus. In one example, shrinkage of a uterine fibroid is accomplished through use of the end effector endoscopically inserted into the uterus. A second method for ultrasound uterine medical treatment includes endoscopically inserting the end effector into the uterus and medically treating the endometrium lining with ultrasound from the transducer assembly to ablate a desired thickness of at least a portion of the endometrium lining to substantially stop abnormal uterine bleeding from the endometrium lining.

Focused ultrasound for pain reduction

Methods and devices that provide ultrasonic energy used to cause one or more nerves to become dysfunctional. A nerve to be treated is placed in the focal zone of ultrasonic energy emitted by ultrasound transducer. A first level of ultrasonic energy is provided to the nerve using the ultrasound transducer, the first level sufficient to stimulate the nerve. A verification is made that the desired nerve is being stimulated by the first level of ultrasonic energy. For example, the patient may be asked to confirm that the ultrasonically stimulated nerve corresponds to the pain that is affecting the patient. Subsequent to verifying the stimulated nerve is the nerve desired for the reduction of pain, a second level of ultrasonic energy is delivered to the nerve using the ultrasound transducer, the second level of ultrasonic energy sufficient to cause nerve dysfunction.
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