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Interventional catheters incorporating an active aspiration system

ActiveUS20110118660A1Reduce amountHigh and consistent aspiration pressureGuide wiresExcision instrumentsCatheterTarget site
An interventional catheter assembly comprises an operating head for removing obstructive material from a target site in a body lumen or cavity and at least one aspiration port located proximal to the operating head and penetrating the catheter assembly, the aspiration port being in communication with a sealed lumen that communicates with a vacuum system for withdrawing aspirate fluid and obstructive material from the target site. The interventional catheter incorporates an elongated guidewire lumen bushing extending proximally from a distal region of the operating head to reduce the clearance between the guidewire and the internal surface of the guidewire lumen during operation of the interventional catheter. This feature restricts entry of fluid and debris into the guidewire lumen and promotes maintenance of consistent and high aspiration pressure and volume during operation of the aspiration system and interventional catheter assembly.

Full-automatic pipe cutting machine

The invention provides a full-automatic pipe cutting machine comprising a frame, and a charging device, a feeding device, a cutting device, a measuring device and a control device which are sequentially arranged on the frame horizontally; the cutting device comprises a cutter holder which is arranged on the frame, a plurality of first motors which are lined horizontally along a longitudinal direction and can be arranged on the cutter holder by moving up and down, a first cylinder which is connected with and drives each first motor to move up and down synchronously, a circular saw blade which is arranged on the output shaft of each first motor, a second motor which is in transmission connection with the input shaft of each first motor through a first transmission mechanism, and a bearing piece which is arranged on the tool rest below each circular saw blade and is used for bearing a pipe at a cut part; and the measuring device comprises a guide rail which is horizontally arranged on the frame, a slide frame which is movably arranged on the guide rail, a driving mechanism which is connected with and drives the slide frame to move along the guide rail, a pipe baffle which is arranged on the slide frame and a first pipe clamping mechanism which is horizontally arranged on the slide frame along the longitudinal direction. According to the full-automatic pipe cutting machine, more than one pipe can be cut at one time, and the machine has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, good cutting quality and the like.

On-site land mine removal system

A method of deactivating land mines buried in ground comprises projecting high-pressure water jets into ground, cutting through ground with the high-pressure water jets, and making at least one cut through a land mine or cutting through at least one land mine that had been under the ground, the cutting of the land mine reducing the performance of the land mine. The method may reduce the performance of the land mine by rendering the land mine inactive to normal detonation procedures for the land mine. To reach as many surface areas on the buried landmines, it is preferable that at least two high-pressure water jets are spaced apart are used to cut through the ground. The method may be practiced with the high-pressure water jet being carried on a vehicle and cutting is done in a line that is formed at least in part by movement of the vehicle over the ground while the high-pressure water jet is cutting ground. An apparatus for the reduction in effectiveness of land mines buried in ground may comprise a self-contained push-cart unit or a unit attached or attachable to a vehicle. A complete system could comprise a vehicle having a source of liquid, a high-pressure pump to move the liquid under high pressure, a nozzle directing a liquid jet path for the liquid, a support for the nozzle, abrasive delivery system, and nozzle being controllable to direct the liquid towards the ground while the nozzle is fixed relative to the vehicle.

Device and method for abnormally cutting toughened glass by ultra-short pulse laser

The invention relates to a device and method for abnormally cutting a toughened glass by ultra-short pulse laser. An output end of an ultra-short pulse laser apparatus is provided with an optical gate, an output end of the optical gate is provided with a beam expander, an output end of the beam expander is provided with a 45-degree holophote, an output end of the 45-degree holophote is provided with a three-dimensional (3D) dynamical focusing system, an output end of the 3D dynamical focusing system is provided with a telecentric field lens which is arranged facing to a platform above which a blowing device is arranged. When the ultra-short pulse laser device is used to cut, a heating device is used for heating the glass; the ultra-short pulse laser is focused in the glass by the 3D dynamical focusing system to abnormally scan the glass along with the laser, and the whole processing procedure is in helical processing; a suction dust-collecting device at the bottom of the platform is used for collecting the scanned glass slag; and the blowing device on the platform is used for blowing the slag and dust particles processed on the surface of the glass. The abnormal graph processing to the toughened glass is a processing form with smooth cutting surface and high cutting efficiency.

Coal seam reaming system using three-dimensional (3D) swirling water jet and reaming and fracturing method for permeability enhancement

InactiveCN102213077AEasy to crackLarge range of pressure reliefDrill bitsConstructionsHydraulic pumpHigh pressure water
The invention relates to coalmine gas extraction and permeability enhancement equipment and technology, and discloses a coal seam reaming system using three-dimensional (3D) swirling water jet. The system is connected to a high-pressure rotary joint through a high-pressure hose provided with a stop valve by virtue of a high-pressure hydraulic pump station and is characterized by being connected to a high-pressure water jet drill stem through a drilling machine, wherein the front end of the high-pressure water jet drill stem is connected with a high-pressure water jet head with nozzle bases; and high-pressure swirling water jet nozzles are arranged on the nozzle bases. The invention further discloses a coal seam reaming and fracturing method for permeability enhancement using the 3D swirling water jet. In the coal seam reaming method using the 3D swirling water jet, coal is sheared so as to lower the hydraulic pressure loss, improve the cutting efficiency and increase the cracks and bore diameter of the coal; high-pressure water is injected so as to fracture the coal between a hydraulic reamed hole and control bored holes; and a coal seam is fully depressurized within a large range so as to shorten the pre-extraction time of the coal seam.

Interference-free tool path generation method in machining of transitional surfaces by flat-end milling cutter

The invention discloses a method for generating interference-free flat-end milling cutter process path along the ridge direction of transitional surfaces. The method comprises the following steps: (1) initial machining tool path is set, a tool is processing along the ridges of transitional surfaces, a current tool contact is calculated to obtain effective curvature of the machining tool at the tool contact; (2) curvature interference analysis of transitional surface machining is carried out according to the effective curvature of the machining tool at the tool contact, tool bottom interference is analyzed, and the angle of the tool is deflected at the tool contact to obtain interference-free tool posture; (3) parameter calculation is carried out on the adjusted tool path so as to obtain step-length and cut row distance; and (4) adjacent tool path lines are calculated, including calculation of adjacent tool contacts and calculation of tool location data, and interference-free tool path is finally obtained. By the method, automatic planning of interference-free tool path can be realized; large cut row distance is obtained; cutting efficiency is high; machining surface roughness is low; surface fairness is good; and problems of low cutting efficiency, poor machining surface quality and the like by machining of a ball-end milling cutter are solved.

Design, synthesis and use of RNA molecule for high-efficiency genome editing

In prokaryote, a cas9 protein of a clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeals and CRISPR associated (CRISPR / Cas) system and two small RNAs (of crRNA and tracrRNA) can be combined and used for recognition and direct shearing of exogenous nucleic acid so that self-protection is realized. Scientists fully utilizes the above characteristic and utilizes cas9 and gRNA (which is a long RNA obtained by fusion of crRNA and tracrRNA) to shear a DNA sequence so that gene fixed point modification is realized. The existing Cas9 / gRNA has low target gene cutting efficiency generally of 5-30% and is limited in use. Through a high efficiency screening system, a series of gRNAs for improving Cas9 activity are selected.

Outer-pipe circular cutting robot for steel pipe

The invention relates to an outer-pipe circular cutting robot for a steel pipe. The robot comprises a base, a steel pipe pressing plate, a circular cutting frame, an expansion link sleeve, an expansion link, an expansion link motor, a cutting mechanism fixing plate, a rotary motor, a cutting blade, an electric brush, an expansion link rack and an expansion link cutting motor fixing frame, wherein steel pipe frame stand columns of the expansion link motor fixing plate is fixedly arranged on the base, a steel pipe fixing sleeve is fixedly arranged on the steel pipe frame stand columns, the circular cutting frame is fixedly arranged on circular cutting frame stand columns, and the circular cutting frame stand columns are fixedly arranged on the base; the expansion link is arranged on the expansion link sleeve in a sliding way, the expansion link motor is fixedly arranged on the expansion link motor fixing plate, a stretching motor gear is fixedly arranged on an expansion link motor shaft, and the stretching motor gear is meshed with the expansion link rack; and the cutting motor is fixedly arranged on the expansion link cutting motor fixing frame, and the cutting blade is fixedly arranged on the cutting motor shaft. The robot can improve the steel pipe cutting efficiency, and is high in cutting speed, trim in notches and good in effect.

Conveying and slitting device for diaphragm bags

The invention discloses a conveying and slitting device for diaphragm bags. The conveying and slitting device for the diaphragm bags comprises a slitting mechanism and a conveying mechanism, wherein the slitting mechanism is used for slitting the diaphragm bags, and the conveying mechanism is used for conveying the diaphragm bags to the slitting mechanism. The conveying mechanism comprises a conveying platform, a clamping unit and a conveying drive unit, the conveying drive unit is used for driving the clamping unit to move back and forth along the conveying platform, the clamping unit comprises an upper clamping block, a lower clamping block and a clamping drive device, the upper clamping block is positioned above the conveying platform, the lower clamping block is positioned below the conveying platform, serrated projections arrayed at intervals are arranged on the lower clamping block, a through groove matching with the projections is arranged on the conveying platform, and the clamping drive device is used for driving the upper clamping block and the lower clamping block to move oppositely to enable the projections to penetrate through the through groove so that the projections and the upper clamping block jointly act to clamp the diaphragm bags positioned on the conveying platform. The conveying and slitting device for the diaphragm bags is accurate in conveyance and convenient to control.

Multi-axis curved surface type numerically-controlled method for machining complicated curved surface part

The invention discloses a multi-axis curved surface type numerically-controlled method for machining a complicated curved surface part. According to the method disclosed by the invention, the axis of a cutter can be arranged according to the directions of longitude and latitude normal lines for forming a curved surface, an inclined angle is adjusted to generate a cutter path, and the machining efficiency and the part surface smoothness can be improved. The numerically-controlled method can be realized by the following technical scheme: a part is fixed in a rotary center of a five-shaft machine tool; a curved surface is reconstructed according to the curvature change, the normal line direction of the curved surface and a machining path; a space change of an axis vector of the cutter is controlled by adjusting the front inclined angle and the side inclined angle of a cutter shaft of a flat-bottom end mill so that the cutter always keeps that a cutter tip participates in curved surface cutting in the five-axis continuous cutting process; a curved surface projection machining manner is adopted in the programming process so that the mill can carry out multi-axis linked milling machining according to the curvature change of the curved surface; the axis of the cutter is similar with a relatively small front inclined angle alpha overlapped to the normal line direction of the cutter path and a side inclined angle is set as 0; the axis of the cutter is kept vertical to the direction of the machining path to implement a five-axis linked machining numerical control procedure.

Horizontal diamond wire cutting machine tool

Disclosed is a horizontal diamond wire cutting machine tool. The horizontal diamond wire cutting machine tool comprises a tool body (1), the tool body (1) is provided with a rotary worktable (2) for fixing workpieces, a portal frame (15), and a guide wheel group on the portal frame (15), wherein the portal frame (15) can be driven by an X-direction transmission mechanism on the tool body to move in an X direction. The horizontal diamond wire cutting machine tool is characterized in that the beam (10) of the portal frame (15) is provided with a pay-off drum (8) and a take-up drum (9), the stand columns on both sides of the portal frame (15) are respectively provided with an extending plate, and the cantilever end of each extending plate is provided with a cantilever end guide wheel; the extending plates on both sides are driven by the same or a separated Z-direction transmission mechanism to move up and down along the stand columns to control the height and accordingly to maintain a horizontal state so that a diamond wire on the cantilever end guide wheels on the cantilever ends can maintain a horizontal state and participate in cutting of the workpieces. The horizontal diamond wire cutting machine tool is convenient to fixe and high in machining efficiency and yield rate.
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